Dragon Champions Tier List 2020

Wondering what are the best champions in the Dragon Champions game? Let’s have a look at this Dragon Champions Tier List featuring the best characters

Dragon Champions Tier List

UPDATE 2020: –

Dragon Champions is a brand new turn-based strategy RPG for mobile by AppQuantum, the publisher behind Idle Evil Clicker game. It features over 40 champions – all the champions with unique design, skills, stats, and the attack style. Since there are too many options, it’s hard to figure out the best ones. So a tier list that features the best champions would be helpful for those who have just started playing this game. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content – Dragon Champions Tier List – Best Champions/Characters in the game.

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Dragon Champions Tier List⇓

  • Hardorc – SS
  • Hera – SS
  • Kaira – SS
  • Kin Li – SS
  • Nightiel – SS
  • Patriarch Qi – SS
  • Renara – SS
  • Salvador – SS
  • Thalanne – SS
  • Xantara – SS

These are the SS-rank characters/champions(the top-tier/best) in Dragon Champions. Let’s have a look at their details in the tier list details: –

1.) Hardorc

Strength – Physical Damage and Support Skills. Here’s a look at his skills: –

  • Punch in the Teeth – Physical Damage + Inflict Bleeding
  • Power Solo – AoE Damage, Chances to Ability Block
  • Devil’s Horns – Cheat Death, Regeneration, DMG Increase
  • Wall of Sound – Removes debuff from allies

2.) Hera

Strength – Pure DPS, Dodging Attacks, Invisibility Effect.

  • Precision Strike – Physical Damage + Combo Effect
  • Shred – Removes Combo stacks + bonus PHY DMG
  • Oasis Shadows – Improves dodging and grant invisibility to allies
  • Cat’s Stealth – Invisibility Effect, recovers turn meter at the end of the turn
  • Submission Holds – Buffs Pride Clan allies

3.) Kaira

Strength – Ranged DPS, Grants Buffs, AoE DMG

  • Arrow of Chaos – PHY DMG + Ability Block
  • Hail of Arrows – AoE DMG + Stun Effect
  • Go Dark – Buff the allies
  • Sudden Attack – Passive ability that increases DMG

4.) Kin Li

Strength – Tank, Taunt Skill, High DEF

  • Blade of Fury – PHY DMG + CRIT DMG
  • Jade Wave – PHY DMG, Increases Tenacity
  • Five-On-One – Taunt, Self-Heal, Removes Debuff, Increases Dodge
  • Spiritual Recovery – Recovers HP at the start of the turn
  • Lord of the Great Houses – Buff Pandas

5.) Nightiel

Strength – Magic DPS

  • Moon and Star – Magic DMG
  • Veil of Silence – Magic DMG + Ability Block
  • Midnight Glow – Increase Ally’s DMG
  • Night Priestess – Removes Debuff from herself
  • Invoking the Moon – Buffs Allies – accuracy, restore health

6.) Patriarch Qi

Strength – Supporter – heals & shields the allies

  • Dragon Strike – Deals Magic DMG
  • Fortitude – Grants Shield to an ally
  • Meditation – Increases Ally’s Armor Stat
  • Crane Technique – Healing
  • Sensei – Shields allies

7.) Renara

Strength – Pure Healer, Resurrection

  • Battle Healing – MGC DMG + Regeneration to a random ally
  • Mass Recovery – AoE Healing, Regeneration
  • Resurrection – Resurrects a random ally
  • Second Chance – Cheat Death + Self-Recovery

8.) Salvador

Strength – Pure Tank(Defender)

  • Strike of the FIfth One – Gains Shield + PHY DMG
  • Come at Me, One at a Time – Taunts, PHY DMG
  • Steel Shell – Shields himself
  • Power of the Ancient – Gains PHY Armor

9.) Thalannne

Strength – Damage/DPS

  • Dirty Trick – PHY DMG + Stun Effect
  • Shadow Strike – PHY DMG, Blocks Healing
  • Blade Flurry – AoE DMG
  • Hatred – Debuffs for (+)turn meter
  • Secret Leader – Buff allies – CRIT Chance(+)


