Loud House Ultimate Tree House Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Loud House Ultimate Tree HouseLoud House Ultimate Tree House is a brand new tree house building game for mobile by Nickelodeon. Check out Loud House Ultimate Tree House Guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Lincoln Loud has decided to build a treehouse so that he and his friends can enjoy there; you will be there to help them in building rooms, adding stuff, decorating the treehouse, and completing their wish. Loud House Ultimate Tree House is the latest toon game by Nickelodeon in which you build a beautiful treehouse and complete characters’ tasks. The game features all the favorite characters from the Loud House show. If you are having trouble getting the game’s mechanics or you are looking for some tips, then we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Loud House Ultimate Tree House guide and Loud House Ultimate Tree House cheats, tips & strategies.

Get Started – The Basics – Loud House Ultimate Tree House Game

Well, the concept of this game is simple. All you do is build floors and on each floor, you build the rooms. And in the rooms, you add furniture items such as refrigerators, TV, video games, and more. There are two main in-game currencies; coins and dollars. You can easily earn gold coins by completing the character’s quests, selling items, from the furniture items. On the other hand, the dollar is a premium item. Read the cheats, tips part below to learn how to earn the dollar in the Loud House Ultimate Tree House game.

The Process; You have to complete the character’s tasks; tap the character and navigate it to the available tasks. After a certain level, you will get a dog named Charles. Charles can also help you in earning stars. Tap Charles and play. After a certain amount of time(when the task is completed), your characters will give you gold coins/items/stars. Stars are required to increase the treehouse level. As you level up the treehouse, you will unlock new characters, items, features, and much more.

So that’s the basic Loud House Ultimate Tree House guide for beginners. Let’s check out our top Loud House Ultimate Tree House cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Loud House Ultimate Tree House cheats & tips⇓

Don’t Use Dollar In Early Phase, Especially In Useless Tasks

The game’s nature will force you to spend the dollars to speed up the tasks. Using the dollar, one can quickly complete the task. In fact, the tutorial teaches you to speed up the tasks using the dollars. We would recommend you don’t spend dollars in the early phase of the game, especially in speeding up. After a certain level, you will need the dollars in upgrading the inventory, completing the quest, purchasing some items.

How to earn dollars? As mentioned above, it is a premium in-game currency and cannot be acquired easily by playing the game. You get dollars in this game upon leveling up(when you level up, you get the dollars as a reward). Additionally, there are some items(Decorative items) which grant dollars to the player(very rare). In short, you can earn dollars by leveling up.

Plant Multiple Furniture Items In The Tree House

Furniture items such as refrigerators, couch, comic shelf, video game, and more are the source of items. For example; Video Game items produce games CD after every certain amount of time(tap an item to check the time), couch gives you a TV remote, refrigerator gives you cheesecakes. Additionally, these items give you gold coins, stars too. Go to the store menu -> furniture -> build. Don’t hesitate to get one more(even if you already own one). Items such as TV, couch gives you gold coins and stars every few minutes(fast).

Sell The Items, Refresh The Orders

Loud House Ultimate Tree HouseItems produced by the furniture items can be sold in exchange for gold coins and stars. On the main screen, at the bottom, tap the items option. Head to the sell tab and there you can sell the items. But sometimes you get complicated orders, tap the reload icon to get a new order. Do it often and sell the items quickly.

Trade The Items Or Deal

Once you reach level 8, a new feature will get unlocked; trade. You can deal with some items for a specific reward. All you need to do is go to the items menu -> trade tab -> tap the deal option to confirm. As you level up, you will unlock more slots in the trading tab and new deals will be available.

Listen To The Characters

Just above the character’s head, you will see a bubble(wish) or an (i) icon. Tapping it will give you the detail of character’s wish. Complete it asap to get the free reward. Additionally, if there is no message above the character’s head, then tap it and give him/her a regular job; watch the TV, read comics, play VR game, and more. In short, keep them busy all the time for maximum rewards.

So these are our top Loud House Ultimate Tree House cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week

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