Zombero tips & cheats: guide to battles, skills, perks, and more

Started playing the Zombero game? Read on for Zombero tips, cheats, and guide to master all of its core aspects and accelerate progression!

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Zombero Tips, Cheats & Guide For Beginners: –

Zombero, full name Zombero: Archero Killer, is a new game by Alda Games, the publisher of The Walking Zombie 2. It’s similar to the Archero game but instead of shooting arrows and using a bow, you will be holding a gun and shooting bullets to eliminate the waves of enemies and their demon bosses! This Zombero guide not only covers the basics but also features a variety of tips & tricks that can help you clear all the chapters in both normal and heroic difficulties. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the Zombero tips, cheats, and guide for beginners: –

1.) Get Started With Basics In Zombero

In the Zombero game, you will progress through the chapters; as of writing this post, it has x7 chapters with new chapters coming soon in future updates: –

  • Abandoned Farm – Chapter 1
  • Dirty Sewers – Chapter 2
  • Dead City – Chapter 3
  • Desert – Chapter 4
  • Scrap Yard – Chapter 5
  • Frozen Wasteland – Chapter 6
  • Lost Ship – Chapter 7
  • ? – Chapter 8

You can play each chapter in two available difficulties; classic and heroic. Of course, heroic would be a next-level challenge to you. In each chapter, there are many rooms that you must clear to proceed to the next chapter. For example – chapter 1 in Zombero features 40 rooms. Chapter 2 has 50 rooms. One of the challenges that the game set for the players is that they must clear all the rooms in one run. Let’s say you make it to the 48th room out of 50 available. Next time, you will be starting from the first room; 1 – not from where you left off. This challenging function will drive you crazy. 

Zombero Tips Cheats Guide

2.) Tactics To Clear The Chapters In Zombero

Here we are listing the basic tips that you should use while progressing through the rooms; if none of these tips & tricks don’t work, then you should consider empowering the main character and grinding to make upgrades. Let’s go through the basic tactics: –

1.) The first tip here is to “build” character correctly. By building, we mean empowering the character in specific aspects with the best abilities through room progression. There are many abilities that you will get to pick; right after the start, after leveling, in specific rooms. 

  • There are damage abilities that empower the DMG attribute of the character; allowing you to eliminate an enemy swiftly
  • There are abilities that empower health; raise max HP, restore HP, etc. For example; Vampire is one of the abilities related to HP REGENERATION; when you eliminate an enemy, there is a chance to recover own health
  • Then there are abilities that empower shooting abilities; shoots side bullets, multiple bullets, bouncy wall ammo, etc. 

What we recommend is to focus on DMG and healing abilities. Stack as many DMG abilities as you can; your character will be able to dismiss the enemies swiftly. Healing abilities are also useful; raising the max HP, lifesteal, etc. If you are low on HP, then consider these abilities, otherwise, go full DPS and you will be invulnerable in the end. Please do note that this is just a suggestion; some players also pick SPD abilities(movement speed), dodge(evasion abilities). 

Zombero Tips Cheats Guide

2.) The second tip here is to be attentive all the time. Enemies will start targeting your character right after you make an appearance in the room; dodge their attacks. 

  • Ranged enemies’ attacks – dodge them by changing your character’s position swiftly(don’t stick to a position, keep changing it to avoid shots dealt by ranged enemies)
  • Melee enemies’ attacks – they can not do much DMG to you as long as you are not close to them. Since you can attack from a range, you have the advantage; all you have to do is maintaining a gap b/w you and them.

3.) The third tip here is to accept the bonus buffs. While making your way to the last room, you will enter some special rooms where you would not find any enemy – but NPCs that give you abilities or restore HP, offer you buffs; more damage, fast attack speed, etc. Make sure to accept these buffs by watching the video ads. 

(4) Resurrection: if you get lucky, you will get to revive the main character by watching the video ad. If your internet connection is on, you will be able to accept this offer. Many times you are just a few rooms away from the last point but things don’t go well and you die! If you get this offer, watch the video ad and revive the main character and bring it back to fight those foes.

(5) The 5th tip here is not to spend gold coins on the resurrection. REPEAT: DO NOT SPEND GOLD COINS TO REVIVE THE CHARACTER. Save as many gold coins as you can. Read the gold coins management guide below for more info. 

3.) Guide & Tips For Gold Management In Zombero

Gold is the most precious currency in Zombero that’s hard to earn for free. We recommend saving these gold coins; save as much as you can. How to use it? You can buy more powerful heroes using gold or spend on equipment; go to the shop -> crates -> spend gold coins on these crates(WAIT! – do not spend early on when you are new, it’s because the crate quality improves after you clear some chapters. For example; clear chapter 2 to unlock chapter 3 crate, which contains common to uncommon equipment. Similarly, as you move forward and clear more chapters, you will get the crates containing high-tier best guns; epic, legendary, rare, and so on). Tap on the (i) icon over the crate in the shop to check what’s inside it. 

