Cash, Inc Advanced Tips, Cheats, And Tricks To Make More Money

Cash, IncCash, Inc is a popular business tycoon game for Android and iOS in which you run many businesses and make money. Check out our Cash, Inc advanced tips, cheats & strategy guide to make more money in no time

We have already shared the beginner’s guide on this game. Now, today, In this post, we are going to cover everything of this game. In the previous post, we discussed how you can increase your profit, today in this post you will learn how to make more money in Cash, Inc in a strategic way, when to prestige, about golden tickets, spin wheel feature, towers, VIPs, Uncle advisor, and much more. So, read this complete post and check out some fantastic Cash, Inc cheats, tips & a strategic guide to make more money.

The Objective

If you are going to play this game for a long time, then your objective is to unlock all towers. And if you are playing only for fun, then your objective would be to become rich and top the leaderboard. Cash, Inc game features 18 beautiful towers and you have to unlock all of them. Here’s the list of all towers and money required to unlock these towers in Cash, Inc game: –

  • Dusty Tower(First tower, you get for free) – $1
  • Regular Tower – Unlocks when you earn $1,000,000
  • Long House – To unlock it, earn $1 Quintillion
  • Brick House – $1 Sextillion
  • Billionaire Building – $1 Nonillion
  • Harvest Mon-Ney – $1 Tredecillion
  • Nostalgic Brick – $1 Vigintillion
  • Iron Bank – $1 Spetenvigintillion
  • Boxes And Squares – $1 Quinquatrigintillion
  • The Glass Castle – $1 Novemtrigntillion
  • Sapphire Chapel – $1 Sexquadragintillion
  • Silver Ceiling – $ 1 Quattuorquagintillion
  • The Royal Mansion – $1 Unsexagintillion
  • The Clockwork Palace – $1 Sexsexagintillion
  • Arcadia – $1 Treseptuagintillion
  • The Gold Tower – $1 Duooctogintillion
  • Imperial Prestige – $1 Octooctogintillion
  • Something Grand – $1 Trenonagintillion

You start from $1, then billion, trillion, Quadrillion, then Quintillion, and so on. You can Google about this huge numbers to know more. And to earn this huge money, you need “patience”. Here’s our Cash, Inc strategy guide, tips, cheats, and tricks for all players(Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced): –

1.) Understand the business profit model

In Cash, Inc game, you can open many businesses; you start from Comic store(free), then Media HQ, and it lasts till “Galactic Station”. Now, here comes the strategic part: –

The amount of profit you earn from each business is different and there is a huge difference between earnings & the cost of upgrades. You earn poor profit from comic store as compared to Media HQ. And Media HQ profit earnings are pathetic in comparison to Sushi Bar business. Here’s the list of business from where you earn more profit(in ascending order): –

  1. Galactic Station
  2. Don’s Hideout
  3. Jewels N. CO
  4. Pineapple Store
  5. Majority Music
  6. Shoe Outlet
  7. DE Vincy Studio
  8. Sushi Bar
  9. Media HQ
  10. Comic Store

The only way to make more money is to unlock & upgrade “Galactic Station” as fast as possible.

In short, you should not upgrade low-profitable business too much(it’s waste). For instance, If you are spending all of your money in upgrading comic store; it’s waste.

Just reach the 100th level or 200th level; then leave it and start focusing on high-profitable businesses. Do it until you reach the “Galactic Station”.

What did we learn so far? 

  • Don’t upgrade a business too much(except Galactic station)
  • Unlock & Upgrade Galactic station as soon as possible

Part 2.) Hire VIPs

Hiring VIPs is one of the important tasks in Cash, Inc game. They can increase the profit by multiple times; all you need to is invest a small amount of money and later, you enjoy 3 times more earnings. But…..

In case, you have unlocked all buildings; then don’t spend money on VIPs who runs low-profitable businesses. Here’s why –

For instance, You have $200 Quintillion and you can hire VIPs at this rate: –

  • Comic Store – $2 Quintillion
  • Media HQ – $5 Quintillion
  • Sushi Bar – $7 Quintillion
  • De Vincy Studio – $10 Quintillion
  • Shoe Outlet – $20 Quintillion
  • Music – $35 Quintillion
  • Pineapple Store – $50 Quintillion
  • Jewels N. Co – $75
  • Don’s Hideout – $100 Quintillion
  • Galactic Station – $200 Quintillion

All these VIPs can boost profit three times on their respective business. You have $200 Quintillion. Which one should you hire? Obviously, Galactic Station @ $200 Quintillion.


