Marvel Super War Guide – Tips, Cheats & Strategies For Beginners

Marvel Super War is the latest MOBA game for Android and iOS by NetEase Games where two team clash on the battlefield for the victoryMarvel Super War Guide And Tips

Marvel Super War is packed with popular characters from Marvel Universe and lots of game modes – the classic mode where two teams consist of five players clash on the battlefield, Arcade Mode to grind in-game currency, room matches, PvE, and many more. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Marvel Super War guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Marvel Super War tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Marvel Super War Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

To win the battles in Marvel Super War, your team’s goal is to destroy the enemy base that you can target by destroying the enemy turrets.  In the mini-map, which is on the top-left corner, pay attention to the red color turret points. Destroy all the turrets in a lane to target the base. The team which destroys the opponent’s base first wins the match. After the match, the game evaluates the performance of each player based on damage, survivability, support, etc. And, you get gold coins, EXP(required to level up), ranking points as the reward. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Marvel Super War tips & tricks: –

Learn The Basics Of Marvel Super War

One of the main things that you need to do is making the character stronger. All the characters start from level 1 and without gears. To make them powerful, you need to level them up; their skills, equip them gears. Above the character’s head, there is a green color HP bar that shows the character’s health. On the left side of this HP Bar, you can check the character’s level. When you level up the character, you earn a skill point that you can use to upgrade the skill level.

Tips to level up fast in Marvel Super War –

By defeating the enemy minions or heroes, you can earn a massive amount of character XP that helps you level up quickly. Initially, target the enemy minions because they are easy to defeat.

Tips to level up skills in Marvel Super War: –

When the character reaches the next level, you will get a skill point that you can use to upgrade a skill or unlock a skill. All the characters have unique skills – leveling up these skills increases their skill performance. For example – you can increase the damage dealt by skill by increasing its level. A (+) symbol appears over the skill icon – tap it to unlock/upgrade.

Skill Level – you can check the performance of skill by level by visiting the character’s profile page. In the lobby, tap the archive button -> select the hero to open his/her profile page. On the left side of his/her profile, tap the skill icon to check skill power by level. It increases as the skill level increases. So make sure to level up the best skills first.

Use Coins To Get Better Gears

Defeat the beasts, heroes, and turrets to earn the coins. On the left side of the game screen(below mini-map), there is a shop button that shows the number of coins you have in the present time. Tap it top open the shop. There you can buy gears in exchange for coins. Marvel Super War features a variety of gears that you can shop to make the character stronger.

For example – if you want to increase the movement speed of the character, buy the boots/shoes. To increase attack power, buy better weapons, defense power – shield or gloves or armors.

Go to the Archive section of the game and open a hero’s profile -> in the bottom-left corner, tap the gear option -> on the next screen, at the bottom-right, tap the recommended button to check the best gears/item set for that character. Save the gold coins and buy the best gears asap to deal with powerful enemy heroes.

Practice With The Heroes

As mentioned above, all the Marvel Super War Heroes have unqiue abilities, traits, and stats. Some heroes are easy to master, while some are hard to master. We would recommend you to get familiar with the character that you pick in the battle. Go to the archive menu -> tap the hero avatar -> tap the practice button in the bottom-left corner -> choose a hero as an opponent and start.

Learn about their attacks, weakness, strength, skills, gears by playing this practice mode.

Follow The Universal Combat Tactics

First, you need to make the character stronger – defeat minions to level up quickly and earn coins. Buy gears, unlock the skill, and upgrade the skill.

Keep an eye on the mini-map to see the enemy locations, allies, and turrets. Avoid enemy turret’s attack range at all cost – let the minions enter the enemy turret’s range and then go for the attack.

If you are low on HP, tap the recall button and return to the base to recover HP. Also, if you are using the first-aid tactic, use it to recover HP. Use the skills at the right time. Play as a team – follow the allies and strike on the enemy together to K.O. Quickly.

Finish The Training Sessions

For starters, we would recommend completing the training sessions, which help understand all the basic tactics of the game. Also, you earn XP and coins. Match -> training -> basic/advanced.

Complete The Quests For Rewards

Go to the quest menu to check the quests. Complete all the weekly quests to earn coins, XP, Hero Clue, and Skin Shards. You can use these in-game currencies to get characters, their skins. Also, keep an eye on the events for more rewards.

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