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World War Rising is a brand new MMORTS game for mobile by Mobile War LLC. Check out our World War Rising guide, tips, cheats & strategy

World War Rising is the latest MMORTS game on mobile, published by Mobile War LLC, In this game, the players from all over the world build their base on the region map and loot each other resources to develop their own base. You will train the troops, vehicles, and raid on the enemy base, occupy the resources from the map, upgrade the buildings, and increase your hero’s power. Its mechanics are similar to other MMORTS games. If you are playing this type of game for the first time or have no idea about how things work, then our World War Rising guide and World War Rising tips, cheats & strategies will help you.

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World War RisingLet’s learn the basics first before diving into the tips, cheats & strategy guide part. The core of the game is resources, upgrading, building, looting, and defense. The main resources in World War Rising game are stone, wood, metal, food, and energy. You need these resources to train the troops, vehicles in training grounds, in upgrading/building, researching. The player produces these resources in the farm, lumber mill, mine, quarry.

But after playing the game for 1 hour or 2-hours, you will be out of these resources. And these production centers(farm, lumber mills, quarry, mine) produce the resources very slow. After that, the game will force you to spend gold and get the resources instantly. If you have patience, then don’t do that.

First, train as many troops as you can with the available resources. You don’t need to be in the game. After setting up the training queue, close the game and come back later and train the troops again.

Once you have enough, send these troops to gather the resources on the region map. Since production centers produce these resources slow, it is the only way to fill up the warehouse. You can also attack the enemy base on the region map and loot the resources.

After filling up the warehouse or collecting the resources, complete the missions. In most of the missions, you upgrade the buildings. Upgrading will cost you resources. That’s why you should collect the resources from the map first and the spend in upgrades.

You can use speed-ups to upgrade the buildings fast. Let’s learn step-by-step.


The command center is the main building on your base. There you can check the overview of the base; the total number of troops, number of resources, and the level(all at one place). Additionally, you can not upgrade other buildings beyond its level. For example; Your command center is at level 10. Then you can not upgrade other buildings to level 11.

Other main buildings in World War Rising game are: –

  1. Training Grounds – Train the troops here
  2. Hospital – Heal injured troops
  3. Armory – Manufacture items for the hero
  4. Trading Post – Transfer or send the resources to alliance members
  5. War Room – For group attack/rally attack
  6. Research Center – Research buffs
  7. Radar Station – Notifies the player about incoming reinforcement, attack
  8. Missile Silo – Targets syndicates, enemy bases, resources tiles, water tiles, outposts, the alliance member bases(read the missile guide below)
  9. Embassy – Send reinforcement

Building and upgrading increase your power.


In training grounds, the player can train a wide range of units for the defense, attack, gathering the resources. Upgrade the training grounds facility to unlock high-level units. Additionally, to unlock high-level units, you must research in the research center. Go to the research facility -> choose combat -> there you can unlock high-level units.

In training grounds, select the unit you want to train -> use the seek bar to select numbers and hit the train button. Now, training mechanics are co-related to the barracks.

Upgrade the barracks to increase troop training capacity(train more troops at a time in the training grounds).


In World War Rising game, you can loot a huge amount of the resources by attacking the enemy base. First, go to the region map(tap the view button at the bottom-left corner of the main screen) > tap on an enemy base -> check the power. If your power is high(total number of troops you can send for the attack), then you will surely get the victory. First, choose to scout. By scouting, you can get the enemy’s base’s information; the number of resources. If the loot is good, then go for the attack. You get the scouting report in the mail menu -> reports tab.


An enemy can attack your territory anytime. Your radar station alerts you about the incoming attacks. So you must be prepared for the war! Now the question is how to increase the defense? There are a number of ways to defend the base and strike down the enemy. If the enemy gets successful, you will lose the resources and troops. So victory is the must. Increase defense of the base -> by upgrading the wall, training the troops(train regularly), leveling up hero, building traps, upgrading warehouse, and researching defense buffs in the research center. By researching the wall traps, you can plant traps for the enemies and increase defense power.