Because I earn more profit from Galactic Station and if I hire VIP at Galactic Station, he can maximize my earnings by three times.

You have to do the same; check your profit rate on all the businesses; note that profitable business[from where you are earning more] and hire VIP for that business. For instance, if you are making more money at Jewels N. CO, then hire VIP for that business.

In short, give priority to only profitable businesses.

2.) Cash, Inc Prestige Guide

In Cash, Inc prestige is one of the best ways to get permanent profit boost on all the buildings. You will be notified by the advisor when there is a good time to prestige. If you use this feature, you will get a permanent profit boost and fame. But you will have to start from the beginning. You can use fame to unlock premium upgrades.

Cash, Inc Prestige Tips, Cheats & strategy

There is only one thing you have to take care of when you use this feature and that is ” profit speed “. For instance, you earn $2 from the comic store at the beginning. If you do prestige, you will get the permanent boost on profit speed. Suppose, you get 5X profit speed bonus. After prestige, when you start the game, you will earn 5X more money from all the businesses.

For instance, if you were making $2 from the comic store, next time, you will earn $10.

All you need to do is check the profit speed rate when you use prestige feature.

Cash, IncKeep Note: -> On the second time, your profit speed rate should be double. For instance, for the first time, your profit rate was 2X. Next time, it should be more than 2X(i.e. 5X, 10X). To increase the profit speed bonus, upgrade all your businesses.

When to do prestige? What is the best time to do prestige in Cash, Inc game?

It’s very simple; just wait for the call; uncle rich will notify you. Who is uncle rich? Here’s uncle rich in Cash, Inc game ->Cash, Inc

3.) Don’t use diamonds, get free diamonds

One of the best ways to acquire diamonds in Cash, Inc game is, go to settings and connect the game to your Facebook account and you will be rewarded with 100 diamonds. Another way is just keep playing the game, tap on the toys or sometimes you get diamonds in the inbox. Read the 4th point of this post and learn how to earn diamonds for free.

Don’s Spend Diamonds In Cash, Inc game

You should not spend even a single diamond on useless power-ups(skip 1 day, skip 2-day or more).


Because you can use these diamonds to get “golden tickets”. What are golden tickets? Golden Tickets are required to hire “uncle rich”. Uncle rich can increase the profit rate of a business by 17 times(for the first time). Read the next point to learn more about this uncle in Cash, Inc game.

4.) Spin N’ Wheel, Uncle Rich, And Golden Tickets

Cash, IncThese features; Uncle Rich, Spin N’ Wheel, Golden Tickets gets unlocked once you prestige three times. In short, you have to prestige at least 3 times to unlock Spin N’ Wheel, Uncle Rich, and golden tickets.

After you prestige three times: –

  • You will get free golden tickets

You can use golden tickets to hire/invite uncle rich. Uncle rich provides a permanent boost(17 times for the first time) to one of your businesses.

For instance, I’m earning 100 Quintliion per second from Galactic Station. If I hire uncle rich, he will increase the profit – from 100 Quintillion to 1700 Quintillion per second. Sounds good? Yes!

Since golden tickets are limited, you have to use only on Galactic Station. Here’s the strategy –

  • Prestige three times
  • Claim free golden tickets
  • Unlock all buildings
  • Spend golden tickets only on Galactic Statio because this is the only building from where you can earn more moneyCash, Inc

“Spin N’ Wheel”

Using Spin N’ Wheel feature you can obtain free golden tickets, diamonds, and boosters in Cash, Inc game. All you need to do is tap on it and watch the video ad.

Or you can also obtain golden tickets using diamonds. You get 1 golden ticket in exchange for 6 diamonds. That’s why you should not spend your diamonds on other items; use it to get golden tickets and use golden tickets to upgrade advisor/uncle rich.

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There is also a redeem code option in Cash, Inc game. You can enter the code there and claim free rewards. Cash, Inc codes can be obtained by following the FB, Twitter, and Insta Page of Cash, Inc game. Go to settings, click on social media icons and follow them. You can message them for free codes.

So, these are some simple Cash, Inc cheats, tips & a strategy guide for Cash, Inc players. You can check the simple guide here.

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  1. The “don’t invest in other businesses” one isn’t a good tip because when you upgrade all to 200 you get a 2x multiplication and then again at 300 and when there all at xxx you get multiplicity so do invest in all steadily you don’t want all at 1200 and one at 17 because you’re missing out on lots money and multipliers.