Stormfall Saga Of Survival Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Stormfall Saga Of Survival is a brand new survival game for Android and iOS by Plarium Global Ltd. Check out our Stormfall Saga Of Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Plarium’s latest mobile game lets you explore the Stormfall universe and challenges you to survive(there) and build an awesome shelter. It’s a survival MMORPG in which you play as a survivor and the objective is to survive as long as you can. In Stormfall Saga Of Survival game, you can tame horse, dragon, and many more creatures to reach long-distance locations, raid on other players’ base, trade, join the clan, and there are plenty of activities you can do. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Stormfall Saga Of Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy to survive for a long time.

Stormfall Saga Of Survival Basics

Before we head to the guide, tips & cheats part, let’s learn the basics first. If you have ever played games like Westland Survival, Last Day On Earth, Prey Day Survival, then it would be easy for you to understand its mechanics. If not, then we are here to guide you.

You will find yourself in an unknown place when the game starts. That’s your shelter where you can build a house and add facilities like stable, dragon cave, bed, and much more. All you need to do is gather resources such as pine log, rushes, and much more. With these items, you can easily build a small house at the shelter.

As you level up, you will be able to build more facilities such as stable to tame horse, house colors to access clans, dragon cave to tame a dragon, clothes, weapons, and much more. And it will take a lot of time.

Keep in mind that you can loot other player’s shelter and they can loot your shelter. Your objective is to protect the shelter. You can place traps, build a house, upgrade the house to avoid getting looted by others. So, this is the basic Stormfall Saga Of Survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out Stormfall Saga Of Survival tips, cheats & a strategy guide.

#1.) Eliminate All The Creatures And Build A Small House

The very first step you have to do in the beginning in Stormfall Saga Of Survival game is to eliminate all the creatures and build a small house. You have a spear in your hand and using it you can easily strike down the enemies.

To hit like a pro, switch to the prone position and go close to a creature and then attack. Once killed, collect the loot by tapping on the hand icon. It could be a piece of cloth, nails, meat, animal fat or more.

Once you eliminate all the creatures, gather the resources. At the bottom-left corner, tap the auto option to save time. It only works if there is no creature. For the first time, collect pine logs and stone from the ground and craft stone Axe, Pickaxe and then you will be able to cut trees, break the rocks for stones/iron ore.

How to craft? At the right side of the game’s screen, tap the hammer icon just below of home icon. There you can see the list of all the items you can build or craft. For the first time, you will have to learn it and it costs you learning points. You can earn these points by leveling up.

How to level up? It’s very easy. Just play the game; collect resources, build facilities, kill creatures, and you are good to go. At the top-left corner, you can check the level bar. When its gauge reaches the maximum point, you will level up. For every activity, you earn EXP(required to level up). You will be able to access more features, facilities, buildings when you level up. To level up fast, kill the creatures.

After gathering enough resources, build a small house. The reason behind building a small house is it will protect your body and resources when you go offline. Tap the home icon(at the right side of the screen), choose a floor first and then the wall, and at last, a door. Tap the wall after placing and then tap the upgrade icon to upgrade the wall. Build a strong shelter to protect the resources and your body.

#2.) Keep An Eye On Stats

If you die, all the items in your inventory will be removed and you will have to gather them again. And it would be a huge loss if you lose a very rare item. To stay alive, maintain the survivor’s status: –

  • HP/Health Points
  • Food
  • Water

Tap the bag icon and on the next screen, at the top, you can monitor the current status.

#3.) Find The Bag To Recover Items

Stormfall Saga Of SurvivalAs you know, if you get to die and after respawn, all the items in the inventory will not be there. But you can recover those hard-earned items. All you need to do is go to the same place where you died. There would be a bag. Tap the hand icon to check the bag and take all the items back. At the top-right, there is a mini-map, it helps you to find out that bag. Just go close to the skull mark.

#4.) Learn The Inventory Management

At your shelter, search for a cart. There should be a broken cart. Tap the hand icon to check what’s inside it. You can store items there; just drag & drop to the cart’s inventory.

As you know, inventory slots are limited and the survivor/exile cannot store an unlimited number of items. To increase the number of slots, craft & equip a leather pouch.

