Kiki’s Vacation Walkthrough, Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Kiki’s Vacation is a brand new idle game for Android & iOS by HyperBeard. Read on for Kiki’s Vacation walkthrough, guide, strategy tips, cheats & tricks

HyperBeard, the studio behind Tsuki Adventure and Adorable Home games, recently published a brand new idle game called Kiki’s Vacation. The game is available for free to download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In the game, the main character is “Kiki” who is on vacation and living in the shack near the beach. Those who have played Tsuki Adventure game would already have the idea of how is this game works or how to play Kiki’s Vacation. If you didn’t play that game, then this Kiki’s Vacation game walkthrough guide will help you learn the basics. Also, we have shared a bunch of Kiki’s Vacation tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without further ado, let’s go through this walkthrough guide!

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Kiki’s Vacation Walkthrough, Guide, Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

Kiki's Vacation Game Cheats Guide TipsFirst things first – this game is completely idle. Your goal is to collect all the feed entries. As per the current version, Kiki’s Vacation game features 97 entries that you can discover on the vacation. What are the feed entries? Feed entries are like moments/photos/memories that your meow cat Kiki will be discovering throughout the long vacation. Tap the menu button in the upper-left corner of the game screen, then tap the “feed” option. It will take you to the page where you can check all the feed entries that you have discovered so far. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Kiki’s Vacation tips, cheats & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Learn How To Play Kiki’s Vacation

There are three things that you need to know; the first thing is this game is idle – even if you are not playing the game, Kiki will be enjoying the vacation. You will find her doing cute activities on the beach – for example; drawing on the beach, staring at the sea, etc. At different times of the day, you will find her doing different things. 

The second thing is exploration; you can visit the town, beach, and talk to the NPCs. For example – Paul R.Bare, Gigi, Brad, Boaris, Shopkeeper, and more. Talk to them and you may find mysterious things about the location. 

And, at last, the main currency in the game is “shell”. The shells can be used to buy the items from the shopkeeper in the town. Items help you start new activities and advance the story. 

Do Fishing In Kiki’s Vacation

Kiki's Vacation Game KikisTo fish, you need a fishing rod. On day 3 of the game, you will get the fishing rod for free or you can buy it from the town shop; items are randomly distributed there – so keep checking. Once you buy or claim the fishing rod, tap it(it would be in the radio room in the shack). Tapping it takes Kiki to fish – an (i) alert sign will appear over the head of her when she catches something – tap it and then you will have to tap the hook button when the shrinking ring meets the edges of the crosshair – in simple words, tap the “hook” button when it turns green. You will either get the fish or trash. You can check all the fish and the trash in the items tab. 

To catch rare fish or sea creatures like Octopus, Lobster, Tuna, and more, you will need to purchase the bait from the shop that is in the town. Keep checking the items for sale in that shop and buy whenever you get the bait deal. As of now, the fish in Kiki’s Vacation game are stored in the inventory – no idea how to sell or use them. If you know, comment below. 

Buy The Items From The Town Shop

Kiki's Vacation Game Cheats Guide TipsItems are really important in Kiki’s Vacation. You can buy the items in exchange for shells at the town shop. Tap the island button in the bottom-left corner -> visit town. Search for the town shop and tap the guy selling items there. Spend the shells and buy items. Go to the menu -> items -> there you will see the items that you bought. Kiki uses these items automatically. All you need to do is wait; open the game at different times of day to discover new activities. You will get these activities registered in the feed. Although, there are some items that you can use manually. 

Explore And Interact In Kiki’s Vacation

Navigate to the town and tap on the NPCs. You can befriend them by interacting with them daily; some of them may offer you rewards or reveal something mysterious. Also, you may discover new feed entries. For example – Visit Gigi at massage center building in the town -> there you can spend shells for Yoga, Massage, Jacuzzi, Acupuncture to discover new feed entries. 

Get Free Shells In Kiki’s Vacation

There are several ways to get free shells in Kiki’s Vacation – collect from the net linked to the cabin on the shack screen; attached to the left side of the room; the one where is radio. It collects shells every few minutes. 

Kiki's Vacation Game Cheats Guide TipsFrom the creature – often, you will see the cute creature on your screen with the shells. Tap it and get the shells. 

Watch video ads – on your screen, you will often see the airplanes and clouds with Ad offers. 

Mailican  – tap that duck -> watch the video ad to get the shells.

Bushes – tap the bushes in the town; you may get free shells.  

Tap the + button next to the shell status at the top-right corner -> watch the video ads for free shells. 

Clicking The Pictures

To take the pictures in the game, tap the menu button -> camera -> set your location and confirm. 

Login At Different Times Of The Day

Kiki’s Vacation game’s in-game time is SYNC with real-time in your area. If there is night in real, there would be night in the game as well. We recommend login to the game at different times to discover new activities; early morning, afternoon, night, evening. 

Keep An Eye On Radio

The radio catches nearby events and alerts you often; tap it often and you may find a new feed entry like a home invasion. Kiki's Vacation Game Cheats Guide Tips

Get To The Beach

From the town, you can visit the beach. On the right side of the town shop, there would be a wooden signboard. You will meet new characters on the beach. You will be able to go there after a certain amount of time(In our case, it took 1 day). 

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If you know any Kiki’s Vacation Password, comment below. This guide was last updated on May 17, 2020. Update – added fishing info. 

So that’s all for now in this Kiki’s Vacation walkthrough, guide, tips for beginners. Share your tips and tricks in the comments. 

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  1. After you rescue Lulu nothing more happens, the gorilla tought me how to dance or something but Kiki never presents even thought she said she was read

  2. well the fish u get can be used to get the free specials from boaris but after u try all of them each food will cost 10 shells now and u can sell the fish but i think if u buy the food u can no longer sell the fish

  3. Its worth mentioning after the home invasion event, the pirates may steal one of your items (in my case: my duster) and require you to pay for it by leaving shells at a red X which may require the shovel in order to get back your stolen wares

    • well there is a chance u see the pirate in ur bedroom if u catch him the other crew comes then asks u to set him free (they even begged) then they wont rob u ever again

  4. Every time I fish I catch at least 4-5 fish in a row, then it becomes more trash than fish with a random fish actually caught now and again. Feels as if it’s set to at a certain point give more trash than fish. Boaris mentions bringing him fish, though doesn’t want to use any I have. Unless it’s the others caught with the bait I have yet to see in the store. For 3 days the store has been mostly the same items over and over (chips, duster, shampoo, catnip and ramen). Even after watching an ad to refresh it’s just these things. I’m getting frustrated. Especially since I paid real money for more shells to spend only a couple days ago.

    • well buying the bait will make less trash coming for you and more fish instead but for me i mever gotten any more trash from buying that bait (i also change the date and time in my phone to get new items or faster shells)