Space Pioneer Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Defeat XELDAR

Space PioneerSpace Pioneer is a brand new shooting game for mobile devices by Vivid games. Check out our Space Pioneer guide, tips, cheats & strategy to conquer all planets and defeat XELDAR boss

Space Pioneer is a new shooting game for Android and iOS by Vivid games. In the game, your fight is against Xeldar, the ultra boss. The game features 23+ planets. At each planet, you will have to complete a specific objective like place bomb, escort scientists, and much more. On some of these planets, you will fight against Xeldar, but every time he escapes the planet. Once you clear all the planets, you will be able to fight Xeldar(7 stars are required, read the guide below). Space Pioneer game also features event mode. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Space Pioneer guide and Space Pioneer game tips, cheats & strategy.

Get Started – The Basics – Space Pioneer

Space PioneerBefore we dive into the strategy, tips, guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Space Pioneer, your objective is to kill Xeldar, Boss. And to accomplish this task, you will have to conquer all the planets. In the battle, you just have to follow the navigation icon and complete the objectives.

Lots of bad robots, creatures, and monsters will try to stop you, you use gun & skills to strike down these waves. At end of each sector, you will have to defeat the boss and in return, you will get a weapon chest. Space Pioneer game features four sectors(23+ planets). After conquering all the planets, you will be able to fight against Xeldar. However, to fight against Xeldar, you need 7 stars. You can earn stars by completing all the three objectives in boss battles(planets).Space Pioneer

Space Pioneer game also features event mode; the event mode has three sub-modes; horde., horde hard, and horde hell. In horde mode, you will face three enemy waves, four waves in hard, and five waves in hell mode. Completing the event reward you gems(premium currency) and chest(epic).

After a certain level, the base feature gets unlocked. At base, you can plant workshops, storage, and many more buildings. So, this is the basics. Now, let’s start Space Pioneer guide and after it, check out our Space Pioneer tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game.

Space Pioneer Guide

In this part, we will learn about the weapons, upgrading, base, gears, skills, planets, coins, gems, and much more.

  • Weapons

Space Pioneer game features seven guns: –

  1. Assault Rifle
  2. Shotgun
  3. Tesla Gun
  4. Hand Cannon(level 12)
  5. Flamethrower(level 13)
  6. Laser Gun(level 16)
  7. Machine Gun

Among all these guns, the machine gun is the best gun in this game, damage – 50. These guns get unlocked when you reach a certain level; i.e. the machine gun gets unlocked when you reach the level 17. You can also unlock guns manually using coins, but it costs a lot.

Upgrade Guns

You need the duplicate gun card to upgrade a gun. For instance, to upgrade machine gun, you need duplicate(another) machine gun. You can obtain these cards or duplicate guns from chests.

  • Gears Guide

You can equip the character with gears and use them in the battle to strike down the enemy or for healing;

  1. Grenade
  2. Turret
  3. Health Pack
  4. Strafe
  5. Minefield
  6. Orbital Strike

You can equip three gears at a time. Among all these gears, grenade, health pack and orbital strike are the best gears in the game. However, the cooldown of orbital strike gear is very long, but using it you can do massive deal damage to enemies.

  • Skill

As you level up, new skills get unlocked and improve the character’s performance in the battle such as health, speed, cooldown, berserk, prowess, reflection, shield/armor, lifelink, and recovery. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

Upgrading these skill increases the character’s stats; HP, speed, and much more. You can upgrade skills if you have enough supplies(Cards) available. You can find duplicate skill cards(for upgrading) from the chests.

  • Base

In Space Pioneer game, you can build a variety of buildings at your base;

  1. Crystals Generator – Generates the crystals over time
  2. Coins Mint – Increases the chances of the coin drop
  3. Robot Workshop – Strengthen the character
  4. Crystals Storage – Store more crystals
  5. Armor Workshop – Improves the armor and XP rewards

You can upgrade these buildings and increase their performance by using crystals. Crystal generator produces crystals for you. When you enter the base, you can claim the crystals. Also, see – Best simulation games for Android

  • How to earn gems in Space Pioneer game?

Gem is one of the main in-game items in Space Pioneer game, used to buy chests, coins, use it to revive, and in many more ways. There are many ways to obtain gems in Space Pioneer game for free: –

  1. After every 24-hours, go to the shop section and claim 5 gems
  2. Watch the video ad to get 5 more gems
  3. Participate in the events to earn gems
  4. In boss fight
  5. Link the game with a social media account

So, this is the Space Pioneer guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Space Pioneer tips, cheats & strategy guide part to master the game.

Space Pioneer Tips, Cheats: –

#1.) Hunt Goblins For Coins

Space PioneerThe coin is another one of the main in-game items in Space Pioneer game. And one of the best ways to earn coins in this game is by hunting down the goblins. If you see a goblin, then strike it down and hunt coins. Usually, these goblins come at the start of the battle and don’t attack you. It would be better if you keep an eye on goblins if you really want to earn coins in huge amount.

#2.) Repeat Normal Stages For Gear Cards & Skill Cards

After clearing a stage, the game rewards you a chest and it might include rare gear cards or skill cards such as orbital strike, health pack, turret, and much more. These cards are required to upgrade the gears & skills. So, make sure to repeat the stages and claim chests. You can also watch the video ad to grab bonus chest. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

#3.) Repeat Boss Battles For Weapon Chest

In each sector, at the end(stage), you will have to fight against a boss(boss battle). After clearing the stage, the game rewards you weapon chest and this chest includes weapon cards; required to upgrade the weapons. So, it would be better if you repeat the boss battles over and over again to grab weapon chest. It is one of the best ways to acquire and upgrade the weapons in Space Pioneer game.

#4.) Use the circular motion strategy to dodge enemy attacks

In the battle, don’t stick to a place, otherwise, enemies will surround you. Keep moving in a circular motion, attack with gears, shoot from a distance and use the health pack over and over again to complete the objective and return to the beacon.

If HP is low, go to a safe place and use the health pack.

#5.) Claim the freebies

After every 4-hours, you can claim chests for free in the shop section of the game. And after every 24-hours, you can claim free coins & gems. After the battle, watch the video ad to double the amount of reward, watch multiple video ads and claim bonus chest.

#6.) Manage the base for perks

In Space Pioneer game, don’t forget to manage the base. Build the buildings like the workshop to activate passive skills, coins mint to increase the coins reward, robot workshop to increase the power, and more.

So, these are some simple Space Pioneer cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download Space Pioneer game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best action games for Android

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