Battle Strike Force Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Battle Strike Force is a brand new MMORTS game for Android and iOS by Beyond Games Inc. Check out our Battle Strike Force guide, tips, cheats & strategies

If you are familiar with games like West Game, Rise of Kingdoms, Last Shelter Survival, then you will find the Battle Strike Force much similar to them. It’s a base-building game where you build, upgrade lots of facilities on the base, recruit troops, assign heroes on the defense, and raid resource points and enemies for the resources, items, and EXP loot. In this post, you will learn all the basics of the game – so let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. Battle Strike Force guide and Battle Strike Force tips, cheats & strategies!

Battle Strike Force Guide

Battle Strike ForceThe Basics – Resources, Base, Heroes, Troops

Resources – resources are the most important treasure for the players. With these resources, you build, upgrade, and expand your base. There are lots of resources in the game that you will need over time as the game progress – silver, steel, and oil. All these resources are produced in the base or can be obtained from the map – by conquering their points. We will learn about that in the latter part of this guide.

  1. Oil – Oil Refinery generates Oil
  2. Silver – Silver mine gives silver
  3. Steel – Steel mill gives steel

Build and upgrade oil refinery, silver mine, and steel mill production centers on the base to increase the production of these valuable resources.

Resources Storage

To store these resources(Oil, Silver, and Steel), you will need to build and upgrade the storage facilities: –

  • Steel Yard – stores steel
  • Silver Vaults – stores silver
  • Oil Depots – stores oil

Resources Protection

If the enemy attacks your base, you may lose the resources. By building and upgrading the protection center of all these resources, you can keep a portion of the stock in a safe.

  • Steel Stockpile – steel protection
  • Silver Stockpile – silver protection
  • Oil Stockpile – oil protection

The Base

The command center is the main building at the base -> upgrade it to unlock new functions, buildings, raise the max level of other buildings. Apart from the command center, you can find the –

  • Production centers – Oil, Steel, Silver
  • Protection Sites
  • Storage for the resources
  • Gate – set up the defense, research technologies
  • Armory – Research buffs to improve or grow in specific fields; combat, economy, defense, expedition, etc.
  • Troops Centers
  • Mechanics Bay – Repair heroes

…on the base. Tap the buildings and then choose to get the info – it’s better to know the details of each building to understand the basics of the game.

Battle Strike Force Troops

To attack the enemy or raid a resource point, you send the troops as well as the heroes on the march. You can recruit troops in the troop centers, increase the troop level by upgrading the troop centers and increase the max number of troops to send through OP upgrades. Let’s learn about the troop centers: –

  • Special Ops Agency – Here you can hire the troop vehicle. Select a troop vehicle and the game will show you its hiring cost at the bottom-left corner of the Special Ops Agency pop-up menu. Tap the hire button to confirm
  • New Militia Complex – Recruit troops. Research technology(tech) to promote troops. Upgrade the building to increase troop level and recruitment slots
  • Ardent Legion Hall – Recruit Ardent Legion troops. Upgrade it to increase troop’s max level, recruiting slots. Promote the troops by researching (Tech)
  • Dune Raider Junkyard – Recruit Dune Raider troops. Upgrade the building to recruit high-level troops. Promote the troops through R&D
  • Operations Center – Here you can check the troops recruited by you. Upgrade Operations Center to increase max troop quantity

Battle Strike Force Troops Guide

Navigate to any troop center where you can recruit the troops. On the recruitment screen, tap the troop to check its detail – type, targetting. The type of troop determines its role & position in the battle. For example – front type troops are positioned ahead of support type units.

And, the targeting displays the troop’s target. For example – if the target is (support), then that troop will attack the enemy’s support unit. If it’s hero, then the troops will attack the enemy’s hero. You can read the details on that page(recruitment).

Battle Strike Force Heroes Guide

Battle Strike ForceYou can unlock heroes by collecting enough number of dogtags. At the bottom-center menu, head to the heroes section -> there you can see the complete list of heroes featured in Battle Strike Force. And, at the bottom of a locked hero, you can check the number of dogtags that you need to unlock a hero.

How do you get these dogtags? Complete the missions, objectives, from the events, store.

