Prey Day Survival Guide, Tips & Cheats Strategy

Prey Day SurvivalPrey Day Survival is a new survival game for Android by Pragmatix, the creators of Wormix game. Check out our Prey Day Survival guide and Prey Day Survival tips, cheats and survive for a long time by crafting weapons, maintaining food and thirst status

Prey Day Survival/Prey For A Day is a new MMORPG Zombie Survival game from the creators of Wormix game in which you fight against zombies, gather resources, craft items, plant vegetables, and do whatever to survive for a long time. In this post, we have covered everything about this brand new survival game; Prey Day Survival guide, tips, & cheats strategy to survive for a long time.

Get Started – The Basic – Prey Day Survival

If you have ever played other survival games, then you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. But if you are unfamiliar with survival games, then we are here to guide you about this game;

Your main objective in Prey Day Survival is to survive for a long time; you have to maintain your diet by eating food, thirst by drinking liquid/water/soda/vegetable and health. There are many zombies around you; they will try to kill you and if you get in touch with them; you will lose your health. However, you can also attack these zombies using Axe, Hammer, punch, or other weapons. But you need to craft these weapons. Additionally, your another objective is to build the items such as workshops, research lab, campfire, tables, radio tower, and much more(the whole list is mentioned below). But it’s not an easy task.

If you lose all your HP/health, you will have to start from the beginning; it means, all the inventory items you collected will disappear after your death; but not other items such as tables, labs or level progress. Let’s start the Prey Day Survival guide and after it, check our Prey Day Survival cheats, tips, & strategy.

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#1.) Walkthrough Guide

Prey Day SurvivalWhen you start the game, you will find yourself in front of a house. And at that time, you have nothing. At the bottom-left corner, use the joystick to navigate your character. At the top-right corner, you can check your health status, food status, water status, and current level. And at the top-right corner, there is a mini-map where you can track loot, your location, zombies, trees, resources, and much more. Just below the mini-map, there is a construction icon; tap on it and choose the item you want to manufacture. And just below the construction icon, tap on the bag icon to check your inventory; your inventory size is limited, but you can increase it. Just below the inventory icon, tap on the punch icon to attack zombies, tap on the hand icon to pick an item or use an item. At the bottom-right corner, tap on the crouching icon to take crouch position.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Prey Day Survival game;

  • Maintain your health
  • Keep your food status and water status up
  • Gather resources
  • Manufacture workshops, research table, and other manufacturing items
  • Craft items; medicines, bandage, hammer, axe, clothes, and much more
  • Unlock new locations and defeat zombies
  • Survive for a long time
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Repeat

#2.) Items & Crafting Guide

Prey Day SurvivalSince you have nothing when you start the game, your very first step is to gather resources. Resources such as metal scraps, wooden scraps, stone, skin, rope, and more. How to craft items?

Just above the bag icon, tap on the building icon and choose an item you want to manufacture. After it, check the minimum resources required to manufacture that item; long press on it to know how to obtain it. If you have enough, then tap on the ✔ icon and build it where you want. It would be better to place it in the home or near home.

How to collect crafting material?

You can collect crafting material from various locations. At the beginning of the game, most of the locations are locked and you need to level-up to unlock these locations. To go to the map, go close to the boundary line. From the map, you can visit any location and gather precious resources.

#3.) Leveling-Up Guide

As you know, most of the items and locations are locked at the beginning of Prey Day Survival game. To unlock new locations, manufacturing items in Prey Day Survival game, level up your character. And how to level-up?

It’s easy! You just have to kill zombies or insects, build items, cut trees, and keep playing the game; all these tasks reward you EXP(EXP is required to level up). One of the best ways to level up fast is slaying down the zombies. Go to the home -> near the main door -> you will find a zombie -> kill it and earn EXP. Zombie will come again to that location after a certain amount of time.

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#4.) List of items in Prey Day Survival Game To Craft

You can craft any type of item to fulfill basic needs such as water, food, weapons for protection, plant vegetables, and much more. Here’s the list: –

  • Basic Workbench – To create basic equipment
  • Small Box – To increase the inventory limit
  • Seedbed – To plant food; potato, soybeans
  • Well – for water
  • Campfire – for cooking
  • Research table – create a blueprint of an item using spare parts
  • Woodworking Bench – for making wooden planks
  • Stonecutter’s table – cut rocks into stone
  • Foundry – It produces metal plates
  • Tanning Rack – for tanning skins and making leather
  • Forge – craft metallic items
  • Medi-bench – create medicines, bandages to recover health in Prey Day Survival game
  • Armor manufacture
  • Armorer’s table – to make weapons

So, these are main machines and items you can build to produce or make a specific item. All you need to do is visit the locations and gather resources.

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#5.) Location Guide – Prey Day Survival Guide

Prey Day SurvivalAs stated above, you will find yourself in front of a house at the beginning of the game. Just go close to the boundary to open the global map. Then tap on a location -> a pop-up will open -> check the resources you can find there -> then tap on the walk option. Go there, gather resources, after you collect the resources, go back to the map -> home -> craft and make items there, near your house.

As you progress, new locations get unlocked and you will find new resources. So, this is the Prey Day Survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start Prey Day Survival tips & cheats.

#6.) Prey Day Survival Tips & cheats: –

A.) Maintain your status: food, water, health

One of the main tasks in Prey Day Survival game is to survive for a long time. You will lose your life if you fail to maintain any one of these statuses; food, water, and health.

  • To obtain food in Prey Day Survival, find berry bushes. Go close to it and tap on the hand icon to collect berries. Use it to increase HP and food status. You can find these bushes near trees at various locations.
  • Go to the lost house location, near the house, there is a small garden where zombies have planted potatoes. Go close to it and get potatoes; improve water and food status by eating potatoes
  • Build seedbed and plant vegetable seeds. You can obtain seeds from the streets, houses, forest. However, you should not build it at the beginning of the game
  • To keep your health status up, keep away from zombies
  • Find soda, soybeans from the gardens, streets and take these items as water and food
  • Go close to cars, some cars contain boxes and you could get bandages, medicines, and more items from these boxes

B.) Gather Resources

To build items, you need resources. So, go and explore locations and fill your inventory with resources. Without these resources, you can not progress. So, it would be better to focus on gathering resources in the early stage.

C.) Remember the loot locations and go back again

In Prey Day Survival, gathering resources is not a difficult task. You just go to a location and pick the items. While looting, remember the location; for instance; In lost house location, there is a garden where we can obtain potatoes. After a certain amount of time, the loot will be reset and we can collect the items again from these sources. If you know the loot locations, it would be easy for you to loot the same items again.

D.) Primary Steps: –

What to build first? Your primary step is to gather metal scraps and wood scraps and build the basic workbench. Using the basic workbench, you can craft: –

  • Crowbar
  • Stone AXE
  • Stone Sledgehammer
  • Camping Backpack
  • Stone Knife
  • Trucker Shirt, cap, jeans, pants, shoes
  • Sulfur

Keep note that; durability of these items are limited. After a certain number of usage, you will have to build/craft these items again. To equip a crafted weapon or item like the crowbar, AXE, hammer -> tap on the bag icon -> select the item -> equip.

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So, these are some Prey Day Survival tips, cheats & Prey Day Survival guide for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best adventure games for Android

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