Left To Survive tips: guide, cheats & strategies

New to the Left to Survive game? Master all of its core concepts with these Left to Survive tips available with a strategy guide for beginners

Left to Survive tips and guide: –

This article covers how to play the Left to Survive game, how to get stronger, battle modes, base, and other concepts such as survivors, heroes, progression, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Left to Survive tips and guide: – 

Getting Started With How To Play Guide

In this part, we will teach you the basics tips. In Left To Survive, your main objective is to build a powerful base and increase the power of your characters and weapons. At the beginning of the game, you have only access to the campaign mode. The campaign mode is divided into regions. After completing one, the new region gets unlocked. To unlock new game modes such as PvP, Base Raid, you will have to increase the power of your base. Read the base guide below. As you progress, you will unlock survivors, new guns, and a helicopter.

Battle; In the battle, to get the victory, kill all the enemies as fast as you can. The controls are very simple; hold down on the left side of the screen and aim. Tap on the fire button to shoot. You can also use consumables such as a medkit or other items such as the grenade.

Learn About The Base

To unlock new features or game modes such as PvP, Base Raid, and more, you will have to increase the power of your base. And to increase the power of base, you will have to build the facilities, upgrade the facilities. Additionally, you can assign survivors to these facilities. Let’s learn about the facilities.

Facilities In Left to Survive Game

On your base, you can build & upgrade a number of facilities: –

  1. Town Center
  2. Armory
  3. Farm
  4. Oil Rig
  5. Tanker
  6. Factory
  7. Bank(Paid)
  8. Warehouse

Among all these, the town hall is one of the main facilities featured in Left To Survive game. You can not upgrade any other facility beyond its level. For instance; your town hall level is 3. So you can not upgrade any other facility to level 4.

Warehouse and Tanker are two storage facilities. Warehouse stores material produced by the factory. And tanker stores oil produced by Oil Rig.

All you need to tap the facility and then tap the search option for more information. To upgrade, tap the facility and then select the upgrade icon. Check the requirements(number of resources), if it’s all set, hit the upgrade button and confirm.

Building and upgrading will increase the power of your base. On the main screen, at the top-left corner, you can check the base power. Tap it to get more details.

Survivors In Left To Survive Game

In Left To Survive game, you can assign these survivors to the facilities such as farm, factory, town hall, and more to increase the production or attributes such as HP, damage, and more. Tap the facility and hit the survivors icon(avatar) and on the next screen, you can see the list of survivors. If you have a survivor, then assign it and enjoy the buff.

Getting Survivors In Left To Survive

You need to collect the parts or shards or fragments of survivor character in order to unlock them. Go to the store -> survivors -> there you can see the list of survivors and the number of parts required to unlock a survivor. Tap the find parts button and you will get the source. Read our cheats, tips & strategy guide to learn how to assign wisely.

Learn About The Heroes

Once you complete the first mission of region 2 in the campaign mode, the heroes feature gets unlocked. You can access this feature through the store menu in the game. By default, you play as Michael Bennett. All the heroes have some special buffs power. For instance; when you choose Tanya Levine as a hero, you deal +12% damage using the shotgun, +6% damage using Assault Rifle.

Getting Left To Survive Heroes

Go to the store -> heroes. There you can check the list of heroes. Tap a hero you want to unlock and hit the find parts button. The game will show you the source. Usually, we get these parts from crates, as a reward, from the campaign mode, and the PvP store.

Level Up The Heroes

The hero you choose for the fight will earn XP after the match. XP is required to level up the hero.

Changing The Hero

On the main screen, at the top-left, tap the avatar icon(near gear icon). On the next screen, tap the blue color reload or refresh type icon(near the hero’s portrait) and choose the hero.

Guide To Weapons 

Left To Survive game features many guns, weapons, and consumable items. Here’s the list: –

Guns: –

  1. Assault Rifles
  2. Machine Guns
  3. Shotguns
  4. Sniper Rifles


  1. Gear Key – To open the crates
  2. Zombie Guide – Earn more Hero XP
  3. Medkit – Restores HP


  1. Knife – Use it when zombies are very close to the character
  2. Grenade

Getting New Guns

Upgrade the town center of your base to unlock new guns. Before you start the battle, you can change the weapon(except in some stages). Just tap the blue color reload/refresh/change icon next to the gun.

Getting Consumables In Left To Survive

Complete the quest, from crates, PvP Store.

Guide To Evolution 

When you upgrade the gun to its maximum level, you will be able to evolve it. It costs you evolving material. You can obtain this evolving material item from the PvP store, as a reward from the crates, by completing the quests. Tap that item to know where to obtain it.