In Stormfall Saga Of Survival game, you need to gather lots of resources. So, storage is the first problem you could face. To get rid of this problem, craft & place the small chest in your house and store items inside it.

#5.) Head To The Global Map And Visit Wisely

After cleaning out all the resources at your base, it’s time to head to the global map. Cross the shelter’s boundary to enter the global map and from there you can access new locations. Visit there to gather resources and once collected, go back to the shelter.

Stormfall Saga Of Survival Tips : -> Before you move to a location for the loot, make sure you have enough space to collect the loot. If not, then store items inside the small chests or the cart. It would be a waste if you go there and your inventory have not enough space to store loot.

When you tap a place on the map, the game gives you a summary of that place; quantity of loot, difficulty level, and much more. If the difficulty level is high, then make sure you have a good weapon to defeat the creatures. If not, then don’t go there.

#6.) Check The Vault, Complete The Objectives

Unlike other survival games, Stormfall Saga Of Survival gifts you plenty of items for free when you complete the objectives. At the bottom-left corner, tap the calendar type icon and there you can see the list of all the quests. Complete the quests and earn precious items as a reward.

The game also gifts you plenty of useful items for free every day. Don’t forget to check the vault. At the top-right side, near sapphires icon, tap the chest icon. On the next screen, at the left side, tap the vault option and claim all the free gifts.

#7.) How to get water in Stormfall Saga Of Survival game?

You will get a free waterskin when you play the game for 10 minutes. To claim the reward, go to the quest screen. To collect it, go to the vault tab(read the above point).

Once collected, tap the bag icon and tap the waterskin icon -> use it. Don’t throw it because you can fill it again with water using spring. Go to the crafting screen -> build and place spring at the shelter. Once done, go close to the spring and tap the craft icon.

Drag and drop the empty waterskin to the right side(one of the empty slots). After a certain amount of time, you can collect the full waterskin.

#8.) How to get food?

In the Stormfall Saga Of Survival game, food is one of the main items. There are a number of ways to maintain food status: –

  • Kill creatures and eat meat
  • Build a campfire to cook food
  • Collect berries
  • Build a tilled field and grow recipes

#9.) Upgrade the built devices

Stormfall Saga Of SurvivalIn Stormfall Saga Of Survival, to unlock new recipes, you will have to upgrade that device. For instance, to grow more items in the tilled field, you will have to upgrade it.

#10.) Increase the defense

Once you reach the level 7, you will be able to craft defensive items such as the cap, trousers, tunic, and more. Equipping these items will help you in survival.

#11.) Don’t Be Open

Stormfall Saga Of Survival is a dynamic game. If you leave the character’s body open, other creatures or players can deal damage to it. It would be better to go back to the shelter and inside the house before you leave the game.

#12.) Build A Stable and Tame A Horse

Stable allows you to tame a horse and you will be able to move to new locations fast. Stable unlocks at level 22.

Keep in mind that some items can be obtained from the loot only. Don’t forget to look inside these loots: –Stormfall Saga Of Survival

So these are some Stormfall Saga Of Survival tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download Stormfall Saga Of Survival game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Games like this one

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  1. Newbie here, how can I create a new character? I’m in level five and ran out of pine logs that needs to create a signal fire for me to access the World Map and visit locations or gather resources outside of my area. Thank you very much in advance for whoever will help. 🙂

  2. There’s a game similar to this one. It deals with all the same concepts and gives you a dragon in the beginning that fights for you, levels up and carries a small amount of loot. And all you have to do is keep it fed. Also, the game has a frost indicator.

  3. My husband plays this game. So I decided to look at the concept. thanks for the tidbits. He has been trying to find a falcon for a long time. Any tips appreciated on where a falcon is located.

  4. It would be to the advantage of the players, to know the weapons opportunities that are in certain weapons. The longevity of items, the vision distant of weapons. And the strength of creatures, above and below the surface. Not just build a house, survive, and good luck. Is there a manual that players can use, to lengthen their lives, and not just stumble around. The graphics are great compared to “block” people, buildings and things. A little cue here and there could be a plus, but that’s just my opinion of course.