Game Of Sultans: Consorts Hall, Consorts Titles, Room, Pearls

In case you don’t know how consorts hall and consorts titles mechanics work in Game Of Sultans, here’s Game Of Sultans Consort Hall guide: Keys, Consort Teaching Rooms and more

It’s been a while we shared the complete guide on this game. In the last update(a while ago), the game introduced a new consort hall, consort titles system. We forgot to cover it. Thankfully we have got some time and here it is, check out our complete Game Of Sultans Consort Hall Guide: How to get keys? How to kick out consorts in the teaching room. And how to protect your own. Additionally, how to use elegance gems/pearls, increase skill star, and boost up the viziers.

Get Started – Consorts Title

Game Of Sultans Consort TitlesConsort Titles update is easy to understand. It lets you promote your consort to different promotion levels or you can say it consort titles. You start from Maid title and it goes up to Empress. The two basics requirements are intimacy and charm. When the consort has enough intimacy and charm points, you will be able to promote it and the promoted consort will gain the consort title.

What’s the benefit? It will impact heirs(consort harmony effect). You can read the heirs guide here.

Here’s the process: – Go to harem -> Consort Titles -> On that screen, scroll down to bottom and expand the maid title -> this will show you the list of consorts you have. Tap the crown button -> promote. Note: Make sure the consort have enough intimacy, charm points. You can check these points in the consort’s profile page.

Consort Hall -> Teach The Consorts In Rooms; Painting Room, Imperial, Music

From this feature, the player can earn elegance gems(pearls in Game Of Sultans used in increasing the skill’s star level). This in-game item is used to increase the star level of consort’s skill. There are two ways to access this feature – create your own room using a key or, kick out other players’ consort in existing rooms. Let’s learn step-by-step:

Go to harem -> consort hall -> On that screen, you will see rooms(created by other players). And at the bottom, there is an option: Enable.

Tap the enable button -> on the next screen, you have three options: Painting Room, Imperial Academy Room, Music Hall. Tap the start button to create a room and set your Consort on learning. It lasts long for two hours and after it, you get elegance gems/pearls.

Now, you may have one question: How to get keys?

Game Of Sultans Consort Hall KeyThere are two ways to get keys: From special packs(real money), redeem tokens in feast store. You can read the feast guide here. Here’s a brief explanation:

Attend or Host feast in the feast menu to earn feast tokens. Spend tokens in the token store(in feast menu/screen).

Note: There is no guarantee that there would be a key offer. Why? Because Feast Store’s deals update every certain amount of time. You can refresh it using gems or wait until it refreshed automatically. We have got painting room key many times but never got the music hall or academy room key. It seems to be it can be obtained only from special packs. Hope you will get it.

I Have No Key!

If you have no key, you can still earn elegance gems. How? By kicking out the consorts of other players. Go to consort hall menu -> tap on a room(glowing one) -> on the next screen, you will see other players’ consort learning painting or music or reading. Tap a consort(attending ones) to take its seat.

You will take its seat if your consort has more intimacy/charm points. When you tap the enemy consort, you can select one of your consorts(one out of all) -> select the best one. Here comes the role of the protective badge.

The protective badge can also be obtained from the feast store. If you are attending or learning in a room anyone with high-rank consort can kick out you. If you want to protect it, you can use the protective badge. And one can not steal the seat of consort under protection.

Note – Protective badge can only be used by the player who opened the room. And, Expel badge also. Expel badge is used to kick out consorts learning in the room.

After Learning In Consort Hall

Once the learning is finished, you will get elegance gems. If you don’t know how to use it, here’s the complete guide: –

Game Of Sultans Consort HallGo to consorts menu -> tap on a consort(to increase its star level, skill) -> tap the skill button -> on the next screen, in the skill section, tap the skill icon(round shaped) -> ascending. This will give you an additional bonus. If you have not read our consorts and heirs guide and don’t know what type of bonus they provide you, you can read the bonus effect guide here. Also, see – Complete guide, Viziers, full list of consorts and how to get them, tips

So that’s all about Game Of Sultans Consort Hall and Consort Titles update.

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12 thoughts on “Game Of Sultans: Consorts Hall, Consorts Titles, Room, Pearls”

    • In paint room there’s a crown on the table in front of other people’s consort. A different crown is given at each level. Only other way I know of is asking the person that the consort belongs too. If you are wondering how to find the level of your own consorts, you go to Harem, then go to Consort Tiles.

    • If you go into a paint room that is started by someone in your union, people are not supposed to kick you out. The only other way is to get your consort stronger, or join a protected room.

  1. You say the taking of other seats from other player’s consorts is based on your consorts Intimacy/charm. Do you mean the total of both of this, or is it, say, the amount of intimacy you have verses the other player’s intimacy?

  2. What do the pearls do? The information on here isn’t accurate. I think there was an update or something. Tapping the skill button uses the consorts exp, not the pearls.

    • @Neko You have to tap the skill icon and then hit ascend button. Go to consorts menu (harem)-> select a consort -> skill -> tap the skill icon -> ascend.

  3. Inaccurate information. The protection and expel badges can only be used by the person that opened the room. You can take a seat from any consort lower than your own.

    • If you are attending or learning in consort hall rooms, you can use it to protect the consort. The reason is the player with the high-rank consorts(title) can knock out low-rank consorts. If you don’t want to lose the seat, then protective badge can help you.