My Horse Stories Game Cheats, Guide & Tips For Beginners

My Horse Stories Game is the latest horse racing game for Android and iOS by Crazy Labs. Check out My Horse Stories game cheats, guide & tipsMy Horse Stories Game

My Horse Stories game is packed with lots of exciting features such as character customizations, horse racing, feeding, training, and much more. In the game, you will follow the story of a girl and compete against rivals in exciting horse racing adventure stages. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This My Horse Stories game guide will teach you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of My Horse Stories tips, cheats & strategies that help you get #1 ranking in the race by outranking all other rivals on the scoreboard. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

My Horse Stories Game Guide: –

Your job is to take care of the horse and train him to increase stats such as stamina, speed, and jump. By taking care of the horse, we mean doing all the basic activities such as feeding(make the recipe the horse wants), grooming(wash the horse), grow and harvest crops, etc. Other than that, you can customize the character to get the style bonus. Let’s learn about the Horse Racing and how to get #1 rank on the leaderboard.

Horse Racing: –

From the Horse Racing, you receive gift packs, which contain lots of valuable rewards such as gems, coins, player EXP, and much more. The higher you rank on the scoreboard, the better gift pack you get. Tap the trophy button on the bottom-right side to enter the map screen. From there you can select the stages and compete with rivals. Playing these stages costs energy, which recovers gradually over time.

Now, let’s learn how to outrank other players on the scoreboard so that you can get the top-rankings.

To get the top-rank on the scoreboard, you need to earn more points than the rivals. And, you can do it by completing the race quickly and claiming the style bonus. When you finish the game, the game calculates the score and add two bonuses; stamina bonus and style bonus. Stamina Bonus is based on the time duration; complete the race quickly within the given time. Style Bonus is determined by the character’s outfit. Get better outfits for more Style Bonus points.

Buildings: –

  • House – Customize Character
  • Groom Building – Groom Horse to get player EXP
  • Horse Building – Feed Horse
  • Food Mill – Unlock Recipes
  • Water Pump – Draw Water
  • Riding Center – Increase riding skills
  • Picnic Table – Prepare food for the rider
  • Stable – Put on horseshoes for horse
  • Smith – Craft horseshoes
  • Silo – Upgrade storage capacity with upgrade materials like wood

Let’s have a look at our top My Horse Stories Game cheats, tips & strategy guide.

My Horse Stories Game Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get More Score Points By Completing The Race With Perfect Run

During the race, dodge all the obstacles in your way to complete the race with a perfect run bonus. All you have to do is tap and hold at the right time to dodge the obstacles. Also, the two more ways to score better are – equip better quality outfits to the girl and complete the race as quickly as possible – the faster you complete, the more stamina bonus you get.

2.) Train The Horse To Increase Attributes

In My Horse Stories Game, the Horse has three main attributes or skills that you can improve by horse training; Jump, Stamina, and Speed. Increase Jump Attribute to dodge difficult obstacles. Improve speed to complete the race quickly. Improve stamina to get more time during the race. You will need horsepower to train the horse.My Horse Stories Game

3.) Send The Truck To Get The Resources

In front of the house building, you will find a truck – you will need to repair it first. After that, you can send it to get free resources; gold coins, building upgrade material like wood.My Horse Stories Game

4.) You Can Sell The Items

Enter the Silo and there you can sell items like crops, upgrade material for coins. Grow crops in the garden bed and harvest now and then. You can either use it to sell for coins or making food recipes for the horse.

5.) Get The Freebies

Head to the store and there you will find a daily deal that you can grab by watching the video Ad. You could get free gems or coins.

6.) Complete The Missions To Earn Gems

One of the best ways to earn free gems in My Horse Stories game is by completing the missions. Tap the quest board in the top-left side and check all the available missions. Complete them asap and get free coins, gems.

7.) Repeat The Old Stages

In My Horse Stories game, you can repeat the old stages on the map and grind coins and player EXP.

So these are some basic My Horse Stories game cheats, tips & tricks for the beginner. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below.

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