Priconne Guide: Princess Connect Re Dive Guide For Beginners

Started playing Priconne Global A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive? Read on for the Priconne guide and tips for beginners. 

Priconne Guide & Tips – Princess Connect Re Dive Guide & Tips For Beginners⇓

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In this Priconne guide A.K.A. Princess Connect Re Dive guide and tips, you will learn how to play the game, tips on progress, battle tips, team building, and other aspects such as getting stronger, farming gears, and currency, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and check out the Priconne guide and tips for beginners: –

Priconne Battle Guide: Physical vs Magical!

Characters, as well as enemies in the Priconne game, inflict two types of damage; physical and magical. Physical type units inflict physical damage while magical type units inflict magical damage. Also, the units possess physical and magical defense. To check whether the character belongs to PHY or Magical, go to the character tab of the game, select a character and then tap its icon in the lower-left corner -> this will open the character details screen where you can check its status/stats such as HP, PHY ATK, Magic ATK, Magic DEF, etc. 

For instance; Yui is a Magic type character, Kokkoro is a physical type character. To check whether the monster belongs to PHY or Magical type, tap on the quest stage -> tap and hold down on the monster icon. 

  • It’s usually a good idea(not compulsory) to build a PHY character team against the bosses/enemies that inflict PHY DMG. And, a magic team against the bosses/enemies that inflict magic DMG. NOTE: do not forget to add a top-tier healer or supporter in the team regardless of enemies’ DMG type as their only role is to support allies/heal allies

Priconne Guide & Tips: Beginner’s Progression Guide⇓

⭐ Start with the main quests(Quests -> Main Story Quests) and unlock new content. These quests reward gear blueprints, player EXP, and jewels(first-time clear). You can repeat these stages or use skip tickets for instant rewards. It costs stamina to play these stages; stamina recovers gradually.

⭐Save jewels and spend on gacha banners to get the characters; it costs 1.5K Jewels for x10 draws. The normal gacha grants gear items.

⭐GROTTO: Farm Character EXP and Mana by playing EXP and Mana quests. You can use character EXP to level up the characters. And, mana to developer characters.

⭐DUNGEON: Farm equipment and Dungeon coins. You can use the dungeon coins in the dungeon shop.

⭐BATTLE ARENA: Farm Arena coins and earn jewels based on the ranking. The higher the rankings, the better the reward.

⭐PRINCESS ARENA: Farm Arena coins and earn jewels based on the ranking. The higher the rankings, the better the reward.

Princess Connect Guide: Characters & Characters Development Guide⇓

⭐How to get characters: You can obtain the characters from the premium gacha or by acquiring their memory shards. A variety of shops like the dungeon shop features memory shards of characters.

⭐Enhancing Characters: Optimizing the characters raises the character’s level, enhance their skills, and max out their equipment. It would cost EXP, Mana, and Equipment to Optimize the character.

Star Up: By ascending the character, you can raise its star level. It costs memory shards and mana to ascend the character.

Enhance Skills: You can enhance a character’s skills with mana. The enhancement level cap is restricted to the character level. Rank Up the character to unlock new skills.

Bond Level: Increase the bond level to unlock character and guild stories.

Equipment: Equip gears to the character to raise their power. You can farm equipment from the main quest mode or obtain it from the normal gacha, dungeon, etc. RANK UP the character by equipping all gears. Do not waste resources in refining useless gears. 

Priconne Guide & Tips: Beginner’s Progression Guide⇓

⭐Complete the missions to earn player EXP, Jewels, EXP Potions, Refinement Crystals.

⭐Visit GUILDSHOUSE and place characters and furniture to get free items like skip tickets, mana, etc. Give characters gift items to raise their bond level.

⭐Join a clan to access clan battle mode – also, you get to request gear items in the clan.


  • Normal Shop – buy items with mana
  • Dungeon Shop – buy items with dungeon coins. You can earn dungeon coins from the dungeon mode
  • Arena Shop – buy items with arena coins. Farm arena coins in the arena modes
  • Princess Arena Shop – buy items with princess arena coins. Farm princess arena coins in the princess arena mode
  • Clan Shop – buy items with clan coins. Farm flan coins by participating in clan activities
  • Divine Amulet Shop – buy items with divine amulets.
  • Bonus Shop – buy equipment with mana

Princess Connect Guide & Tips: Characters & Characters Development Guide⇓

⭐Characters: Characters have different-different skills; Union Burst Skill, EX Skill. EX Skills are activated at the start of the combat.

⭐Roles: Damage dealers, healers, and tanky. Check out their positions and skills to identify their strengths. Build a team featuring tanky units that soak damage in front, damage dealers to inflict AoE PHY/Magic ATK DMG, Healers, or Buffers to heal allies and boost allies’ PHY/Magic ATK.

⭐Memory Shards:

  • Memory shards would be consumed in the character’s ascension.
  • Divine Amulet Shop features character memory shards
  • Arena Shop & P. Arena Shop features memory shards

⭐Do not develop all the units. Focus on the best ones; check the Princess Connect tier list above for more details. 

So this would be all in this post on Priconne guide and tips for beginners. Got any tips? Comment below. 

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