Warriors’ Market Mayhem Guide, Tips, How To Play, Overview

Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsDescription – Warriors’ Market Mayhem is a new offline RPG for Android in which you craft items, sell items, hire workers, fight against enemies, and expand your business. Here’s all you need to know about Warriors’ MM – How to play, guide, tips, and cheats

Warriors’ Market Mayhem or Warriors’ MM by Cat Lab is a new Idle RPG for Android. If you love crafting games, Idle games, business management games, then you should play this game. In the game, the player has to take care of plenty of things such as hiring workers, gold management, crafting, buying & selling items, and much more.

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Genre; RPG, Offline

Basic – Warriors’ Market Mayhem

Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsThe game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic controls, how to take the order, sell items, recruit warriors, send warriors to adventure, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, you can manage everything manually.


Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsYou send warriors on the adventure to collect the raw material such as wood, copper, and much more. This raw material is used to craft items like the sword, shield, knife, and more. When you send your warriors on the adventure, their stamina decreases. Give them rest to restore stamina. Level up warriors by giving rest. To recruit more warriors, go to warriors tab, tap on + option, then tap on spread rumors in the market option. After it, a warrior will reach your counter, hire him/her for the job. Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, Tips

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Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsHamster crafts the raw material into usable items such as a sword, shield, knife, and more. To craft items, tap on hamster, select the item, increase the quantity by taping on+, then tap on craft item. Once done, tap on the customer and receive the reward. Tap on the + button to hire one more hamster. You can increase the level of the hamster from the last section.


Sell your items to receive gold. There’s a friendly time limit, you have the chance to get more gold if you complete the order within this limit.


Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsIn the beginning, dungeon feature is locked. Complete the tasks to unlock this feature. Once unlocked, you can send your warriors to attack enemies. Note: – It will reduce your warrior stamina. Collect gold, hearts, unlock new items by defeating enemies.

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Unlock new items

In Warriors’ Market Mayhem, the player unlocks new items by defeating bad guys. Tap on dungeon option, choose your warriors, attack enemies, and win the fight.


Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsTap on the bag option. You will see the list of items that are available. The player can sell these items to earn gold.


Tap on the tasks option, complete the listed tasks to receive rewards.

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Adventure – How to craft items

Warriors' Market Mayhem Guide, TipsFirst, you have to check the requirements to craft an item. Go to the hamster section. Tap on an item to see the materials which are required to craft an item. After it, send your warriors on the adventure to collect these materials. There are three logging areas; ore, tree, and leather. You will get the required resources from there.

The process to play Warriors’ Market Mayhem game

  • Take the orders
  • Check the availability
  • If not, send your warriors and craft items
  • Sell the items
  • Collect gold
  • Use gold to hire workers and warriors
  • Complete tasks
  • Defeat enemies
  • Repeat

Warriors’ Market Mayhem tips & cheats

  • You can not progress in this game if you are not hiring warriors. Collect gold and hire warriors.
  • Don’t forget to give them rest. Otherwise, they will lose their stamina.
  • Buy new hamster, power-up hamster to increase crafting speed.
  • Defeat enemies to unlock new items.
  • Complete tasks to get rewards.

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Closing words – Warriors’ Market Mayhem game

Warriors’ Market Mayhem is a great Idle RPG for Android. Everything is so simple to understand. The concept is good. It’s a fun time killer game. Download Warriors’ Market Mayhem – Here[Google Play Store].

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