Tap Adventure Hero Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy!

Tap Adventure Hero is a brand new Idle RPG by T-Bull. Let’s have a look at our Tap Adventure guide, tips, cheats & strategies

T-Bull’s latest Idle RPG Tap Adventure Hero is one of the new Idle Clicker games on mobile devices. In the game, the player plays like a warrior and slay down the monsters in dozens of regions. You will hire the heroes, upgrade the warrior, tap the screen, use the skills, and slay down the never-ending monster waves. For those who love to play Idle Clicker games, Tap Adventure Hero would be a perfect game for them. If you have just started playing it, then today’s Tap Adventure Hero guide and Tap Adventure Hero tips, cheats & strategies will help you.

Tap Adventure Hero Guide

Tap Adventure HeroLet’s start with the basics. Your objective is to save every single region from the monsters. And, you will do it by clearing all the waves of monsters and their bosses. It’s important to pay attention to the progress – at the top-center of the screen, you can check the current region -> tap the region name to open the list of all regions and see the rewards that you can get upon saving a specific region from the monsters.

Just below the region info, there is an HP bar, which indicates the HP of the enemy as well as the total number of waves – after every certain number of monster waves, you will have to fight the boss. Unlike other monster battles, In the boss battle, you get a specific time within which you will have to finish him off. If you fail to do it, you will see the boss battle button on your screen. Tap it and summon the boss to fight again. Without slaying down the boss, you can not progress to the next regions. So make sure to increase the DPS and tap DMG.

Tap Adventure Hero Guide – DPS, DMG, Heroes, Warrior

As you know, the player needs to finish the boss in a given time. In short, finish him off as soon as possible. To beat the monsters quickly, you will have to deal massive damage to the monster every second. And, there are two ways to deal damage – hire heroes and tap the screen. Tap the screen – when you tap the screen, you will deal damage – but how much? Well, it depends on the warrior level. Tap the heroes button at the bottom-left corner of the screen and upgrade the Warrior. You can check the DMG(Tap DMG) and DPS(heroes’ damage) at the top of the heroes menu.

Heroes – Tapping the screen would not help you much as you progress through the game. You should hire and upgrade the heroes to increase DPS. Tap the heroes button -> upgrade the heroes using the silver coins. Tap on the hero icon to check his/her stats.

Skills Guide

All the skills unleash a powerful effect. For example – The Berserker skill increases the damage, fire aura skill increases critical hit. Go to the skills menu -> tap the skill and read the details. Close the menu and at the bottom of the game screen, you can see all the skill icons – tap it to use. You should use the skills at the right time – for example – at the time of boss fight – because skills have a cooldown. During the cooldown, you can not access it.

Tap Adventure Hero – Artifacts & Time Travel

Tap Adventure Hero Idle RPGTime Travel feature unlocks when you clear the first region in Tap Adventure Hero in the game. Using the time travel function, you can obtain the rubies. Later, use these rubies to buy artifacts. Artifacts provide massive bonus buff to the player permanently.

Time Travel Function – There is a catch in this function – If you use it, you will get the rubies – but, you will lose the heroes, heroes’ upgrades, silver, and the progress. In short, you will start from scratch. You should use it to get rubies and unlock artifacts – because, artifacts provide a massive boost and help you to clear difficult stages. Note – you will not lose cards, diamonds, already-owned artifacts.

The far you go, the more rubies you get.

Cards Guide

You can draw the cards using (C) coins. Coins are obtained from the boss battles and by watching video ads. Go to the cards tab -> spend the coins to draw cards. All the cards provide a unqiue buff to the player. Enter the cards album and on the portrait, you can check the buff – for example – damage 100%, less cost, extra levels, etc. You can exchange the duplicate cards for coins or keep them with you until you have enough duplicates to upgrade the card. On the card portrait, you can check the quantity of the cards – the number of duplicate cards required to upgrade.

Blueprints In Tap Adventure Hero

You can obtain the blueprints by watching the video ads or from the premium shop. Use these blueprints to unlock new powerful armory weapon. At the top-left corner, tap the armory level -> tap the next button to check blueprints as well as the weapon stats.

So that would be all in this Tap Adventure Hero Guide. Let’s navigate to the Tap Adventure Hero tips, cheats & strategies!

Tap Adventure Hero Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Chests And Get The Reward

Tap Adventure HeroNow and then, a chest appears on the screen. Tap it and watch the video ad for the rewards – you may get free diamonds, coins, silver coins, blueprints, etc. So make sure to claim the reward from these chests.

2.) Activate The Earnings Boost

Go to the premium shop -> watch the video ad to double the silver coins earnings.

3.) Upgrade The Best Heroes

You should upgrade the best heroes first. Follow the bottom to top order rule when upgrading the heroes. Go to the heroes tab -> upgrade the last unlocked hero first and then the last second -> and, so on. Every new hero that you unlock would be better than the previously unlocked hero. So that’s why you should follow the bottom-to-top upgrade rule. For example – Sophia is better than Raynard, Timmy is better than Sophia, and the list goes on in descending order.

4.) Get Artifacts

When you think the progress rate is slow, you should time travel and get the rubies. Use those rubies to unlock artifacts. In addition to this single hint, you should also consider the rubies amount. As stated before, the farther you go, the more rubies you get.

5.) Go AFK

Tap Adventure Hero is an Idle game – even if you don’t play it, the heroes will fight and bring the silver coins from the monsters. When you are stuck – spent all the silver coins on upgrades and still, the monsters crushing your team – then go away and claim Idle earnings after some time.

So these are the top basic Tap Adventure Hero tips & tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below!

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