Pocket Tower Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Master The Game

Pocket TowerPocket Tower is a brand new mobile game by Overmobile. Check out our Pocket Tower guide, tips, cheats & strategy to build a great Skyscraper fast

Pocket Tower is a new Skyscraper simulation game for mobile devices from the creators of The Avengers – Destroyer game. In the game, your objective is to build a Skyscraper by building lots of floors and on each floor, you run a different type of business. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Pocket Tower guide and Pocket Tower tips, cheats & strategy to master the game.

Get Started – The Basic – Pocket Tower Game

Before we head to the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Pocket Tower game, your main objective is to build the tallest building. At the beginning of the game, there are only a few floors in the building.

Spend coins & bux to build new floors. On each floor, you run a separate business like household goods, office goods, bar, barber, and much more. Additionally, you have to lift the visitors; there are three type of visitors;

  • Normal – Who visits the Skyscraper for shopping
  • VIP – Cash Cow
  • Residents – Stays at the hotel. You can appoint residents on one of the floors and increase the earnings.

In Pocket Tower game, as you level up, you will be able to access new features like city, VIP Quests, investors, and much more. All you need to do is add new floors, upgrade the hall & business, join a city, complete the quests, and manage the Skyscraper. However, it would not be easy as there are plenty of things you have to take care off. Earn money, upgrade, and manage. That’s it. Let’s start the Pocket Tower guide and after it, check out our Pocket Tower tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Pocket Tower Guide

In this part, we will learn about visitors, residents, upgrades, coins, bux, city, quests, maze, floors, dream job, goods delivery, celebrity club, and much more.

  • Visitors

At the bottom of the building, hall, from here you have to lift the visitors. All you need to do is tap the elevator and lift the visitors. As stated above, there are three types of visitors; who visits the tower for shopping, VIP visitors, and residents.

Residents -> Residents stays at the hotel. Just above the hall floor, there is a hotel. Tap it and check how many residents are there. You can appoint these residents on one of the floors(hire).

To hire a resident, tap one of the floors -> find -> select a resident. That’s it. Or tap the hotel -> then select a resident you want to hire -> find job -> choose a floor – hire.Pocket Tower

If you assign residents to these floors, you can buy the goods at a discounted price. Read the goods guide below.

Lift visitors and earn coins. You can use coins in upgrading business & hall and to build a new floor.

  • Floors

In Pocket Tower game, your main objective is to build the tallest building. And to accomplish this task, you have to build new floors. Building a new floor costs you coins or bux. Pocket Tower game features dozens of floors such as computer store, bar, casino, workshop, coffee house, laundry, and many more. In short,

  1. These floors provide job to residents/workers
  2. You can buy & sell goods
  3. You can upgrade the floor and increase income
  • Upgrades

In Pocket Tower game, you can buy lots of upgrades to boost up the sales and automate the work. But most of the upgrades cost you bux and there are only a few ways to earn bux in this game(listed below, in cheats part). However, you can buy some upgrades using coins.

Go to the top of the building -> tap the upgrades icon -> business -> upgrade quality, service, and many more things.

  • Maze

Pocket TowerMaze is another feature in this game and using it, you will be able to earn some rewards. However, it costs you keys. At the beginning of the game, you have some keys and you can use it to try the luck. Go to the top of the building -> maze -> now, you have to tap the doors. Walk-through 10 rooms and get a special prize. Read the cheats, tips part below to learn how to earn keys in the game.

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  • City

After a certain level, you will be able to join a city. It’s like clan! Join a city and become the member or citizen. There are many benefits to joining a city; complete city quest to earn rewards, try to earn champion cup, investment, and much more. Investors come to the city on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Answer their questions by playing a mini-game and you can earn 5-20 bucks(if your city has collected the needed amount). Well, it might be risky.

  • Celebrity Club

After a certain level, you can access celebrity club. You will get a celebrity resident as a reward by opening the chest. You can claim one chest daily. These celebrity residents provide you multiple bonuses(appoint them on one of the floors).

So, this is the simple Pocket Tower guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Pocket Tower tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Pocket Tower Tips, Cheats: –

#Tip 1.) How To Earn Bux

There are a number of ways to earn bux in Pocket Tower game: –

  1. Lift Visitors and you could earn bux
  2. Level Up
  3. Complete all the daily quests
  4. Open the chests
  5. Use Maze feature
  6. Join city, collect the budget, attract investors, and earn bux
  7. Open the game daily
  8. In Key Tournaments

#Tip 2.) Don’t Waste Bux

Don’t waste your bux in upgrading and for temporarily boost. It would be better to save bux and use them to build a new floor. Because you can not build all the floors using coins.

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#Tip 3.) Use Maze Feature

Try out the maze feature(mini-game) and get free coins and bux. If you open the 10 rooms continuously, you will get a special reward. Go to the top of the screen -> maze -> open the rooms. One door – One Key.

How to earn keys? 

  • Monday – Friday – 1 to 5 keys for every quest
  • Collect Kings Celebrities
  • Open chests
  • Join a city and collect municipal chests
  • Complete 7 quests in one day to get more keys on the next day

#Tip 4.) Appoint Residents Wisely

Pocket TowerIn Pocket Tower game, each resident gives you a 2X boost if you appoint him/her on his/her dream job. Go to the top of the building – tap the person icon -> here you can see all the lists of residents; employed and unemployed.

Tap on a resident and check his dream job. For instance, it’s Wine Boutique. If you appoint him there, then you will get a double bonus.

  • You can fire a resident -> tap a floor -> resident -> fire
  • The fired resident will be moved to the hotel
  • If you want to evict it from the hotel too, tap the hotel -> resident -> evict

#Tip 5.) Buy & Sell Goods

Pocket TowerYou can easily earn coins by purchasing the goods when on sale. Tap the + icon next to each floor -> buy goods -> wait until they get delivered and earn coins. It is one of the best ways to earn coins. You can use coins to upgrade the business.

#Tip 6.) Complete The Quests

  • Must Complete at least 7 daily quests
  • Join A city and complete City quests
  • Complete VIP Quests

to earn more rewards; coins & bux.

So, these are some simple Pocket Tower tips, cheats for beginners. If you need more help, tap the menu(at the top-right side of the game’s main screen) -> then tap the (i) icon. Also, see – Best time-management games for Android

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