Harvest Town Friends Guide – How To Send Gifts, Add Friend?

Wondering how to add friends and send them gifts in Harvest Town game? Read on for Harvest Town Friends guide for beginners

Harvest Town FriendsIn Harvest Town, players can visit each other’s towns and send them hearts, gifts. All you need to do is send them requests. After the approval, you will see the player’s banner in the friend them – from there, you can send him/her gift or visit the town. To send the request, you need to use the player ID or name. Or it also allows you to send requests to random players on the server. For starters, we would recommend checking the Harvest Town guide or Kitchen info for beginners. In this post, you will learn the Harvest Town Friends system. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Harvest Town Game Friends: –

On the upper-left corner of the app screen, tap the function(+) button to expand the menu. Tap the World option from the menu list. This will take you to the world menu where you can check the players’ rankings, achievements points, and get access to all the friends feature.

Harvest Town FriendsGo to the Friend tab on the right menu of the world screen -> here you can check all the friends. On the bottom-left corner of this tab screen, tap the green color search button -> enter the player ID or name to search your friend. After that, tap the add button to send the request. Once the request is sent, your friend needs to open the world menu and check the request tab and approve the request. So that’s how you become friends in Harvest Town game.

Go to the Search tab on the right menu of the world screen -> from there, you can send the request to random players on the server or visit their manor.

How To Find Player ID?

Player ID is unique for each player and you can use it to find the friend in the game. Tap the options button from the top-left function menu list -> go to the manor tab ->there you can check Player ID. If you are actively playing the game, then make sure to drop your ID in the comment section below.

How To Give Likes?

You need to visit other players’ towns. Then, on the top-right corner, tap the heart button to give them like. Players with the most numbers of likes get the top spot in rankings.

Red Color Exclamation Mark On Visit Button Friend Button

Well, we are not sure about this – but it seems to be related to the help request. Visit their manor and help the friend with the request. 

So this would be all in this post on Harvest Town Friends System. Don’t forget to share your Player ID in the comment section below.

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  1. What does it mean when there is a red and yellow exclamation mark on some friends’ Visit buttons? I go to visit, and explore, but when I return, the exclamation mark is still there.