Make More! Tips Cheats And Guide To Unlock Trophies Fast

Make More Cheats Tips GuideMake More! is a great factory simulation game for Android and iOS by Fingersoft in which you play as a factory owner and your goal is to make the big boss happy. Here’s all you need to know about the Make More! game; Make More cheats tips and guide to unlock trophies, countries, robots, and get free cash

Make More! is a great factory simulation game by Fingersoft, the creators of Hill Climbing game series. The game features a lot of content; many types of factories, and your goal is to unlock all trophies, countries, robots, and planets. In this post, we have covered all things about the Make More! game; Make More! cheats, tips, and a guide to progress fast.

You need a huge amount of money to unlock factories, hire workers, and upgrade their stats. So it would not be easy to complete the game in hours or days. Before we talk about the Make More cheats tips, let’s start the Make More game guide first.

Make More Game Guide – The Basic⇓

In this game, you play as a factory owner and your goal is to complete the orders as fast as you can. For this task, you hire workers to the factory and boost the production rate of products such as tires, toys, parts, and much more. In Make More, you have to take care of plenty of things to complete the orders fast, here’s the process you have to follow in the Make More game;

  • Hire Workers
  • Upgrade their stats
  • Earn Coins
  • Invest Coins in building more factories
  • Unlock Trophies
  • Repeat

Make More! game is too big, the very first you unlock trophies, then countries, and then planets. And to unlock all, you need a huge amount of coins, robots, trained workers.

As usual, the game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basics of the game; how to play Make More! game, about the worker upgrades, factories, and much more. You will get your first factory free, but later you have to spend a huge amount of coins to get more. At the beginning of the game, you have only one worker and you tap on it manually to produce the products. You collect money, hire workers. The hired worker works automatically, but you can increase the speed of the worker by taping on the screen. The more you tap, the faster they will work. Let’s start the Make More cheats tips to progress fast in the game;

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Make More Cheats Tips And Tricks⇓

In this part of Make More cheats, tips, we have covered everything about the game; how to get free cash, unlock trophies, time cheat, coins and worker cheats, and much more. So read all these Make More cheats tips and tricks

1.) The Duck – Duck Cheat

The first Make More cheat or tip on our list is “The Duck Cheat”. In Make More game, cash/notes is one of the rare In-game currencies. Right? You can get it free by taping on the screen. How? There is a hidden secret feature under the settings menu of Make More game.

Just go to the menu of Make More game -> Go to the settings menu -> At the bottom of the screen, you will see a “duck”. Tap on the duck 30-35 times to activate the cheat. After it, tap again and score 100 points. You will earn 1 dollar/note. Score 1000 points to get 3 dollars/notes. [Update; it seems max you can get is 5 bucks only]. 

It is one of the best ways to earn free notes/dollars in the Make More game.

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2.) Behind The Scene – Cheat

The second Make More game cheat is earning double by watching an ad. As you know, your goal is to complete the orders. After completing an order, you tap on the boss and earn coins, right? You can double this amount by watching an ad. Go to the menu -> factories -> tap on collect 2* -> watch an ad and get the double amount of each order. This Make More tip will help you to earn more than usual and you will be able to spend these coins on upgrading the stats of workers.

3.) Big Boss Orders – Make More Tips

You will get these orders after a fixed time period. Completing these orders will reward you free dollars/cash/notes. Just head to the menu of the game -> Big Boss -> tap on achievement icon -> start the order. Use the rewarded cash in increasing multiplier.

4.) Make More Tips – The Beginner’s steps

The very first step you have to do in the Make More game is collect coins to hire workers. Once you have enough, go to the worker menu -> tap on the + button -> select the high-level worker. Because a high-level worker works better than a low-level worker and you will be able to complete the orders in less time. Another reason is the amount needed to hire workers is the same; low-level and high-level. Just swipe right, check the bar to know the worker’s level and hit the hire button.

5.) Flying Items – Make More tips cheats

Whenever you see the flying items on your screen, tap on it. These items contain a huge amount of coins or booster. If it’s a booster, increase its time limit by watching an ad.

6.) Make More Game Robots

Robots work faster than humans. To get these robots, you need to achieve the first trophy in the Make More game. You can unlock this trophy by leveling up the five factories to level 20. Once unlocked, you can use the prestige feature. Using this feature, you will get the booster/robots and it will increase your overall earnings. Like other Idle games, in this game too, you will have to start the game from the beginning if you use this feature.

7.) Make More Time Cheat

You can earn a decent amount of coins in Make More game using this cheat. First of all, hire all the workers, then upgrade their stats, and then use this cheat. Go to your mobile settings -> date/time -> change the date -> go back to the game -> you can claim a huge amount of coins and even double it by watching an ad. Use it to buy more factories and hire workers.

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So these are some Make More cheats tips and tricks to progress fast in the game and earn free cash/notes/dollars. Download Make More game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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  1. just clicked the duck 10000x times, it gives you five bucks and then doesn’t allow you to click anymore, even after restarting the game. you should update the guide

  2. I can’t seem to unlock the last nine workers. Every time I hire new workers I check for new but haven’t seen any for ages, and I still have 9 empty faces. What am I missing?

  3. About the duck tapping in settings, I managed to get 10000 taps, but the reward isn’t that useful; just 5 dollars