Call Me Emperor Consort Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Consorts

This is a beginner-friendly Call Me Emperor Consort Guide that explains everything that you need to know about the consorts.Call Me Emperor Consort

So what’s the role of a consort in Call Me Emperor game? How a consort influence the power of ministers or the lord? And there are so many questions that the game does not tell you and there are many players who are struggling to figure out the consort system. In this post, we have shared a detailed Call Me Emperor Consort guide for beginners. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Call Me Emperor Consorts: –

The consorts in the Call Me Emperor game play an influential role. Their stats affect the minsters and Descendant. Since ministers and Descendants also play a vital role in the kingdom growth, we can say that the consorts’ stat affects national power indirectly. If you raise the consorts’ stats, you will indirectly increase the minister’s power, descendant’s attribute – collectively, the national power. Let’s learn everything in detail – step-by-step!

How To Get Consorts In Call Me Emperor Game?

To get consorts, the lord needs to marry her. And there are many ways to marry consorts in Call Me Emperor; Cruise Visit, increase VIP level, sign-in for 7 consecutive days, as a Banquet gift, recruit event, and from Palace Cuju. For example – visit the Cruise and you may come across a consort – depending on the luck, she may ask you to marry. Let’s check out the list of consorts and the way to marry her.

List of Consorts: –

  1. Dongzhu – Cruise
  2. Xianrui – Cruise
  3. Sisi – Cruise
  4. Mayra – Cruise
  5. Zhen Huan – Cruise
  6. Hanyan – Cruise
  7. Dong Xiaowan – Cruise
  8. Ruoxi – Cruise
  9. Wanning – Cruise
  10. Diaochan Reach VIP Level 2
  11. Oichi – Reach VIP Level 4
  12. Yang Guifei – Reach VIP Level 6
  13. Carmen – Sign-In for 7 days
  14. Xi Shi – Reach VIP Level 8
  15. Zhao Feiyan – Banquet Gift
  16. Feng Xiaolian – Banquet Gift
  17. Xu Xiaoxiao – Banquet Gift
  18. Yunjin – Recruit Event
  19. Xiao Qiao – Recruit Event
  20. Cleopatra – Recruit Event
  21. Josephine – Recruit Event
  22. Daphne – Recruit Event
  23. Guinevere – Recruit Event
  24. Ami – Recruit Event
  25. Ruoqiu – Palace Cuju
  26. Qingwen – Palace Cuju
  27. Yuan-Yuan Chen – Palace Cuju

So these are the consorts featured in Call Me Emperor. Now, let’s learn how do these consorts affect the ministers, descendant and other things.

Influence Minister: –

All the consorts in the game influence specific ministers. When the player increases the consort stats, then the ministers influenced by her will automatically see a stat boost. For example – the first consort that you get in the game is Fangyi, who influences two ministers; Lanling and Sonin. To check this, you have to go to the palace in Haram. There you select the consort profile -> tap the check button. Call Me Emperor Consort

This will take you to the influence minister screen where you can check the ministers influenced by the selected consort. If you spend the influence points(tap the + button next to the effect name to spend the influence points). Also, read the effect details; the Military(Mil) will increase the minister’s Military attribute. Politics(Pol) increases the minister’s Politics attribute, and so on. Increase these attributes to levy more tax, troop, food, tael.Call Me Emperor Consort

You can learn more about these attributes in the Yongh Palace section of this guide: –

You can unlock new effects by raising the intimacy level. And, grind influence points by visiting/summoning the consort.

Consort’s Intimacy, Intimacy Level, And Descendants

As we mentioned above that the consort affects Descendants. In this part, you will learn how does it work. When you summon the consort(harem -> tap the consort button in the bottom-right corner -> random summon), you may or may not get Descendant. The descendants have specialties; Com, Mil, Pol, etc. So they impact national power. The attributes of the Descendants are impacted by the intimacy level of the consort. If the consort’s intimacy level is high, the Descendant will have more stats(the stats increased by Education would be higher).

Call Me Emperor Consort – Raising The Intimacy Level

To raise the consort’s intimacy level, the player needs to grant her intimacy EXP. Intimacy EXP can granted by giving her gifts or favoring her with gold. Gifts can be obtained from the shop in exchange for gold. For example – Gold Headwea grants intimacy EXP. Also, you can obtain these gift items from Cruise, limited-time rewards. Call Me Emperor Consort Gifts

Tap the favor button on the consort’s profile to grant more intimacy EXP. Above these two EXP, keep an eye on the intimacy bar; it displays the amount of intimacy EXP required to reach the next level. Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on Call Me Emperor Consorts.

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