Metal Slug Infinity Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Metal Slug Infinity is a brand new Idle mobile game by ekkorr. Let’s have a look at our Metal Slug Infinity guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Metal Slug Infinity game, you deploy the soldiers and slug to strike down the monsters in an infinite number of stages. You will be playing as a commander and lead the army in an endless Idle journey where you will face loads of monsters and their boss. Since there are loads of things to understand, it could be difficult for beginners to learn all the aspects of the game. Let’s read our Metal Slug Infinity guide and Metal Slug Infinity tips, cheats & strategies to master every aspect of the game.

Metal Slug Infinity GuideMetal Slug Infinity

The Basics

The concept of the game is pretty simple; you build and grow your army by deploying the soldiers and slug on the battlefield. To develop the army, you can raise their level, promote them and get the most out of their skills. The soldiers attack the enemies automatically and help you earn gold coins, which you use to raise their level, passive buffs, and more.

How to get soldiers in Metal Slug Infinity?

There are multiple ways of getting soldiers; you can use medals, gems or try to earn soldier piece box from the achievement or other tasks; dungeon mode. Once you got enough pieces, you will be able to recruit a soldier. Just tap the soldier option at the bottom of the screen(next to soldier slots) -> there you can see the number of soldier pieces that you need to recruit/promote a soldier. To purchase from the store, go to the same soldier menu -> store -> here you can spend medals, gems for the soldier pieces.

Metal Slug Infinity – How to get slugs?

As similar to the soldiers’ recruitment, you can get these Slugs using the gems, medals or from the slug pieces box(Earn from the achievements, excavation site). Tap the slug button at the bottom-right corner of the screen -> store -> here you can spend the gems/medals for the slug.

How to level up a slug in Metal Slug Infinity Game?

To raise the Slug level, you need data chips. These data chips can be obtained from the Slug camp mode. Tap the slug button at the bottom-right corner, then go to the Slug Camp tab -> play this mode to earn these data chips. Once you have enough data chips, go back to the Slug menu again -> tap on a Slug -> tap the level up button.

Metal Slug Infinity War Books Guide – Boot Camp,

Metal Slug InfinityWar Books in the game provide passive buffs to the army; increase in health, damage, critical hits, and more. You can get these war books as you progress through the game or from the war book store. Tap the last icon(War Book)/button at the bottom-right corner -> store -> here you can spend the points and buy these books.

To enhance these war books, you need materials; you can earn these materials from the boot camp mode. Tap the war book button -> boot camp -> play these modes to earn materials. Once you have enough, go to the war books section and tap the war book that you want to enhance -> after that, on the left side, tap the magnifying glass icon displayed over it -> increase level. Once you reach the maximum level, you can promote the war book and raise its maximum level cap.

Metal Slug Infinity Commander Guide

You can unlock more active skills by raising the commander level. At the beginning of the game, you have carpet bombing skill, which bombs the enemies. To raise the commander level, tap the return button on the upper-left corner, just below the commander icon -> you can return after you reach the 100th stage. But, the commander level will increase on every other 100th stage. For example; To reach level 2 commander, you can return at the 200th stage. This function will send you back to stage 1. But, you will earn medals. You can exchange these medals to earn permanent buffs. Tap the commander button at the upper-left corner -> here you can spend these medals. Also, you can spend these medals to recruit soldiers and slug.

So this is a short Metal Slug Infinity guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Metal Slug Infinity tips, cheats & strategies!

Metal Slug Infinity Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Use The Warp Function To Get Back The Last Stage

When you use the return feature in the game, you earn medals, but you lose the stage progress. After using this feature, you get pushed back to stage 1. To quickly reach the last stage from where you return, it’s better to use the warp function. Switch to the slug slots(tap the switch button at the bottom-left corner, next to money icon) -> after that, you will see the Slugs and the warp energy. You need this energy to warp the stages. The maximum storage limit is 100. Tap the slug to warp the stage. Keep in mind that you can not use this if you are ahead of the return stage. For example; You returned at the 200th stage. So you will not be able to use this feature on stages onwards 200th.

2.) Use The Commander Skills Often

At the top of the screen, just below the stage number, you can see the commander skills. Tap on the skill icon to activate it. We would recommend using the skills at the right time as there is a cooldown time. Use these skills at high difficult stages or always when fighting boss.

3.) Participate In Every Single Mode

There are loads of modes to play in Metal Slug Infinity game; boot camp – from this mode, you can earn materials required to enhance war books, Slug Camp – to earn data chips – required to level up a slug, dungeon mode – to earn soldier pieces.

4.) Touch and Help

You will often see the touch and help message. Make sure to tap it for gold and other buff/support.

5.) Grab The Ad Offers

Go to the store -> buff -> there you can watch the video ads for temporary buffs; battle speed, instant gold, and more.

6.) Upgrade Everything To Beat High-Level Stages

Make sure to upgrade the soldiers, passive skills, commander mastery skills, enhance slug, promote soldiers/slug/war books.

So these are the top basic Metal Slug Infinity tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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