In World War Rising game, the hero’s level and power matter a lot. By increasing the hero level, you can send more troops to the attack, to gather the resources. How to increase the hero level? You need hero XP. How to obtain? A hero gains XP by completing the missions, killing the enemy troops on the region map, from events, and by battling against Syndicates. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right corner, tap the more option -> hero -> there you can check the hero XP bar. As you gain more XP, the gauge will increase and at a certain point, the hero’s level will rise up. You can use hero XP item to level up fast. Tap the + button next to level up bar and use. You can obtain it using loyalty points. Loyalty points can be earned by participating in the alliance activities.

You earn skill points when the hero’s level goes up. Tap the skill button -> there you can spend these skill points to activate buffs.

In the armory, you can manufacture items for the hero. Go to hero profile screen -> on the top-left, tap the empty equipment slot -> choose an equipment -> equip.


World War RisingThe unique feature in World War Rising game is you can attack the enemy base with missiles, obtain items from supply drones, and there are many more things you can do using the missiles. Let’s get started.

On your base, tap the missile silo facility. On that screen, at the top, choose a type; Supply Drone, Syndicate Attack, Resource Destroyer, Troop Attack.

Supply Drone – To obtain resources. After tapping the supply drone, select the resources you want to obtain. You can also research more things. After selecting the resource, select the target -> your own base(only for supply drone). After it, wait a certain amount of time and launch. This action will grant you free resources.

World War RisingSyndicate Attack – To attack syndicate on the map. After tapping this option, select the missile(you can unlock high-level missile by researching) -> select the target -> Syndicate.

Resources Destroyer – This missile can destroy the resources available on the map. Select this option -> select the missile(wood destroyer, food destroyer or more) -> select target -> resource tile -> launch.

Troop Attack – You can use this missile to attack the enemy base. Tap it -> choose the missile by level -> select the target (enemy base) -> launch. Depending on the missile level, you will deal damage to the enemy base.

This is one of the best features in World War Rising game.


Note – Well, it’s not too easy to reach 50K power milestone within two weeks if you are an f2p player. If you will spend the money, you will definitely reach this target within two weeks. Let’s learn how to increase power in World War Rising game. There are five ways to increase power: –

  • Troop
  • Wall Defense
  • Building
  • Research
  • Hero

On the main screen of the game, tap the power button, scroll down, under the power section, you will see all above-mentioned points. The total power of your base can be increased by training troops, setting up traps at wall, building and upgrading the facilities, researching in the research center, and by increasing the hero power.

Troop Training -> Upgrade the training grounds and train high-level troops. Wall Defense – Tap the wall -> set up the traps for the enemies; turrets, barbed wire, land mine, and more. Building and Upgrading -> You know it. Research -> Research in the facility; economics, combat, defense, hero, and missiles. Hero – Read the hero guide above for more info.

In all these tasks, you will need thousands of resources. To increase production or get resources: –

  • Build a trading center and get assistance from the alliance members
  • Go to the map -> find lumber mills, mine shaft, farm resource points to gather the resources
  • Complete missions

If you follow the above points, you might reach the 50K Power in World War Rising game within two weeks.

So this is the World War Rising guide for the beginners. Let’s read our top World War Rising tips, cheats & strategies. 

World War Rising Tips & Tricks

1.) Increase The Base Power, Defense, Upgrade The Warehouse

Your base is located on the region map, surrounded by many enemies. Anyone on the map can attack your base. And it is obvious that you will lose if the enemy’s power is more than your base’s power. So it would be better to focus on the base power, defense, and upgrades. To increase the power/defense, we would recommend you to train as many troops as you can. Always keep the troops on training.

Additionally, upgrading the command center, hero’s level also increases the power. To improve the defense, upgrade the wall, build traps, and research in the research facility.

To protect the resources from the enemies, upgrade the warehouse. Warehouse protects the wood, metal, stone, food from the enemy.

