Pixel People Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Pixel People is a brand new simulation game for mobile by Lamb Damu Pte Ltd. Let’s have a look at our Pixel People guide, tips, cheats & strategies

The Pixel People game lets you build your own Utopia where you can build loads of structures, recruit over 100 professionals for different sectors, plant trees & decorations and make the town glorious. You will combine the residence to create new occupants for each town facility. The objective is to discover all the Pixel People, jobs, expand the town, and make loads of money. In today’s Pixel People guide and Pixel People tips, cheats & strategies, we have shared everything that you need to know as a beginner! So let’s get started!

Pixel People Guide

Pixel PeopleThe Basics – Getting Professionals And New Buildings

Let’s understand the basic concept of the game first. The very first thing that you need is the residential building to let the people live in the town. Tap on any empty slot and you will get the option to build residential buildings such as rocky mansions, solar nexus, terra terrace, and more. Building these facilities will let more people arrive in the town.

The next thing is combining. Tap the arrival center building -> people arrive here -> you will need to combine them in the right way to discover a new job/unit. Tap on any character -> splice me -> choose the genetic material -> left/right -> after choosing both sides, pay attention to the color of the tube; grey, pink, and yellow. Grey – It means you can not combine. Pink – It means you are going to discover a new gene/job/character. Yellow – It means the combination will extract the unit that you have already found. So, if you want a new character in Pixel People, choose the right gene material and pay attention to the test tube color; it should be pink.

After Discovering

After getting the results, tap the arrival center again -> tap the unit that you just discovered -> under the possible workplaces section, you can see the list of places where the selected unit can work. All you need to do is select the place. After that, tap the building and there you can check the assigned professionals.

Getting Gold and Obtaining Utopium

Gold and Utopium are the two main in-game currencies in Pixel People game. You need gold coins to build more structures in the town, to expand the town, and in many more things. Unlike Utopium, gold is easy to get. The buildings in the town produce gold over time. Increase the population and you will make more money.

Now, Utopium…

Utopium is the premium in-game currency. You can obtain up to 25 Utopium from the decorations(trees) every day, by leveling up(Expand), via top-up and other achievements/missions.

Pixel People – Buildings, Expand, Landscape

You can have multiple buildings in the town, the very first would be free, while if you want another, you can build it by spending Utopium. For residential buildings, you will have to spend the gold coins. Another thing is to expand; at the bottom-right corner of the screen, you can check how many land slots you have and how many slots are free. Expand the town to get more land slots. In the landscape section, you can choose to build trees as well as paths(roadways) to make the town organized and beautiful.

Moving – To move a building -> tap it -> tap the move option at the bottom of that mini pop-up -> choose the new place -> confirm.

Paint – You can pain the residential buildings. Tap on any residential building -> paint.

So this is the Pixel People guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at Pixel People tips, cheats & strategies!

Pixel People Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Grow Money On Trees

Pixel PeopleWell, In Pixel People, money grows on trees. It would be better to plant the trees in the town and grab free gold coins every minute. Additionally, you can also get Utopium from these trees. The more trees you plant, the faster you get Utopium. You can collect up to 25 Utopium every 24-hours.

2.) Keep Growing The Town, Mayor

As a mayor, it’s your duty to grow the town; keep building the residential facilities, combine the people, get the new Pixel People, assign them to the possible workplaces, and earn gold coins. Invest the gold coins in building more structures, expanding the land.

3.) Get The Special Delivery

Pixel PeopleEvery now and then, you will see heart over one of the built residential buildings. Tap that building -> long press the heart and collect the heart. Once you have enough hearts, you will get a special delivery package, which contains premium currency or special unit to combine.

If you have more Pixel People tips, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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