Citampi Stories guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Citampi Stories game? Understand all of its core concepts with this Citampi Stories guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies

Citampi Stories guide tips cheats walkthroughCitampi Stories guide, tips, and cheats: – 

In this article, you will learn “how to play Citampi Stories”, pay the full loan(RP) to avoid getting married to loan shark’s daughter, about the NPCs and other things such as walkthrough to all the areas, tips to earn RP, stats such as intelligence, luck, and more. So, let’s get straight to the Citampi Stories guide and tips: – 

Getting Started With The Basics

In Citampi Stories, you help your parents by paying off their debt to the loan shark. If they fail to pay off the debt, you will have to marry Loan Shark’s daughter. The game starts with a cutscene where you are having an argument with the parents. After having an argument with the parents at the start of the game, you will move to the city of Citampi and live in the storeroom. Once you are moved there, you will have to apply for the jobs to make money(RP) so that you can pay off the debt.  

The goal is to pay off the debt within 10 weeks. Every week, you will have to send a certain amount of RP to the parents. The game will be over if you fail to send this specific amount of money to the parents. This Citampi Stories guide will teach you everything!

Walkthrough To The City Of Citampi 

The City of Citampi, where you move to at the start, has four locations; area 1, area 2, area 3, and area 4. You live in the storeroom, which is in area 1. In all these locations, you will find NPCs, shops, houses, fishing spots, buildings, and job boards. Here’s a quick guide to all the locations in Citampi Stories game: – 

Area 1: –

  • Storeroom – the place where you live
  • Tatang’s shop – buy items; gift, tickets, marriage ring, etc. 
  • Job Board – x12 jobs are available in area 1. Read the job guide here. 
  • Laundry 
  • Fishing Spot

Area 2: – 

  • Gas Station
  • Urban Street Wear – the place where you can buy clothes in Citampi Stories
  • Madam Lela’s House – you can rent it for x200 RP every week
  • Smallmart – the place where you can buy food items with RP and consume them for energy
  • Clinic – the place where you can buy meds and consume for energy

Area 4: – 

  • Fishing Spot – Bike Shop – the place where you buy a bike or bicycle in Citampi Stories
  • Clothing Store – closed
  • Cinema Hall
  • Job Board – x13 jobs are available in area 4
  • Azan Restaurant – the place where you can interact with NPCs and buy food items
  • Mrs. Tuti’s House – you can rent it for x500 every week
  • Joy Steak – food stop
  • Lou Terry House of Style

Area 3: –

  • Net Cafe – Arpat Firman works here. You can use the computers in this cafe and gain intelligence points
  • Job board – x6 jobs are available in area 3
  • Burger Shop 
  • Masjid 
  • Fishing Spot
  • Nopandi’s House – you can buy the house for 10000 RP 
  • 7 Seven – groceries
  • Idea Furniture – Furniture items
  • Gym – do weight lifting here to gain strength points
  • Civil Office

Certain shops are closed on certain days. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower-right corner of the screen -> open the calendar app -> there you can check week progress, current day, shop info, events, etc. 

Guide To NPCs In Citampi Stories

There are lots of NPCs in the Citampi Stories game. The first tip here is to interact with all of them daily and gain communication points to start building friendships or relationships. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower-right corner -> open the “C” Citampers app. This app lists the NPCs with whom you have interacted so far. Tap on the NPC and you will see the relationship status. As you continue to interact with NPCs, the relationship bar’s gauge will increase and you will gain a heart + gifts from the NPCs. 

Tips To Improve Relationship With NPCs

There are several ways to improve the relationship with NPCs in the Citampi Stories game: – 

  • Help them by completing their quest
  • Interact with them daily
  • Give gift items to them daily(drag the gift item from your inventory to the NPC). Don’t gift if you are still in debt

Get Quests From The NPCs

Interacting with NPCs regularly increases the chances of getting a quest. Go close to an NPC -> tap the (?) symbol -> help -> say yes to accept the quest. You can check the quest in the messaging app. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower-right corner -> SMS app -. there you will find quests given by the NPC. For example – the first quest you can get from Madam Lela by interacting with her. She will ask you to work as Net Cafe Guy in area 2. After working, go back to her again and tap the help option to confirm that the quest has been completed. Completing the NPCs quest give improves your relationship with them.  If you don’t get the help option, then find another NPC. Citampi Stories guide tips cheats walkthrough

Finding NPCs In Citampi Stories

NPCs change their locations from time to time. The best way to find NPCs in the Citampi Stories game is by using the Citampers app. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower-right corner -> open the “C” citampers app -> tap on the NPC to open his/her profile -> under his/her name, you will see the location. For example – area 1, area 2, area 3, joy steak, urban street wear, etc. 

