Supermarket Village Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for Supermarket Village cheats, guide & tips for beginners covering the basics, progression, and things you must know as a newbie to the game. 

Supermarket Village Farm Town Cheats Tips Guide


Supermarket Village — Farm Town

Supermarket Village — Farm Town is a mobile game published by Codigames, a well-known publisher of idle games such as Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon, Idle Theme Park, Idle Police Tycoon, etc. 

Supermarket Village Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Spend Gems Wisely In Supermarket Village Farm Town

The gem is the premium in-game currency, which you can use to speed-up online orders, harvest crops instantly, buy the missing products, or buy the new slots in the factory. We would recommend you spend the gems on buying new production slots in the factories to put more items in the production queue. That’s an excellent long-term investment compared to spending gems on speeding up things. 

Complete Orders Quickly To Earn More Cash & EXP

Supermarket Village Farm Town Cheats Guide Tip

The game gives you more cash and EXP if you quickly complete the customers’ orders. In the lower-left corner, tap the customer to check their order. Put those items in the supermarket(produce section, bakery, dairy section slots, etc.). If the things that the customer needs are already in the supermarket section, the customer, without waiting, will pick up the items and head over to the cashier to check out; tap the ✅ icon -> receive the extra rewards(cash and EXP).

Tap the customer icon in the lower-left corner -> tap the star icon to give the customer priority to collect goods first(unlocks when you reach level 8).

How To Get Gems In Supermarket Village Farm Town

Each time you level up, the game gives you gems. 

Complete Online Orders To Earn Construction Materials

To build facilities such as factories or upgrade warehouses, you will need the tools or construction materials such as paintbrushes, saws, and hammers. You must complete the online orders to get these items. Tap the internet/globe icon in the lower-right corner -> tap the box -> load the items or use coupons. You get ~5 coupons for free in the beginning. Save coupons for later – you can use them for rare resources. 

How To Get Coupons In Supermarket Village Farm Town

A coupon is a paid item; you can get it by spending the real money(Standard Bundle) in the shop. Tap the + icon next to the gem in the top-right corner -> enter the in-game shop.  

Supermarket Village Farm Town Guide To Progression

Grow and harvest crops, and stock the items in the supermarket so that customers can buy. The customers can’t purchase items stored in the warehouse. Tap the supermarket section, and drag the item to an empty slot. The employee(stockers) will then pick up the items from the warehouse and load them into the supermarket section.

Level up to unlock new facilities, hire cashiers/stockers, unlock new slots in the online order section, get gems, etc. Grind XP by completing the orders, harvesting the crops, and producing the items in the facilities. 

Complete online orders to get construction materials. Use the tools to upgrade warehouses or build factories. 

Supermarket Village Farm Town Cheats or Hacks

There are no cheats or hacks available for this game. Please don’t use any hacks as you could lose your account.

So that’s all we got in this post on the Supermarket Village Farm cheats, guide, and tips for beginners. 

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