In-Game Items Guide

There are a number of items featured in the Left To Survive game. Let’s learn about them:-

  1. Material – It is required to upgrade the facilities
  2. Oil – To build and upgrade structures on your base
  3. Scrap Metal – To upgrade the gun
  4. Food – To play campaign mode
  5. Cash – Used in upgrading
  6. Parts – To unlock heroes, guns, and survivors
  7. Gold – To buy premium items, for instant upgrades
  8. PvP Tokens – Grab them in PvP mode and spend in PvP Store for useful items
  9. Gear Keys – Use to open a specific crate in the store

Look For Red Barrel And Destroy It To Explode

Left To SurviveFacing a huge wave of zombies would never be so easy as they climb directly over your hero and no one wants to see those blood drops on the screen. One of the easiest ways to strike down the whole zombie wave is by destroying those red barrels in the match.

Headshot To Save Ammo

To deal more damage or to hit the zombie in one shot, go for the headshot. It could be difficult if your AIM is poor.

Build and Upgrade The Facilities

If you are not paying attention to the base, then start it. Without building and upgrade the facilities, you can not progress as most of the features get unlocked by increasing the base power. Additionally, the resources required to upgrade the gun are produced in these facilities.

Repeat The Campaign Mode Stages

If you get stuck on a level, then it would be better to repeat the stages in campaign mode. Repeat the stages, earn hero XP, items, level up the hero and you are good to go.

Use the consumables & weapons in the battle

Medkit is the best item in the Left To Survival game, It restores the HP of hero and gives a new life. Make sure to use these items. You can obtain it as a reward, by completing the quest, through PvP store and from crates.

Grab the consumables in PvP

Left To SurviveIn the PvP mode, you can switch between multiple locations using the navigation keys. There would be consumable items too on the battlefield, move to that location to collect it.

Assign The Survivors Wisely

Left To SurviveAs you know, you can assign the survivors to one of the facilities. Make sure to assign wisely on the basis of their skills. For instance; Marion is a survivor and when you assign her to the farm facility, the speed of production gets increased by 15%.

Earn PvP Tokens and Grab precious items

You may have to see the video ad in order to collect the PvP tokens after you get the victory. Watch it and claim. You can spend these tokens in PvP store to buy parts, evolution material, consumables, and much more.

So these are some basic Left To Survive tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

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  1. Upgrading your towers (Missile, Machine Gun, EMP) is the fastest way to getting power points to upgrade your Town Center

  2. Is there a way to change it assign weapons to heroes that participate in clan wars? I have a very strong hero but a very weak weapon.

  3. une petite astuce quand on est a la région 7 ,et que l’on joue sur le sigle infini, pour gagné 450 billets et voir un peu plus avec des tirs à la tête cela nous coute 2 tomates pour environ 485 billets si vous repassé en région 6 vous faites 2 parties pour 350 billets voir plus pour les tirs à la tête la partie 350 x2 =700 plus les tirs à la tête une moyenne de 750 billets pour 2 tomates ça fait rentré de l’argent un peu plus vite


  4. When playing PVP, I can have full health and die from one grenade. How can I prevent this or achieve this when I throw them?

    • well the gut throwing it prolly has gear that increases explosions and a better hero than you you’ll need the same gear and a better hero as well which will come in time is all it’s a free game so just enjoy it

  5. I have oil more than the storage capacity, but it cannot be used to upgrade town centre! I need to upgrade oil storage to meet requirements for town centre upgrade?

  6. I have oil more than the storage capacity, but it cannot be used to upgrade town centre! I need to upgrade oil storage to meet requirements for town centre upgrade?

  7. I Love the game Left to Survive it keeps you thinking and practicing strategies to continue trying to be the best , I wish there was a way to get infinite money and gold as it does get heavy on the wallet, great game thought and would recommend to many.

  8. Need help!!!!

    Playing the Co-Op event against monster and drowns….. How do you defeat this in the allotted time?

    I shoot head (red dot) and yellow spots on shoulders n back.

    Seems like I don’t have big enough guns.


  9. Each attachment has a boost to the appled weapon. What attachments are best (i.e. increased bleeding versus increased damage.)

    • Bleeding vs Damage: –
      Both are good in PvP – I prefer damage though.

      Assault Rifle – Assault Clip
      Machine Gun – Machine Gun Clip
      Shotgun – Shotgun Compensator, Shotgun Score
      Sniper Rifles – SR Scope, SR Clip

    • Go to the weapon lab -> select an attachment -> upgrade -> use the duplicate/same attachments(matches the selected attachment) -> upgrade. That’s how you fuse/upgrade.

  10. I would like to know what you have to do to enable you to start upgrading your gun how do you get to the right screen to upgrade it

    • go to store, click on it. window opens showing all weapon types across top. click on type weapon you want to upgrade, example – machine gun. you can upgrade any weapon you own, costs money or gold and requires a certain number of parts parts look like gears