The Greedy Cave 2 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Reach The Top Floor

The Greedy Cave 2The Greedy Cave 2 is a popular  RPG for Android by Avalon-Games. Check out The Greedy Cave 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategy to slay down the monsters & reach the top floor

The sequel to hit RPG “The Greedy Cave” has just released for mobile devices by Avalon-Games. The Greedy Cave 2 comes with MMORPG like elements, adventures, floors, lots of epic monsters, weapons, and a great story. The original version of the game has crossed over a million downloads on Google Play Store. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: The Greedy Cave 2 guide and The Greedy Cave 2 tips, cheats & strategy.

The Greedy Cave 2 – Get Started – The Basic – Most Important

Before we dive into the cheats, tips part, let’s learn the basics of the game. In The Greedy Cave 2, your main objective is to kill the monsters and clear the floors. Every time you start from floor 1(initially). To go to the next floor, you have to find the path. There are lots of monsters on each floor. And additionally, you can also find treasure on each floor; gold, stones, armors, swords, scrolls, and much more. The health of the character is limited. If you lose all, you will die. And all the items also. The game is divided into two locations; town & time gate. Town -> The main lobby, where you can interact with other players, buy weapons, check the tasks, claim the rewards. Time gate -> To enter the cave. Read the map guide below to learn more.

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked(i.e. guild, abyss). All you need to do is level up, increase the power, go to the cave, find treasure, slay down the monsters, climb to the top floor, and rank up. Let’s start The Greedy Cave 2 guide and after it, check out The Greedy Cave 2 tips, cheats & strategy.

The Greedy Cave 2 guide

In this part, we will learn about the map, leveling up, character guide, skill, monsters, treasure, scrolls, and much more.

  • Map Guide

The Greedy Cave 2The game starts with a tutorial; you are in a cave. Just tap there where you want to move. At the end of the tutorial, you will be rewarded with an escape scroll that will take you back to the town.

The town is the place where you can access other features like the billboard, time gate, blacksmith, guild, and much more. At the top -right side of the screen, tap on the mini-map.

On the mini-map, there are small icons(see the above picture); $, potion, mailbox, spin wheel, and more. Follow these spots on the map to go there and find out more. Here’s the detailed guide: –

1.) Billboard

Billboard is the place where you can check the tasks you have to complete. Competing these quests rewards you coins and gems. On the map, follow the (i) icon(there are two, you have to follow the left side one).

2.) Time Gate

Through the time gate, you can enter the cave. On the map, follow the “G” icon(in sky color). Go close to it and tap on the time gate. Then choose the location and enter the cave.

3.) Blacksmith

At this location, you can purchase armors, swords, and other items before you enter the cave. It costs you coins & diamonds. To go to the blacksmith, visit $ icon on the map.

So, these are three main locations in The Greedy Cave 2 game.

  • Cave Guide

Enter the cave through the time gate(read the guide above). At the beginning of the game, forget cave is the only cave that is unlocked. You can unlock new locations by completing this cave.

You start from floor 1 and the objective is to climb to the top. There are many floors. And on each floor, there are lots of monsters. As stated above, you have to find the way to go to the next floor[exit location].

At the top-right side of the screen, there is a mini-map. Tap on it and find the “green ladder” location(exit, entrance to the next floor – use vision scroll). You can not go back to the floor and the town.

To go back to the town, you need an escape scroll. The escape scroll is one of the important scrolls in The Greedy Cave 2 game.

So, what you have to do in this game?

Find the treasure by exploring all the floors. You may get the piece of a treasure map on these floors. Open the chests, containers to find precious items. All you need to do is tap on the tiles(item’s spots). That’s it. As you progress, the number of monsters will increase and you will have to face powerful monsters to move to the top floors.

It would not be easy. If you die, you will lose all the progress(even leveling progress). So, when you see the HP of the character is low, use the escape scroll and go back to the home.