4.) Learn How To Earn Gold Coins In Zombero

Players in Zombero can accumulate gold coins by upgrading the equipment; guns, armor, etc. Also, from the daily login reward, by leveling up(gain EXP to level. You can check your level in the upper-left corner), by doing the quests, and from the battle pass. If you know more ways to farm gold in the Zombero game, comment below!

5.) Guide & Tips To Manage Equipment In Zombero

Equipment in Zombero mainly includes weapons, armor, boots, pants, and attachments. These equipment are available in multiple rarities; common, uncommon/green, rare/blue, epic/purple, legendary/gold, and mythic/red. Of course, you would not have mythic, legendary, epic, and rare equipment in the beginning. But you will eventually start getting high-rarity equipment; all you need to do is clear chapters. Clear all the chapters = better rewards. 

Zombero Tips Cheats Guide

Should I spend silver on common/low-tier equipment upgrades?

⇒You can always farm silver by repeating the chapters. So do it – you will get the gold coins by upgrading. 

Should I spend gold coins on crates to get equipment?

⇒If you have just started, then NO. Save gold coins and try to clear the chapters with the equipment that you have got from free crates or daily deals. Max chapter clear = better rewards. You can spend gold coins later in the game. Or, you can use gold coins to buy a powerful hero. 

6.) Power Up DPS & HP Of Character In Zombero

Upgrade the equipment to boost the character’s base stats; always have the best gear equipped(tap the gear -> compare its stats with other equipment). Or, you can compare it by its rarity; common> uncommon > rare > epic > legendary > mythic. 

You will need duplicate equipment fragments to make upgrades. For example; to upgrade AK47 in Zombero, you will need AK47 fragments. Obtain from the crates. 

7.) Grind In Zombero Game

Repeat the chapters; classic/heroic and farm silver and EXP. 

8.) Must Check Out The Daily Deals

Turn to the shop menu and you will find a daily deals banner with a bunch of items that you can buy with silver; mainly includes the equipment. If it features the equipment fragments that you are using, do not hesitate to buy.

Zombero Tips Cheats Guide

9.) Claim The Freebies In Zombero

In Zombero, you get free rewards daily; login daily to get free silver or gold. Go to the shop -> daily deals -> get free silver. Go to shop menu -> get free energy by watching the video ads, free crates, etc. 

10.) Want More Silver & Gold? Do The Quests

Zombero features daily quests, weekly quests, and monthly quests. Complete them for silver and gold; also, complete them all to get a free crate that gives you rewards based on chapter progress. 

Zombero Tips Cheats Guide

11.) Build Character’s Skills & Perks

You get x3 skill points upon leveling up – and, x1 perk every 5 levels. Turn to the glove tab in the game, which is at the bottom menu; it has two sub-tabs; skills and perks. You can allocate these skill points and perk points to boost the character’s attributes like DMG, Health, CRIT, Speed, and more. 

12.) Best Perks in Zombero

  • Good Student – gives you 1 extra skill point for each new player level
  • Starting ability; one random ability at the start
  • Energy Speed Boost & Max Energy; when you are grinding, you will need a lot of energy, these energy perks can help you out

13.) Best Skills In Zombero

  • Damage – empowers DMG
  • Regeneration; healing after completing a room
  • HP/Health Skills
  • More Silver Coins

This is just a suggestion; you are free to spend skill points on other skills. 

14.) Best Heroes In Zombero

As of now, there are six heroes in Zombero. The first hero is for free, some heroes can be obtained by spending silver, while some are paid ones. The best heroes in the Zombero game are: –

  • E-12 – Paid – #1
  • Chas – Paid – #2
  • The Ghost Soldier – 5K Gold Coins – #3
  • Cyborg – 2k Gold Coins – #4
  • Boss – 1.2M Silver – #5
  • Policeman – 250K Silver – #6
  • Press – 250K Silver – #7
  • Artemis – 50K Silver – #7
  • Young Priest – Free – #8

15.) Upgrade Heroes Using Holy Water

You get x1 holy water from the crates that you can claim after doing all the daily quests, weekly quests, and monthly quests. Also, x1 holy water from the crates that are available in the shop. 

To upgrade the hero, go to bag tab -> change hero -> tap the selected hero -> upgrade. As of now, the max level of hero is 8 in Zombero. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Zombero tips, cheats, and guide for beginners.

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