Strength – Healing

  • Hell’s Whip – Magic DMG + Heals the allies
  • Sacrifice – Sacrifices her health and heal all allies
  • Kiss of Death – Magic DMG + Recovering the same amount of HP
  • Demonic Metabolism – Restores (1) turn of a random ability at the start of the turn

Dragon Champions Tier List – S Rank Champions: –

  • Ember – Magic Damage, Burn Effect, AoE DMG, Stun Effect
  • Freezard – Magic Damage, Slow Effect, AoE DMG, Health Recovery
  • General Murdock – PHY DMG, reduces enemy’s turn-meter, AoE DMG, More effective against the members of the Order, Buff Goblins
  • Korkhrim – Magic Damage, AoE DMG, Stun
  • Little Batty – PHY DMG, reduces target’s turn meter, AoE PHY DMG, Shields himself
  • Megawheel – Tank, PHY DMG, AoE DMG, removes all Pain stacks
  • Mor’Doom – Magic DMG, Summons Henchman, Inflicts Armor Decrease, Gains Tenacity
  • Rantha – PHY DMG, Summons Battlepooth with Taunt, AoE DMG, Buff allies from the Clans, Orcs
  • Revol – PHY DMG, AoE DMG
  • Rin the Unseen – AoE DMG, Counterattack
  • Shadar – Magic DMG, Inflicts Armor Decrease, Stun Effect, Buffs Demons
  • Snorry – PHY DMG, Inflicts Bleeding Effect, Self-Buff
  • Solius – Magic DMG, AoE Healing, Increases Armor, Buff Allies(More effective with Nightiel)
  • Tromgar – PHY DMG, Taunts & Counterattack, Regeneration, Removes Debuff, Buff Orcs
  • Venomate – More effective with Kaira. Magic DMG, AoE DMG, Poisons the target, CRIT DMG
  • Wonder Lula – PHY DMG, Invisibility

So these are the S-Rank champions in Dragon Champions. They are not as best as SS Rank – but quite good to add in the party if you don’t have SS-Rank champions.

A-Rank Champions: –

  • Alyria – Magic DMG, Supporter, AoE Healing
  • Darian – PHY DMG, Increases Armor, Taunt, AoE Buff
  • Eric Shieldbreaker – PHY DMG, Ally Gains Debuff Immunity
  • Fao – PHY DMG, Multiple-Target ATK, Dodge Ability
  • Major Shott – AoE PHY DMG, Blind Effect, Buff Goblins, More effective against Orcs
  • Master Duo – PHY DMG, Slow Effect, High-Survivability
  • Mortha – Magic Damage, Chain Healing, Grants Shield to an ally
  • Old Loor – PHY DMG, Targets Multiple Enemies, CRIT Buff
  • Puncherface – PHY DMG, Gains Haste, AoE DMG, Buff Speed
  • Senjiel – Magic DMG, Regeneration Effect
  • Sergeant Pigwald – PHY DMG
  • Shao Lin – PHY DMG, Combo Attacks
  • Thanessa – Magic DMG, Healing, Summon Allies for help

So these are the A-Rank champions in Dragon Champions. Average units – use only if you don’t have S or SS tier Champions.

B-Rank Units: –

  • Amara – Low DMG, Burn Effect
  • Borey – PHY DMG, More effective with Kaggie
  • Buff – PHY DMG, Buff & Debuffs Units
  • Kaggie – Magic DMG, AoE DMG, More effective with Borey
  • Kelrian – PHY DMG, Taunt Effect, AoE PHY DMG, Increases Magic Armor
  • Maar – PHY DMG, AoE PHY DMG

So these are the B-rank champions in Dragon Champions. Below Average Units(Not Good). Don’t waste your time on these units – if there is no other option, use them.

Dragon Champions Tier List – C Rank Champions: –

  • Atom
  • Robin Bad
  • Sharp
  • Voiran The Trickster

These are useless units. Don’t even bother using these units. Also, see –

So this would be all in this Dragon Champions Tier List – you should spend or invest in the units which are worthy (S, SS, A).

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