Or, you can call the NPCs. Tap on the smartphone icon -> phone app -> call NPC -> if you have interacted with them earlier or have enough relationship points with them, they will tell the place where they are right now. Rejected call means you have not built a great relationship with them. Interact with NPCs, give them gifts, and raise relationship. Citampi Stories guide tips cheats walkthrough

Giving Gifts To The NPCs

You can buy the gift items from Tatang’s shop – in area 1. He sells flowers, perfume, dill, watch necklace, cosmetics, the woman’s magazine, shoes, wedding ring, etc. Go to the area 1 -> tap on Tatang’s shop -> buy items with RP. We don’t recommend spending RP on these items if you have not paid the debt yet. Once you have bought the item, you will see it in the bottom-inventory boxes. Drag it from the inventory and drop over the NPC to give the gifts. You can give x1 gift item to a particular NPC – every day. 

Tips To Earn RP In Citampi Stories

RP is the basic in-game currency in the Citampi Stories game. You will need RP to send the loan payment to the parents, to buy items, bike, etc. Here are some tips to earn RP in the Citampi Stories game: – 

  • Get a high-paying job 
  • Do fishing and sell fish to Tatang. You can read the fishing guide here.
  • Pick garbage to get items and sell them for RP

Getting Jobs In Citampi Stories Game

In area 1, area 3, and area 4, you can find the job board. Tap on it to see the job vacancies. Some low-paying jobs such as hawker, school guard keeper, net cafe guy, etc. are available from the start and require no experience. For high paying jobs, you will need to improve the stats and get corresponding clothes. You can read the Citampi Stories jobs guide here

Tips To Raise The Character’s Stats

Your character has four stats; communication, strength, intelligence, and luck. Communication, Strength, and Intelligence are the three main stats that must be improved if you want a high-paying job. 

Luck is among the top stats in Citampi Stories game. By raising the luck stats, you have higher chances of obtaining quality items like glue, coins, from the garbage bags/cans/boxes, rare fish by fishing. Here are some tips to improve the Luck, Communication, Strength, and Intelligence stats in Citampi Stories: – 

  • Communication – Interact with all the NPCs every day. In the storeroom, use the mirror to gain communication. 
  • Strength – Go to the gym in area 3 and do weightlifting to gain strength points. Do exercise in the storeroom. 
  • Intelligence – Study in the storeroom to gain. Visit Net Cafe and use a computer to gain intelligence points.
  • Luck – pick garbage, do fishing to gain luck points

When you have enough points, the stat’s level will increase. Tap the smartphone icon in the lower-right corner -> tap on the character app(between heart and C icon). For example – you can increase luck stat level from 0 to level 1 by grinding x25 luck points. 

Picking Garbage And Getting Items In Citampi Stories

To pick the garbage items from the streets, you will need “glove”. Glove item is given by Tatang when you have got a heart from him. You will need x10 relationship points to get a heart from him. Each interaction with him gives you 1 relationship point. Give him gifts to quickly improve your relationship with him. Once you have got a heart, a cutscene will start where you will get the glove. Once you have got the glove, look for the shining objects in all areas. Based on the luck, you will get the items. 

Energy In Citampi Stories

Energy is required for every action; for the job, gym, exercise, fishing, etc. You can consume food items to replenish energy. Go to smallmart or 7 seven to buy food items. Drag the food item from the bottom-inventory to the character on the screen to consume. Or, go to the storeroom -> sleep -> replenish energy and proceed to the next day. 

Tips & Tricks To Pay Off Debt In Citampi Stories

Here is a quick strategy for beginners – right after you move to the city of Citampi: – 

  • Do not spend RP on any gift items in the start
  • Get a job (low-pay scale jobs are available from the start)
  • Interact with all the NPCs in all areas – daily
  • Save RP and get clothes from urban streetwear shop and get a high paying job. For example – Flannel Shirt to work as lunch guy, temp teacher – 15 RP/hour. Only buy it once you meet the stats requirement
  • Raise the intelligence and strength stats quickly by going to the gym or net cafe. Get a high paying job as soon as possible. 
  • Avoid gifting items to NPCs at the start.

Guide To The Smartphone App

Tap the smartphone app in the lower-right corner -> 

  • Phone – call NPCs to get their locations
  • Calendar – check shops’ info, the date when you have to pay the loan, current day, etc. 
  • Gallery – moments with NPCs are stored here.
  • SMS – quests’ info
  • Online Transport – auto-travel instantly. You can visit home instantly with this app. With premium, all locations can be visited instantly
  • Map – check the area and the NPCs there
  • C Citampers – profile of all NPCs, their relationship with you, hints, locations, etc.
  • Character – check the character stats here
  • Dating app – relationship status; single, married, pregnant
  • Shop – IAPs
  • Bulb/Hint – tutorial
  • Setting – game settings

Also, see – 

So that’s all we got in this post on Citampi Stories guide and tips for beginners. Once you pay off the debt, start dating a girl in the city of Citampi, ask her out, and then propose her -> marry her -> get her pregnant and have kids. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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