  • Leveling Up – The Greedy Cave 2

Leveling up is an important task in The Greedy Cave 2 game. To level-up, you need XP. XP can be obtained by killing the monsters. At the bottom of the screen, see the green line. It’s your HP bar. It increases as you earn XP.

  • Character Guide

The Greedy Cave 2In The Greedy Cave 2 game, you play as a treasure hunter who loves exploring and finding treasures in dark caves full of monsters and strange creatures.

Your objective is to increase the power of your character, learn new skills, and top the leaderboard. To increase the power of your character, you have to equip the best gears; weapons, swords, rings, armors, and more.

You can find these items in the cave or go to the blacksmith; drag & drop the item from its shop to your inventory. It costs you coins or diamonds.

To equip -> tap on the bag icon(at the bottom-left corner). Head to the character tab. Drag the items from your inventory and place on the left side(empty slots). Just below the character’s image, you can check the ATK Power, Magic Power, and toughness.

Increase these attributes by equipping the best gears. And just above the character’s image, you can check the character’s level.

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  • Skill Guide

As you progress(by killing the monsters), your character learns new skills. You will see a red dot when the character is ready to learn the skill. Just tap on the bag icon at the bottom-left corner, go to the skill tab -> double tab on a skill icon to activate the skill.

  • Monsters

There are hundreds of floors to explore and on each floor, you will meet a new monster. Before you go for the attack, hold down on it(tile) to check its stats; HP, ATK rate/damage, and more. Or you can also check about the monsters under the jour menu(tap on the bag icon at the bottom-right -> jour tab).

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So, this is The Greedy Cave 2 guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some The Greedy Cave 2 cheats, tips & a strategy guide.

The Greedy Cave 2 Cheats, Tips & Strategy⇓

1.) Check out the quests

Before you enter the cave, the very first step you have to do is check the quests. Go to the billboard and there you can check the quests or tap on the bag icon at the bottom-right -> go to the tasks tab. Read the task you have to complete. You will be rewarded with diamonds and coins when you complete these tasks. To claim the reward, go to the billboard and collect.

2.) Visit Blacksmith

At the beginning of the game, you have low-quality gears. And with these gears, you can not beat the powerful monsters. So, it would be better to buy some high-quality gears. Go to the blacksmith($ icon on the map). Then drag and drop the item from the shop to the inventory. It costs you coins and diamonds. Don’t buy too much; just sword, armor or gloves, shoes. Don’t forget to equip these items(read the character guide above for more details).

3.) Explore Each Corner, Find Escape Scroll, And Items

Enter the cave. Here are some useful items to look for: –

  • Escape Scroll
  • Vision Scroll(to expand the mini-map or to check the entrance to the next floor)
  • Gold
  • Treasury Map

Escape Scroll -> It is the most important item. You could get it by killing the monsters, opening the chests, containers, and destroying the wall using an axe.

Why is it important?

Because using this scroll, you can easily go back to the town.

You will lose all the progress or items you obtain from the cave if you die. So, it would be better to go back to the town using an escape scroll when your character’s HP is low.

You should go to each corner of the map even if you know the entrance to the next floor.

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4.) Kill Monsters and Destroy Walls

Without killing the monsters, you can not obtain XP(required to level up). And you could also get precious items such as escape scroll, magic scroll, vision scroll, weapon, potion, and other items.

You may find an axe from the chests. Using the axe, you can destroy the walls; to bypass the monster if the monster is blocking your way and you don’t want to kill it.

Look for these walls(see the picture below) and must destroy these walls(walls with AXE mark); you could get a precious item.The Greedy Cave 2

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5.) Spin the wheel

On the main screen(town) -> go to the spin-wheel location and spin the wheel. You can spin it every day for free. It is the easiest way to earn free diamonds, powerful gears, and gold coins.

6.) Complete the events

On the main screen(town), go to the event side(follow the gift icon on the map). Check the on-going event and complete event to get precious items for free.

So, these are some basic The Greedy Cave 2 cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best offline RPG for Android

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