V4 Slayer Class Build: Skills & Overview

Is it a good idea to choose the Slayer class in V4 Global? Read on for V4 Slayer class build, skills & overview and get familiar with strength roles

V4 Slayer Build Skills GuideV4 Slayer Class Overview: –

V4 Global’s Slayer Class offers skills that do deadly damage to the enemies. Slayer Class uses sharp blades that chop and slash the enemies; proficient in close-ranged fights and inflicting a decent amount of damage to the enemies in all the V4 game modes; PvE, PvP. 

  • Type – Melee, Attacker. 
  • Strength; close-ranged. Great damage. High-attack speed. 
  • Suitable for the players who like close-range fights in MMORPGs 

Now, let’s check out all the skills offered by the Slayer class. 

Slayer Class Active Skills: –

Equippable skills: –

Driving Slash – erode the ground to slash the opponent with a sharp blade. AE(additional effects); increases skill speed. Charged toward the targets within a certain range to attack. 

Storm Slash – uses the blades to strike the opponent; pushes them back while attacking. AE; increases the skill attack and reduces the skill cooldown. 

Spiral Slash – strikes the opponent multiple times with razor-sharp blades. AE; increases the skill attack, critical hit rate. 

Spin Slash – spinning attack with the sharp blades on the opponent; spin and slash. AE; +skill speed, the stun effect. 

Horizontal Slash – imbue sword with energy and slashes the enemies. AE; decreases the number of attacks. Increases the skill’s fixed Crit Hit Rate. Charge towards targets within a certain range to attack. 

Heartpiercer – stabs the weakest point of the opponent and inflict attack damage. AE; DMG in a ranged area, reduce skill attack. Reduces skill CD. Increases the status effect resistance. 

Ground Smash – jumps and strikes on the ground for heavy strike and explosion; attack in a ranged area. AE; +Skill attack, inflict knockdown. Decreases the number of attacks to 1 + inflict damage to a single target + increase skill attack. 

Slash Weakpoint – Slayer slashes through an enemy’s weak point. AE; decreases the skill CD, decreases the number of attacks to 2 + increases skill attack. Chances of inflicting the Bleed effect. 

Tempest Slash  – Slayer slashes the closest enemy; inflict attack damage, inflict Stun. AE; decrease the skill CD, inflict Bleed, decrease the target’s DEF. 

Piercing Slash – attacks a single target x2 times(stabs the target before you). AE; + crit hit rate, inflicts Bleed, reduces the target’s ATK. 

Down Slash – reduces the target’s movement speed and attacks the single-target. 

Rending Slash – cuts an opponent with one stroke; attack a single target one time. 

Flare – slashes the enemy; attacks a single target one time(chances to apply stun effect). 

Roar of the Sword – Slayer plunges the sword into the ground; causing an explosion. Attacks a single target one time(chances to inflict knockdown). AE; decreases target’s attack speed, skill CD. Increases skill’s CRIT HIT Rate. 

V4 Slayer Class Chainable Skills: –

Wild hunt – DMG on single target x3 times and leaves a mark upon the final strike. AE; increases movement Speed, increases skill ATK

Tempest Strike – Slayer unleashes a whirlwind of swordplay to attack a target x7 times; leaves a mark on the enemy. 

Canyon Squall – slashes the opponent multiple time and leaves a mark. 

Mountain Clever – attack in a ranged field area x2 times + leaves a mark upon the final strike. 

Blue Claws – it activates on a target with “mark”. Effect – cut down the enemy with the slash after the slash(single target; attack x9 times). 

Bladed Tempest – it activates on a target with “mark”. Effect; stagger the opponent with back-to-back strikes(attacks on a single target; x6 times) + increases attack. 

V4 Slayer Unique Skill: –

Shoulder Skill – it activates upon unlocking a skill. Effect; penetrates the opponent’s front line while invading single-target attack damage; x1 time. 

V4 Slayer Build & Best Skills: –

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So this would be all in this article on V4 Slayer build, skills, and overview. 

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