Adorable Home Codes: List of Special Codes To Get Love

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Looking for Adorable Home codes? That special code to get love or hearts? Well, you are on the right page! Here we have listed Adorable Home game codes
Adorable Home Game Special Codes

Adorable Home New Code(March): –

The new code for Adorable Home is StayAtHome. This code was issued on March 18, 2020, by HyperBeard on Twitter. 

The latest code is Adorable15M. This code was announced by HyperBeard on Twitter on March 3, 2020. Head to the special code interface, type the code Adorable15M and tap the confirm button. Some users are reporting it would work if you tap the confirm button repeatedly. 

Note – It seems that codes are working for some players, while some players reporting that codes are not working for them. You may need to contact the developers if that’s the case. 

Adorable Home Codes – Code 1: –

Code no. 1 is – AdorableHome40K (No Spaces). Head to the game settings and tap the heart button on the top-right corner. Enter this code and you will see the message; you have gained more love.

Adorable Home Codes – Code 2: –

Code no. 2 is AHInstaNCHY. Go to settings by tapping the home button in the bottom right corner. In the settings, tap the heart button on the top right-side and enter this code: AHInstaNCHY. AHInstaNCHY code was announced on February 8, 2020.

Code 3: –

Code no. 3 is uniquefans. This code is valid for 1000 times(so limited use – 1001st user would not be able to redeem this code). It was issued on Twitter, by @uniquesalongaph(a Filipino musician and singer-songwriter), on February 22, 2020. You have to go to the game settings and tap the heart button in the upper-right corner. After that, enter “uniquefans”. It gives around 500 free hearts/love. 

And, as said above, this code is limited to 1000 uses. After it, you may see an invalid code message or nothing will happen if you tap the confirm button. If that’s the case, you might need to wait a bit more until Hypearbeard announces the new code. They may announce a new one in March. Make sure to follow them on all social media channels. 

What Are Special Codes In Adorable Home? And, How To Get More Codes?

These are not secret codes and there is no way to find them by playing the game. These special Adorable Home codes are issued by Hyperbeard, the developer team behind Adorable Home game. Now and then, they publish these special codes on their social media channels; Twitter(@HyperBeard) Facebook(HyperBeardGames).

As of now, they have released two codes written above. These codes may expire soon and you may see an error with U.U. message or Invalid Code. So make sure to follow their social media channels to get working codes.

AdorableHome40K code was issued on their Twitter account where the task was 1K RT and 40K Followers. They announce this challenge on January 17, 2020, and the challenge was completed yesterday. And, after 4 hours, they revealed this code.

So in simple words, the only way to get codes is by following them on Twitter or Facebook. Also, keep in mind that they do not issue codes daily, weekly – sometimes, they take too long.

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So this would be all in this post on Adorable Home Codes: List of Special Codes. If you know more cheat codes, share in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting us!

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    • You need to wait for new codes; these codes are now expired. They worked when Hyperbeard announced – but now they are not working because these all are expired. The last code was uniquefans.

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