Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure Guide, Tips & Cheats

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure is an amazing simulation game for mobile by Cat Lab. Check out this Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure guide, tips & cheats

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure is a pretty fun game by Cat Lab, the publisher of Warrior’s Market Mayhem game. In the game, you sell the food items to the villagers and earn money. There are plenty of things to do; managing the truck, recipes, chefs, dungeon, town, etc. The game combines the Idle dungeon battle mode with the grinding mechanics where you send the heroes in the dungeons to grind ingredients. Also, another aspect of the game is the town where you can build useful facilities such as house, farm, mine, shop, Holy Sanctuary, etc. In this Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure guide and Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basics of the game.

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure Guide

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon AdventureThe three scenarios – town, dungeon, and the truck. These are the three things that you need to manage. Let’s learn about each one and why should you focus on it. Truck – that’s the main screen where you can manage the chefs, truck, etc. Tap the truck or NPC or food slots to manage the truck. In the menu tab, you can choose the food recipes that you want to sell to the villagers. The villagers visit your food truck from time to time and buy these items. And, in return, they give you gold coins.

In the truck tab, you can enhance the truck using the gold coins. Enhance the truck to increase the number of chef slots.

Research – In this tab, you can level up or enhance the food recipe. Once the proficiency reaches 100%, you can enhance it. And, the price of that food item will increase and you will make more money by selling it. How do you increase proficiency? Keep cooking/crafting the recipe to increase proficiency.

Chefs – Tap the chef and choose an item that you want to craft. In the enhance tab of the chef menu, you can level up the chefs and increase their cooking speed or max craft number. Also, you can equip them accessory for more buffs(Kitchen Tool). You get the accessory from the accessory chest which is available in the medals shop.

Dungeon – Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure

At the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the dungeon mode button visit the battle area. There you can buy party slots. In these party slots, you send the heroes in the dungeon and they fight monsters for the ingredients. Tap the + button to buy party slots. Once bought, tap the avatar icon at the top-right corner of the party slot to choose the heroes in the team. The heroes fight monsters and you get ingredients. Tap the bag icon at the top-left corner of the party slot to collect the ingredients. The chef at the truck screen needs these ingredients to craft food items.


In the town screen, the first two buildings that you own are a tavern and the house. In the tavern building, you can recruit heroes using the contracts; regular, premium, free, and a gem. You can get these contracts from the shop, by watching the video ad, and by spending the purple gems. Heroes are the characters in Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure who fights in the dungeon to grind the ingredients.

Other than the house or tavern, you can construct more buildings in the town. Tap the + button slot in the town screen and you can see all the details of buildings. For example – build a farm to get free ingredients, build a mine to get free gems.

Let’s have a look at our Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure tips, cheats & tricks!

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Chef To Cook Fast

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon AdventureYou can increase the chef’s cooking speed with just a tap. Once you select the item that you want to craft – he will start cooking. Tap him to activate the speed boost. However, it lasts long for a few seconds. Make sure to keep it active until he cooks the item.

2.) Enhance The Chef

At the bottom-center of the truck screen, head to the chef tab -> enhance -> spend the gold coins to enhance chef and increase his cooking speed.

3.) Enhance The Heroes

In the dungeon mode, at the top of the party slot, you can check the floor number; at high-level floors, you face powerful monsters. With low-level heroes, you would not be able to go further. So it’s important to enhance the heroes now and then. Go back to the truck menu screen and at the bottom menu, head to the heroes tab -> tap the hero portrait -> enhance -> spend coins to increase hero stats; attack, defense, strength, HP, etc.

4.) Grab The Chests In The Dungeon Mode

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon AdventureKeep an eye on the dungeon mode battles and you might see a chest in the battlefield area. Grab that chest to get free gold coins.

5.) Get More Facilities In The Town

Don’t forget to build the buildings in the town to get more facilities. For example – build the shop and you will be able to shop the ingredients. Build the house to get free coins from the villagers. Get free ingredients from the farm.

6.) Recruit Heroes

If you don’t have contracts, you can still get a free hero by watching a video ad. In the tavern, a free contract would be available every 3 hours. Make sure to use it and get free heroes. If you have useless heroes, you can dismiss them and get medals. Spend these medals in the medal shop for premium contracts or accessory chest.

7.) Upgrade The Bag

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon AdventureIn the dungeon mode battle, the heroes help you gather ingredients by fighting the monsters. But once the bag is full, they would not fight. You need to collect the items from time to time if you want to progress fast. You can upgrade the bag and increase the stock size – heroes will be able to stock more items. Go to the dungeon and tap the avatar icon at the upper-right corner of a party slot and hit the upgrade button.

8.) Discover Recipes

Pay attention to the nearby truck – collect the leek to get cooked leek recipe. Also, nearby the truck, if you see a flying creature or bat, tap it to discover coconut bat stew. Other food recipes can be found by filling up the intimacy level of villagers. Go to the town screen and at the bottom menu, tap villagers -> there you can find the recipes that villagers like. Craft and sell these items to them to increase intimacy. Once you reach 100%, you get a free recipe.

9.) Tap The Balloon

Now and then, a balloon often appears on the truck screen. Tap it -> watch the video ad to get free gems other rewards.

10.) Get Free Gems

In the shop, you can acquire free gems from time to time.

11.) Don’t Let The Chef Rest

Keep cooking the food items to progress fast; if you don’t have ingredients, cook the basic items at least to make some gold coins.

So that would be all in this Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure tips part. Do you have any more tips, cheats, coupons, guides? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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