Live Or Die Survival Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Live Or Die SurvivalLive Or Die Survival is a brand new survival game for mobile devices by Pride Game Studio. Check out our Live Or Die Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy to survive for a long time

Pride Game Studio, the creators of Survival Island and The Last Maverick game has recently released a brand new survival game Live or Die Survival in which you build your own base, gather resources, build the shelter, get water & food, kill zombies, and complete the missions or quests. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Live Or Die Survival guide and Live Or Die Survival Tips, Cheats & Strategy.

Get Started – The Basic – Live Or Die Survival

Live Or Die SurvivalBefore we dive into the guide, tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In Live Or Die game, your main objective is to survive as long as you can. At the start of the game, you will find yourself in a strange place; that’s your home base where you have to build the shelter.

You can build the shelter using natural resources; wood, stones, plant fiber, and more. You can even upgrade the shelter; i.e. to protect your shelter, you should upgrade the wall, zombies can destroy your base.

The three main things you have to take care of: –

  • HP(at the top-left of the screen, you can check the HP-Health Points)
  • Food(Tap on the bag icon(at the right side), there you can check the food stats)
  • Water(Tap on the bag icon to check the water status)

All you need to do is gather resources, craft new items, kill zombies, complete the quests, build a great shelter, improve shelter, and survive. But, it’s not easy! So, this is the basic of Live Or Die Survival game. Now, let’s start the Live Or Die Survival guide, and after it, check out Live Or Die Survival tips, cheats & strategy.

Live Or Die Survival guide

1.) Walkthrough Guide

The very first step you have to do is clean your home base. When you start the game, you will find yourself in a strange place. That’s your home base.

At the top-right, there is a mini-map where you can see the loot; trees, plant fiber, enemies, deer, stones, and much more.

Gather stone(3) and wood(3). Using these resources, you can craft a stone AXE. Read the crafting guide below to learn step by step.

After crafting the stone AXE, use it to cut trees. Cut trees and get wood. Wood is required to build the basic shelter. After collecting enough amount of wood, build the floor and then create a shelter like this(first build the floor, then the wall, and at last, a door): –Live Or Die Survival

In this shelter, you can keep inventory boxes, tables, and many more items. Read the building guide below for more info.

You can not collect an unlimited number of items as inventory slots are limited. Tap on the bag icon and there you can check the items you have. There would be a car(at your home base, when you start the game), go close to it and tap on the hand icon -> here you can store items; just drag the items from your inventory and keep there.

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Read the inventory guide below for more info. To hunt down the deer, switch to the crouch position(at the bottom-right corner, tap on the crouch icon).

Find berries to balance food & water status(read the live or die survival cheats, tips part below to learn how to easily obtain food, water). To eat the berry, tap on the bag icon -> tap on the berry icon -> then tap on the use button. In short, to use an item-> bag -> tap on it -> use.

After cleaning the home base(deer, all trees, berry, zombies), it’s time to go outside and explore the jungle for necessary resources.

Go to the map -> tap on a nearby location -> choose to run or walk -> enter the location and gather resources. Go back to the home base and put the collection there.

So, this is the basic Live Or Die Survival walkthrough guide for the beginners. Now, head to the cheats, tips part below to master the game. Or check this useful information if you a noob: –

A.) Inventory Guide

Live Or Die SurvivalIn Live Or Die Survival game, to store items or keep items, empty inventory slots are required. But inventory slots are limited. Tap on the bag icon and on the left side, you can check items you have and the empty slots.

How to increase the inventory slots in Live or Die Survival game?

It’s quite easy. Craft a bag: find the rope and gather pant fiber.

Or build the box; wood & plant fiber items are required.

Or on your home base, go close to the car and drag the inventory items to the right side(car/stock) to get some empty slots. You can get these items back to inventory anytime you want.

There are a number of reasons to craft boxes and place it to the shelter; for instance, if you go to a particular place for loot and your inventory is full, then it would be waste as you can not collect or keep loot since inventory is full.

So, whenever you go to a place; go with empty inventory slots(but make sure to include useful items; water bottles, bandages, best weapon).

Just craft the box -> tap on the building icon -> build the box or place it inside the shelter. Go close to it -> drag the inventory items to the right side(box’s stock).

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B.) Crafting & Building Guide

In Live Or Die Survival game, crafting & building are important tasks. You can craft a number of items like water collector, garden bed, bed, guns, weapons, vehicles, and much more. But, to craft an item, you have to gather resources.

On the main screen -> tap on the blueprint/crafting icon -> at the left side, you can check the list of items you can craft in Live Or Die Survival game. Tap on an item and at the right side, check the resources required to craft that item+minimum level.

Hold down on an item to learn more about it.

Building Guide

On the main screen, tap on the building icon -> select an item; floor, door, window, wall -> choose a location and confirm. To upgrade an item -> tap on the building icon -> then tap on it(i.e. floor, wall, window or more) -> tap the upgrade icon.

Leveling Up Guide

To craft new items or access new features, you have to level-up. To level up in Live Or Die Survival game, you need XP. XP can be obtained by playing the game; for instance, cut trees, craft items gather items, kill zombies, collect berries, items. At the bottom of the screen, you can check the level bar.

So, this is the basic Live Or Die Survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn Live Or Die Survival cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Live Or Die Survival cheats, tips & strategy guide

1.) Build The Shelter and Increase The Inventory Slots

The very first step you have to do is build a shelter or house at the home base. After it, go to nearby places and gather enough resources to craft a bag & build the boxes. If your inventory is full, you can not collect more items. At this situation, you have two options; build the boxes and drag & drop inventory items to these boxes.

Or tap on the bag icon -> tap on a useless item -> press the delete button to destroy that item and get an empty slot.

2.) Balance The Inventory Slots

Whenever you go to a place for the loot, make sure the inventory has some empty slots. If not, then what would you do to go there as you can not collect items as there are no inventory slots.

So, it would be better to build the boxes inside the shelter and move inventory items to these boxes[for empty slots].

But go with; a weapon, water bottles, bandages.

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3.) Get Food & Water In Live Or Die Survival Game

Initial levels; find berries.

Reach level 6 -> build a garden bed or bonfire and water collector.

Water Collector -> Place the empty water bottles inside this devices and after 10 minutes, get a water bottle. Where to find water bottles? You will receive 3 bottles in the inbox -> go to the shop -> inbox -> take water bottles. Or visit nearby places or accidental or helicopter crash areas-> look for oot boxes.

Bonfire or Garden Bed -> You can find materials by killing zombies or from a loot to make delicious items.

4.) Open the secret box

You can open the secret box by watching the video ad. Go to the shop tab -> head to the best section -> open the secret box and get a free item.

5.) Quick Tips For Live Or Die Survival game: –

  • Research Points are required to learn or research; after it, you can craft that item. You can check the number of points you have by tapping on the bag icon
  • Go to nearby places for the loot
  • Visit accidental areas, helicopter crashes like areas for the loot
  • Upgrade the shelter
  • Build boxes and store items there
  • Die? -> you will lose all the inventory items. So, when you see your end is near, shift the items to the boxes
  • Maintain the food & water status
  • Open the secret box
  • Switch to the crouch position to avoid encounters with zombies

So, these are some basic Live Or Die Survival cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best survival games for Android

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    • It means you have to upgrade the floor. Fo into construction, tap on the floor piece, and press the green arrow.

  2. Hi,I recently downloaded this app and I’ve been playing for 3 days now and I went to my base coming from the cliffs and when I got there it was night and I witnessed the night guest.Right now after being killed 8 times I’m trapped in my house with no food,water or weapons.It also won’t let me leave.Please help

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