Rival Stars Horse Racing Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a brand new horse racing game for Android and iOS by PIKPOK. Let’s have a look at our Rival Stars Horse Racing guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Rival Stars Horse Racing game, you train the horses, race against rivals in a variety of locations, breed the horses, and there are loads of things to do such as managing stable facilities, live events, and of course horse racing. You can hire a jockey and skip straight towards the result or beat the rivals manually. The live event mode lets you compete against other players on the leaderboard for the highest rank. If you have just started playing Rival Stars Horse Racing game, then our today’s Rival Stars Horse Racing guide and Rival Stars Horse Racing tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

Rival Stars Horse Racing Guide

Rival Stars Horse RacingThe Basics – Jockey, Manual, Sprint, and more

The basic things in the race are choosing a good/trained horse and picking up the Jockey. You can hire a Jockey for silver coins or gold coins or manually control the horse in the race by playing as Jockey. After tapping the race button on the main screen, you have to choose a location and then race; the prize pool, distance varies. After that, you need to pick a horse. That’s not really a problem as the game itself picks for you; marked as TJ’s pick. And, after selecting the horse, you need to select a Jockey; hire or be yourself. If you want to play manually, tap the ride button or for instant results, hire a Jockey.

Rival Stars Horse RacingIf you love playing manually, then there are a couple of things that you need to know; the first thing is tapping at the right time; when the bar pointer reaches the center(white surface). It gives you a perfect head start boost and you directly land on the sprint energy charging track(while on this pack position line, sprint energy refills faster).

Rival Stars Horse RacingAnother thing is using the sprint feature wisely. Don’t waste the energy in the beginning and save it for the final countdown. So that’s the Rival Stars Horse Racing basics for the beginners. Let’s learn about horses, breeding, stable facilities, ranch income, market, and more.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Horses Guide

The quality of a horse depends on its grade and the stats. The grade is a much important factor when we discuss the best horses. The grade of a horse determines its level cap. If the level cap is high, the horse can gain more speed/sprint/acceleration stats. For example; Grade 1 Horse level cap is 5. Once it reaches level 5, you will not be able to develop further. Grade 2 Horse level cap is 10. So you can develop it more than the grade 1 horse. The difficult task is getting a high-grade horse as a low-grade horse would not benefit you for the long run.

Getting A Horse

You can obtain a horse through breeding or purchase from the market in exchange for gold coins or real money.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Breeding

Rival Stars Horse RacingBreeding is the best way to get a high-grade horse. All you need to do is select the two horse and wait for the result. Tab the stables option on the game screen -> here you can check horse stalls, breeding stalls. Tap the breed horse button -> now you have to select two horse; mare/stud. In the stud options, you can pick a horse from the Stud farm or select the one from your stable. You can refresh the Stud list by spending the gold coins. Breeding with a high-quality horse(from Stud farm) may cost you gold coins. While normal breeding costs silver and materials like steel, basic items, etc.

Training Guide

All the horses in Rival Stars Horse Racing game have different stats; speed, sprint energy, acceleration. Training improves these stats and makes them capable to face off the difficult race. There are a couple of basic things in the training mechanics; you can not go beyond the horse level, you need to upgrade the tier to increase max training level cap, and the materials.

Horse Level – For example; if the horse level is 1, then you can not improve its speed stat level to 2. You must increase the horse level first. To raise the horse level, pick that horse for the race and try to get the victory. Depending on the results, that horse will gain EXP. You can check the level bar on the horse icon(the green gauge displays the EXP/level progress).

Facilities – To raise the maximum training level cap, you need to tier up the training facilities; speed, sprint, acceleration.

Materials – You can get the materials required to upgrade the facilities by getting victories in the race, completing the daily tasks, story quests, and from the market.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Homestead

This is where you can access to the storehouse and passive income(silver coins). Tap the storehouse button -> here you can check the items that you have -> tap the upgrade button to upgrade the storehouse; to store more items. You can always sell these items in the market for silver coins. Tap the income button -> here you receive the passive income from the ranch. Upgrade it to increase the payout.

Rivals Stars Horse Racing Stables – Stalls

To keep more horse in the stable, you need horse stalls. To unlock more, you need to complete more goals or choose instant build option. The instant build will cost you gold coins. Breeding Stall – To breed more new horses, you need breeding stalls. Raise the player level to build more breeding stalls.

So this is the Rival Stars Horse Racing guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Rival Stars Horse Racing tips, cheats & strategies!

Rival Stars Horse Racing tips & tricks highlights: –

1.) Go For The Headstart And Save Sprint Energy

It’s important to have a perfect start, otherwise, chances are you may lose the rank if the race is competitive. For the perfect headstart, you must choose the better Jockey or if you are playing manually or you are Jockey, then after the race starts, tap the screen at the right time; when the pointer reaches the white surface.

Sprint Energy – Using the sprint feature at the right time is also important. As advised in the basics part, you should save the sprint energy until the final countdown.

For more information, please check the basics part above.

2.) Follow The Story Quests & Daily Quests

We would strongly recommend you to follow the story quests as it gives you gold coins as a reward and loads of other items that you need often to train the horse, upgrade the facilities, and for more tasks. Tap the goals button at the top-left -> goals -> story -> here you can check the story quests. Completing these quests reward gold coins, horse training items, materials, and much more.

Also, as you reach a certain level, daily quests mode will get unlocked. From these quests, you can earn silver coins, materials, and much more. These daily quests refresh every 24 hours. So better complete them daily.

3.) Save Gold Coins

Gold Coin is the premium in-game currency in Rival Stars Horse Racing game. You earn this from the story quests. We would recommend saving gold coins and use wisely; don’t waste them on instant upgrade/building. Better save these gold coins for high-grade horse or for building stalls in the stable.

4.) Participate In The Events

Live Events is another game mode that you need to play if you want to earn free prizes. You can earn silver coins, items, gold coins, and much more. Make sure to pay attention to this mode and try to beat down the rivals; start perfect and use the sprint in the last phase, use the best horse(high grade). At the end of the daily time trial, you will get the event currency. Use it to spin for the free prizes.

5.) Breed To Get High-Grade Horse

If you want to get a high-grade horse, make sure to select the horse wisely for the breeding; for example; if you are aiming for a 3* grade, you should select 2*+2* or 3*+2* horse. Pay attention to the grade chances chart for more details.

6.) Get The Free Sample

Go to the market and there you get the free sample offer; watch the video ad and get the chest. From that chest, you can get free items.

7.) Collect The Income Overtime

Often visit the homestead -> Income -> collect the income often.

8.) Check The Market Deals

As you know that getting a high-grade horse from the breeding is quite difficult. If you don’t have a high-grade horse, you should check the market deals; there you may get a cheap deal on a high-grade horse. You can later breed that horse with the same or low-grade horse for the same rank horse or high-grade.

So these are the top basic Rival Stars Horse Racing tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. If you have more tips, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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