Level Up Heroes

Tap the hero portrait in heroes menu -> tap the + button next to the level bar – use training manuals to train/level up hero. Or defeat the enemies in the battle to earn EXP – heroes deployed in the combat party gets EXP from the victory.


Equipment improves the stats of heroes. You can obtain the equipment from chapter mode quests, by defeating the enemies, RSS points on the map. Open any hero profile and tap on the empty equipment slot -> the game will show you all the sources from where you can obtain the equipment.


All the characters/heroes in Battle Strike Force have unqiue skills that you can check in their profile – by tapping the (!) icon. For example – Honey Bear, the hero, has the skill to heal troops. Make sure to read the heroes’ skills/abilities.


You need hero tags(same/duplicate/identical hero) to promote. Open any hero profile and at the bottom of it, you can check the number of tags you need to promote that hero.

Repair Heroes

Battle Strike ForceThe heroes may get injured during the fight. And, when they return to the base, you should repair them asap. On the right side of the troop centers on the base, there are some default mechanical bay buildings where you can repair the heroes. You can build more using the resources. Or on the right-center of the screen, tap the Squad Manager icon(third option on the list) -> there you can access these facilities; mechanic, recruiter.

Map – Attacking & Grinding

If you are low on resources, then you can attack the enemies or resources points to farm the resources along with a bunch of valuable items & EXP. At the bottom-left corner, tap the map/base option to switch from base screen to map screen and vice versa.

On the map, select an enemy or resource point(example – Iron Order Bunker), check the rewards, enemy’s squad power – if you think that your army can easily conquer the target, go for the attack. On the next screen, you have to select two front type troops, two heroes, and one support type unit.

You can explore more trenches -> tap on the fog/undiscovered area -> send the planes to explore that region.

So this would be all in this Battle Strike Force guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Battle Strike Force tips, cheats & strategies!

Battle Strike Force Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Get Stronger To Increase Squad Power

As you progress through the chapter mode quests or explore the regions, you will find the enemy’s team more powerful. And, to defeat these foes, you must focus on raising the squad power. The Squad power is determined by the troops, heroes that you are using. So upgrade them: –

  • Upgrade the troop center so that you can recruit high-level troops
  • Tech – research to promote the troops
  • Level up the heroes
  • Equip the equipment
  • Promote heroes

2.) Research In The Armory

Battle Strike ForceArmory building is on the bottom-left corner of the base. In the Armory, you can research technologies and increase performance: –

  • Economic Research – Improves the production of the resources
  • Combat – Increase the hero’s damage, attributes, etc.
  • Defense – Improve the defense
  • Expedition – Increase scouting speed
  • Tech – New Militia/Dune Raiders/Ardent Legion
  • War Depot – Increase the hero’s damage, storage for the resources, and health of the heroes

3.) Complete The Daily Missions

Daily Missions are the best because you get lots of free rewards by completing them. Every day you get these simple missions – and, when you complete all, you get a special reward – hero tags, heor EXP, speed-ups, etc.

4.) Focus On Objectives & Campaigns

If you are new to the game, you should focus on the campaigns and objectives. These missions will help you understand all the basics of the game in no time. Tap the missions option at the bottom center- objectives and campaign. The campaign missions include tasks like supply raid, chapter quests, etc. From the objectives, you get the growth or recommended missions – these missions help you grow the base.

5.) Join A Guild ASAP

Special features like War depots, guild events, gifts, alliance help, etc. are locked until you join a guild. We would recommend joining an active guild as soon as possible and participate in the guild activities. Help guild members and earn honor points. Spend honor points in the guild store.

6.) Participate In The Events

Battle Strike ForceFrom the time-limited events, you can get precious rewards such as hero tags, VIP points, speed-ups, etc. So keep an eye on the time-limited events and grab the rewards.

7.) Set Up The Defense

Tap the Gate -> defense -> there you can select the heroes who will defend the base upon enemy’s attack. To replace the hero, select him/her and then tap the hero that you want to use. Upgrade the gate to increase defense troop level and unlock new researches.

So this would be all in this Battle Strike Force tips, cheats & strategies part. If you have more tips or information to share, please comment below!

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