Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats, Tips, Guide

Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats TipsHopeless Heroes: Tap Attack is a great Idle clicker game for mobile devices by Upopa Games. It features hundreds of challenging levels, heroes, spells, and much more. Check out our Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack guide and Hopeless Heroes cheats, tips and tricks to progress fast and get artifacts

Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack is one of the best Idle games for Android and in comparison to other Idle games such Idle miner tycoon, Adventure Capitalist, and more, you don’t need to watch ads after every few minutes. The gameplay is similar to Tap Titans game, but, features unique characters, spells, and elements. In this post we have covered everything about the game; Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack guide and Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack cheats, tips, and tricks. Let’s start the Hopeless Heroes Tap attack guide first;

1.) Get Started – Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack – The Basic

As mentioned above, the gameplay is similar to other Idle games; you just tap on the screen to defeat the enemies. You earn coins by defeating the enemies and recruit other heroes. Recruited heroes attack automatically and continue their job even when you are offline. Most of the features are locked in the beginning, you need to level-up your profile to unlock these features; prestige, achievements, skills, equipment, and much more.

Here’s the process you have to follow in the Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack game:

  • Defeat enemies
  • Recruit blobs
  • Level-Up Blobs
  • Level-Up your profile
  • Equip weapons and other items,
  • Use prestige feature and get artifacts
  • Use artifacts to get the bonus
  • Repeat

The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play hopeless heroes tap attack, recruit blobs, activate goop, and much more. After the tutorial, you can handle all the things manually. Here’s everything you need to know:

1.) At the bottom of the screen, there are six tabs. The first tab is for spells, prestige, and your main character. You can level up your main character from there, unlock and upgrade spells. And at last, there is a prestige feature which gets unlocked at level 400.

2.) Tapping manually on the screen is a little bit annoying task, so go to the second tab and recruit blobs. These blobs attack automatically and you don’t need to tap on the screen. Upgrading the levels of blobs increases the damage per second.

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3.) The third tab in Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack game is of equipment; weapons, hats, capes, auras, and slashes. You get these items after clearing the set of levels. You don’t need to think about these items; just play the game and when you get the chest; open it. The chest contains these items.

4.) The 4th tab is for Goop; Goop is another character in the game and helps you in defeating the enemies. You can unlock these Goop characters in exchange for gems. But you can activate only one Goop at a time.

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5.) The 5th tab is for artifacts. You can summon artifacts in exchange for hopes and hopes can be obtained using the prestige feature. These artifacts work as a booster; bonus damage, more gold coins, reduce the cost of heroes.

6.) The 6th tab is the shop where you can buy power-ups; auto tap, refill mana, and multiplier.

So this is the Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Guide.Now let’s start the Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

2.) Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

It is not a difficult game; you just have to upgrade your blobs to defeat the powerful boss. If you are stuck on a level, just collect coins and level-up your blobs. But these Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack cheats and tips will help you in progress fast;

1.) Use Goop Wisely – Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats Tips

Goop is one of the main characters in Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack game. You can buy more Goops using gems. Goop character help you in two ways;

  • Damage
  • Bonus

Go to the Goop info tab and check the bonus of each Goop you have and activate according to it. For instance, if you activate Xoop Goop, then you will get +0.05 Mana bonus. If you activate Daniel Goop, then it will increase the damage points of all spell blob. To activate, just tap a Goop character.

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2.) Keep Track Of Flying Gifts – Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats Tips

Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats TipsWhile tapping on the screen, keep an eye on these flying gift, when you see it, just tap on it. These gifts contain a huge amount of gold coins, spells, gems, and many other rewards.

3.) The Primary Tasks – Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Cheats Tips

  • After you start the game, tap on the (i) icon at the top-right corner and double your loot by watching an ad.
  • Upgrade your blobs to get rid of tapping task
  • If you are not tapping on the screen, then your Goop character will not attack the enemy
  • Unlock spells; Pot of Gold to get 0.05* monster coins per tap

4.) Quick Tips And Cheats For Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack Game;

  • Reach the milestones levels; 40, 60, 100, 200 to unlock the skills of your blobs – Level-up your blobs
  • Use prestige feature to get artifacts and use artifacts for bonus
  • Always open the game with an active internet connection to double the number of coins earned by your blobs
  • Compete against other players in the arena and win prizes based on the max stage reached in 24 hours; to take part in the arena, you must prestige

So these are some Hopeless Heroes Tap attack tips to progress fast. Download the game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Games like Hopeless Heroes Tap Attack

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