Play Together Fishing Guide: Fish Tank, Selling Fish

Our Play Together Fishing guide will teach you how to fish in this game, sell fish and earn stars, fishing rod, fish tank or aquarium, etc.

Play Together Fishing Guide

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To start fishing in Play Together game, players will need to buy a fishing rod first. Players in the Play Together game can buy fishing rod at the fishing store.

Open your mobile phone by tapping the mobile phone icon on the right side of the screen -> map -> on the map, on the right side, look for the fishing store -> select it.

Then tap the navigate button in the lower-left corner of the map screen to see the map pointer that will help you navigate to the fishing store from your current location. 

Once you are there, interact with NPCs there and tap on the shop icon. He will give you two options; purchase a fishing rod and sell fish. Let’s take a look at the fishing rods and selling fish.

Play Together Fishing Guide

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Play Together Fishing Rods⇓

Wooden Fishing Rod is the basic fishing rod that costs X450 Stars. Description: A wooden fishing rod that has an acorn ornament. A good fishing rod for novice anglers. 

Feline Rod costs X750 bucks and increases the chances of getting an uncommon fish by 50%

Duck Rod costs X2.250K bucks and increases the success chance by 15%. Also, increases the chance to get uncommon fish by 100%

Amateur Rod costs X30 Gems – increases the success chance by 20%. And, increases the chance to get rare fish by 50%, uncommon fish by 100%

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How To Catch Fish In Play Together: Sell Fish, Place It in Fish Tank?

Play Together Fishing Guide

To catch a fish, you must equip the fishing rod and then navigate to the fish location; pond, camping ground lake, waterfall, swimming pool, fashion mall, my house, dock, etc. – where you see the water. To equip the fishing rod, tap on the bag or backpack icon in the right -> to go the tool tab(third one from the left) -> tap on the fishing rod to equip it. 

Once equipped, navigate to the location where you see the water(for example; dock on the map). 

Cast the line by tapping the “Cast” icon above the jump button. You will see the (!) icon when a fish appears. Tap the “reel fish” icon when the fish takes the bait to catch it. You have to tap it at the right time(when you see the ! icon on your character or feel the vibration). 

Tap the store button to store it in the backpack. You can visit the fishing store and interact with the fisher NPC there to sell it or move to the house and place it in the fish tank or aquarium. You can buy a fish tank from the furniture shop. The basic one costs X450 stars. 

To place it in the fish tank, you just need to tap the fishing tank and then select the fish that you want to place it in. 

How To Catch Rare And Bigger Fish In Play Together Game?

Save X30 gems and buy Amateur Rod. Keep fishing, tap at the right time, and you will eventually get a rare uncommon fish. 

List of Fish⇓

There are around X160 fish in the Play Together game as of writing this guide. You can check the list of fish that you have discovered in the illustrated book. Tap on the mobile phone icon on the right side -> illustrated book -> fish book. Tap on a fish(whether you have discovered it or not) to know where you can catch it.

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