Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up Guide And Tips To Level Up Fast

Without leveling up, you can not unlock new acts or stages in Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game. Check out our Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem level up guide and tips to level up fast in the game

Want to access new game modes(competitive, challenges) or toons(space region, desert region) or unlock acts in the chapter mode? There is only one way! Level Up. After clearing the first act in the forest chapter, you will realize how important is leveling up. Because in the Marvin’s Invasion mode, you have to complete the chapters. And these chapters are divided into acts. And to unlock the new act, you must meet the minimum level requirement. For example; In the forest chapter, to play act 2, you have to reach the level 8. And to play the act 3, you have to reach the level 16. Additionally, toons from farm, space, city, and desert region unlock¬†at a certain level. In this post, we have shared a complete Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up guide and some tips to level up fast.

Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up guide

First of all, let’s learn how to level up. At the top-left corner, on the main screen, you can check the level bar. When the blue gauge reaches the maximum point, you will level up. To increase it, you need to earn XP Points. Here’s how to earn more XP points and level up fast in Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game: –

1.) Repeat The Battles In Marvin’s Invasion Mode

In Marvin’s Invasion mode, you can play a stage three times a day. Every time you get the victory in these stages, you earn XP points. The amount of reward depends on the difficulty level. In later stages(act 2 or 3), you earn more XP as compared to initial stages(Act 1). So we would recommend you to repeat the stages from which you are getting more XP.

2.) Complete All Daily Goals

Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level UpYou earn more XP by completing the goals as compared to the amount of reward you get by completing the stages in Marvin’s Invasion. At each day, you get limited daily goals. Completing each daily goal rewards you a huge amount of XP. And when you complete all the daily goals, you become eligible to claim a special reward that grants double XP reward. It is one of the best ways to level up fast in Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game.

3.) Complete The Quests

Quests are different from the daily goals. The amount of XP reward also varies. However, you can earn gems, toon pieces, and many more items by completing the quests. Along with the gems and toon pieces, you also get XP as the reward. So pay attention to the quests.

Toon Level Up Guide And Tips

There is a different process to level up toons. You need an item named potion to increase the level of the toon. This potion item grants XP to the toon and can be used on any toon. Go to the character/toon collection screen -> tap on a toon you want to level up -> hit the level up button. Leveling up the toon increases stats; HP, defense, attack attributes. Shortage of potions? Here are some tips to obtain potions in the game: –

1.) Play The Potion Alchemists Mode

Once you reach the level 10 in the game, a new mode gets unlocked; Challenge. This challenge mode has many sub-modes and one of them is Potion Alchemist mode. You can play this mode’s stages three times a day and earn potions. Unlock act 2 and 3 to obtain more potions.

2.) From The Marvin’s Invasion Mode

However, it’s not a good mode for farming potions. But still, if you need some, then go there, complete couple of stages and grab couple of potion items for free.

3.) Attack The XP Potion Crate Holders

Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level UpIn the competitive mode, look for the XP potion crates and defeat that team to grab the crate. Once done, assign it to the bank and deploy a good defensive toon team. These XP potion crates contain a decent number of potions.

4.) From The Shop – Offers Tab

Head to the store and in the store, go to offers tab. Look for the XP potion deal and grab it in exchange for gold coins.

So these are some ways to level up fast in Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game. Make sure to check out our these posts too: –

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