Food Fantasy Freshness: How To Restore Without Magic Food?

Food Souls in Food Fantasy game gets tired after a certain amount of time. Check out our Food Fantasy Freshness guide to restore their vitality

In the last post on Food Fantasy game, we shared a detailed guide(check here) that covered almost all the basic mechanics related to souls, summoning, skills, battle, talents, and more. Today, In this post, we will learn how to restore the souls’ vitality or freshness. Let’s start the Food Fantasy Freshness Guide.


Food Fantasy FreshnessAs you know, we can hire souls as a staff or chef. They help you to manage the restaurant 24*7. But as they work as a staff to serve food to the customers, as a chef to cook the food, their vitality or freshness gets reduced. If you tap the food soul in the restaurant or tap the chef in the preparation menu, you will see their status. The green leaf determines their vitality status and you should keep them green always in order to maintain the freshness of food souls. If it’s 0, then your soul will stop the work.

Now, the question is how to restore their vitality or freshness. In Food Fantasy game, there are two ways to restore there food souls’ freshness. Let’s learn about both: –

Magic Food

Magic Food items are used to restore the freshness of souls. But in the beginning, you can not make them. As per our details, once you reach the level 24, you will be able to find the ingredients required to prepare or make the magic food. However, if you complete the orders in the restaurant or defeat the evil customers, you may get it. You can check out our Restaurant guide here.

If you have, then tap the food souls, hit the feeding option and select the magic food.

Ice Arena

Ice Arena feature gets unlocked once the player reaches level 16. Go to the restaurant or recipe screen -> hit the Ice Arena option. If you have not reached the level 16, you will not see it.

Go to the ice arena and you will enter the freeze room where you can send food souls to take a chill pill. How to do that> Once you enter the Ice Arena, at the bottom-left corner, tap the soul icon(tired food souls). After it, select the souls to restore the freshness. Another way to send the souls there is; tap the food soul and choose Ice Arena option. Once done, go to the Ice Arena screen and at the bottom-center, tap the food soul icon. On the next screen, you will see the time remaining to fully restore the freshness.

Here are some tips: –

  • After sending out the souls in Ice Arena, don’t forget to fill the vacant slots(to manage the restaurant)
  • Keep summoning. Don’t worry if you are not getting SR-, UR Rank souls. Deploy R-Rank souls in the restaurant, in different squads for the delivery purpose(main screen -> team -> at the right side, tap the squad option).

So these are the two ways to restore the freshness of souls. Since magic food is hard to obtain, it would be better to use Ice Arena feature. Want to know some tips, cheats? Check out here.

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