2.) Participate In The Events For Free Rewards

You can earn speed-ups, material crates, fuel, loyalty points, combat sim ammo, and many more items by participating in the events. Go to the event menu -> tap on an ongoing event to check the event missions. Complete these missions to earn points. The event lasts long for a certain amount of time. At the end of the event, depending on the points, you get the reward.

3.) Complete Hero Missions To Level Up Fast

Completing the hero missions grant a huge amount of XP to the hero and helps you in leveling up fast. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom, tap the missions tab. Hit the start button to start the missions. After it, you may get juicy rewards.

4.) Send The Troops To Resource Tiles

Head to the region man and look for the resource tiles; farm, mine shaft, lumber mill, and more(unoccupied). You can collect a handsome amount of the resources from these resource points. Especially when you need a huge amount of resources, you should depend on these resource points rather than production center.

5.) Use Missiles Often

  • Use the supply drone to get resources.
  • Attack syndicates using syndicate missile.
  • Before you attack the enemy base, deal damage using the troop attack missile.
  • Research high-level missiles for additional benefits.

6.) Always Keep The Research Center Busy

You can boost the production of resources, improve the troop attack, increase the defense, and there are many buffs you can activate in the research facility. So pay close attention to it and always keep it busy.

7.) Join An Active Alliance

In World War Rising game, you should join an active alliance to get special benefits. You can use rally attack feature, earn loyalty points, trade with the alliance members, and get help from them.

At last, don’t forget to claim the free crate every few minutes(above the mission option, at the bottom of the screen) and playing mini-games.

So these are our top World War Rising tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. Also, see – Top best MMORTS games for Android

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  1. You will need the t2, to upgrade buildings, train troops. It will let you know when it’s needed.
    To upgrade squad commander you need commendation tokens. Right now they are available in the black market if you’ve collected gold tokens in the path to glory event by winning events, collecting on resource tiles.

  2. Two questions.

    One , I have a good amount of T2 resources, how can I use them.

    Two, when I go to Squad Member, there is purple button to recruit. But is says I am maxed out at 1. Can you get more Squad members and if so how?

  3. Theresa: Your troops may just be injured check the hospital or go to the training grounds to train more troops it costs you resources make sure to read all the info that comes up when your in different areas of your base.
    Nathan: members with higher ranks have to promote you thats the only way.
    Deadbody: make sure you slide the cursor to the right or manually benter a number on the right of the screen tap on that box to open a numbers pad

  4. can someone explain it ,
    you have not selected enough troops to collect any resources from this tile .

    actually i select troops but i cant click on deploy .

    • Train more in training grounds and work on defense. In the beginning try not to train more than the capacity of your hospital. Depending on the region, it’s pretty much pointless to start attacking right away; my region has an average level of 25, and some older regions are even more powerful.

    • Once you get past a certain level command center lvl 20), you will often get t2 fuel in prizes because that is what you will need to teleport or shield. You’ll still get t1 fuel in many situations, including your fuel extractor; however, after command center lvl 20, the only thing you’ll need t1 for is missles.

  5. I am the leader of The Storm for 2 weeks now and the button to update change to Alliance description will not work and I cannot change it. Also ever time the game asks me if I want to leave feedback and I want to click yes it will not let me.

  6. yea, the developers are clearly misguided in their pricing packages. this game is already shrinking from when i first started over 7 months ago. i doubt it lasts to long with out some major changes.

    • Click “items” on the bottom, then click “my items”. It will either be under “resources” or “crates”. That’s where prizes/rewards go.

  7. Having issue with stone production completely stopping. My setup includes 5 quarries ranging from lvl 1-8, and my warehouse is set to accept 456,034 in which I currently have 393,115 in the warehouse. Any ideas as to why I’m not producing any more stone.

    • @Kathleen
      Looks like the production is halted due to over limit. Head to the base/command center -> there you can check the base capacity(for stones). Try upgrading the warehouse or base!

    • You can use missiles(supply drone) to get the resources. Target it on your own base. Or attack other players’base to loot their resources (if you have enough power).