University Empire Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

University Empire Tycoon is a mobile game by Codigames. Read on for University Empire Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners!

University Empire Tycoon

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University Empire Tycoon Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

In this University Empire Tycoon guide, you will learn how to increase earnings, tips on progressions, or expansion of the university, and other aspects such as competitions, teachers, graduates, students, researches, currencies, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: University Empire Tycoon cheats and guide for beginners: –

Tips To Increase Income In University Empire Tycoon⇓

University Empire Tycoon

(1) Tuitions: The two main sources of income in this game are “grants” and “tuitions”. Out of these two, “tuition” is the most important one. You can increase the tuition income by constructing more facilities on the university campus, improving the facilities that have been built already(canteen and class buildings). 

Tap the menu button on the top-right side of the screen -> go to the statistics tab -> there you will see the hourly income and wages. And, on the same page, you will see the faculties that you have constructed so far; tuition income from each faculty, learning limit, and seats. 

(2) Income Multiplier: By watching the video ad, you can activate the income multiplier that increases the earnings by 50%. It lasts for x10 minutes. 

(3) Researches: Economy types researches boost the earnings. Tap the flask icon in the top-right corner to open the research menu. It has three tabs at the bottom; studies, economy, and employees. Navigate to the economy tab and you will find a lot of researches that increase the earnings. 

Guide To Progression In University Empire Tycoon⇓

(1) Faculties: When you start playing the University Empire Tycoon game, you have only one “faculty” called “Philosophy”. By building more faculties that provide different courses, you can provide a variety of courses to the students. For instance, Philosophy is a humanities career, Maths for Science, Fine Arts is an art career, then social sciences(Economics). 

(2) Research To Unlock New Careers: To unlock new careers in University Empire Tycoon, you will need to complete the researches. For example; after researching Science Education, you will be able to construct another building on the university campus where students can learn Maths. And, by researching art education, you will be able to construct another building on the university campus where students can learn Fine Arts. Research Social Sciences Eductaion to unlock Economics career. 

Navigate to the research menu of the game by tapping the flask icon in the upper-right -> researches -> studies -> spend bucks and research. Once the research is done, you will see a + symbol around the university campus; tap it and build the facility. The math building is on the right side of Philosophy faculty(right in front of canteen building), Fine Arts building/faculty is on the left side of the university faculty, and next to it, you can build Economics faculty. 

(3) Upgrade Canteen & Gym: Gym and Canteen are the two other buildings around the university campus that you must improve to advance in University Empire Tycoon. The canteen is where students eat(check the schedule by tapping the schedule banner in the upper-left). Tap the canteen building to check what you can improve; canteen level, canteen table, food spot, stoves, and fridge. 

The gym is where students exercise and gain motivation. Tap the Gym building to check what you can improve; gym level, bodybuilding machine, stationary bicycle, treadmill, CrossFit spot. By improving the gym and canteen level, you can increase the max cap of its facilities. 

(4) Participate in competitions: every now and then, new competitions are available. Assign graduates with the highest stats based on the competition type(check the symbol) and earn more bucks. For instance, assign graduates with high humanities score for the humanities contest. The higher the stats, the higher rank they get. 

University Empire Tycoon

Guide To University Empire Tycoon Items & Currencies⇓

(1) Green Bucks aka Cash: earn by completing the quests or through grants and tuitions. Unlock new careers, build their faculties, improve faculties, and increase tuition earnings. 

(2) Gems: Earn by completing the quests. You can use gems to get the teachers; best teachers. Navigate to the shop -> teacher tab/headhunter/cards -> there you can spend gems on the advanced or top or basic pack. The advanced back features the best teachers. 

(3) Tokens – In University Empire Tycoon, you earn tokens when you fire the teachers obtained from the packs. Let’s say you open the advanced pack, the game will ask you to keep the teacher or fire him/her -> if you fire the teacher, you will get the token. You can then use those tokens to get premium tier teachers. It costs X80 tokens to get the most exceptional teachers. 

(4) Energy: Consumes in the canteen and other buildings. Tap the + button next to the energy status bar at the top of the screen -> spend the bucks to improve the energy limit. 

(5) Stars aka Prestige Points: as you improve the faculties, the stars or prestige points will increase. These points affect the teacher hiring. 

Guide To Teachers In University Empire Tycoon⇓

University Empire Tycoon

(1) Negotiating With Teachers: Tap the teacher/character icon in the lower-right to open the hire menu -> use the (-) and (+) button to negotiate salary. 

(2) Staff: Navigate to the Staff tab in the teacher/character menu of the game to check the list of all teachers that you have got. Tap on a teacher’s card to check his/her stats or fire him/her. 

(3) Assign Teacher Wisely: First, check the teacher’s attributes; each teacher/character has five attributes; science, arts, philosophy, sports, and social science. You need to assign teachers based on their strengths; check the highest attribute points that that teacher has; let’s say it’s philosophy. Then assign that teacher to philosophy building. 

How To Increase Student Capacity In University Empire Tycoon?

Build more faculties and then add desks. This way you can increase the seating capacity. In the upper-left corner, the game displays total capacity. 

Guide To Management In University Empire Tycoon⇓

University Empire Tycoon

Tap the menu button in the top-right to open the management tab, there you can set the cut off and academic difficulty. Cut Off Mark: if you set it higher, you will receive a low number of applications. 

Academic Difficulty: if you set it higher, students will gain more knowledge bonus but they will get tired faster. Navigate to the Student tab in the menu -> tap on a student card -> there you can find out the students’ status; tired, exhausted, active, etc. It’s better to set it at 30%~40%~50%. If you set it higher, students will get tired and you will start seeing red faces; sad faces, or angry faces. 

How To Maintain Students’ Stamina/Battery Level?

(1) Set academic difficulty lower. (2) Improve garden facilities. (3) Improve canteen facilities. (4) Improve gym facilities. 

University Empire Tycoon Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

University Empire Tycoon game does not support or take any cheat or cheat code input. 

So this would be all in this post on University Empire Tycoon cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Got new tips? Comment below. 

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