Dragon Raja Outfits Guide: How To Get Outfits?

Wondering how to get outfits in Dragon Raja? Read on for Dragon Raja Outfits guide – Wings of Loki, Dreamy Rondo – Clothes, etc. Dragon Raja Outfits

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Dragon Raja Outfits: –

There are over 25 Outfits in Dragon Raja for the available classes. Players can unlock these Outfits and equip to the character classes to increase Beauty. When the Beauty level rises, you will get the Glamor Title Bonus, which gives additional attributes/score to the character. Also, there are lots of Outfit growth titles that you can unlock by unlocking a certain number of Dragon Raja Outfits.

How To Check All The Outfits?

On the right-center of the game screen, you have to tap the + button to open the menu. Then select Wardrobe -> there you can check all the Outfits. Tap on an Outfit to see its requirement to unlock it. For example – You can get Wings of Loki Outfit when you reach level 60 or higher. 

List of Dragon Raja Outfits And How To Get Them: –

  • Awaken – Free
  • Dreamy Aurora – Complete College Outfit Main Quest
  • Star of Cassell Clothes – College Outfit Main Quest
  • Glazed Wind – Obtain Kimono MQ
  • Battle Uniform – Underwater Combat Outfit MQ
  • Wings of Loki – Level 60 +
  • Dreamy Rondo – Level 60+
  • Witch’s Game – Level 70+
  • Black Cat’s Kiss – Level 80+
  • Cyber Hunter – Exchange 3600 Emblems(Gabi Brians in Cassell College)
  • Code 007 – Level 90+
  • Pure Oracle – 27th Log in Day
  • Scarlet Fragments – 3rd Day Log in reward
  • Shining Stars – Newbie Pack
  • Moonlight Waltz – Fight Medal Rewards
  • Evil Pact 
  • Cassell Uniform – Become Basketball Team Member
  • Go Mr. Casual – Store or Haunted Night – Yuki-Onna’s Gift
  • Black & White -Exchange 1250 Study Points
  • Wanton Youth – Mall
  • Young and Wild – Exchange with Wold Tree Emblem(Daily Offer – Premium)
  • Nightwalker – Top Up
  • Beach Party
  • Rose-Cross Gattuso’s Feast
  • Sakura’s Return – TLEs
  • Fiery Storm – Lucky Tarot Event
  • Brilliant Youth
  • Unbounded – Mall
  • Party Mood – Bond Party

So these all are the Dragon Raja Outfits. 

Outfit Shards: –

You must use the outfit shards to unlock the outfit or equip the outfit to the character. For example – on day 3, you get Scarlet Fragment outfit shards. Tap the box button below the quests or right-center of the game screen. This will open the inventory where you have to tap the outfit shards and use them to complete the outfit acquisition process. 

Keep An Eye On Event For Outfits

Some outfits can only be obtained from particular events. From time to time, devs of Dragon Raja publish the events in the game – make sure to participate in those events and grab the time-exclusive Dragon Raja Outfits. 

So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Outfits. Each outfit gives you beauty score points that increase the Glamor level/fancy title and gives bonus stats. 

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46 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Outfits Guide: How To Get Outfits?”

  1. I have been playing dragon raja for about two months and the other day, I reached level 90 without even realizing it. I’ve been trying to get the Cyber Hunter outfit, but now that I’m level 90, I can’t exchange it for scorch emblems and now I can only exchange it for another type of emblem (I forgot the name). Is there anyway that I can still get the outfit?

    • There’s two ways I know of. You get Flame Emblems from events like Day of Liberty and stuff like that or you can trade your career points for ID cards and trade those for Flame Emblems (you can just click use and it’ll take you but click the bottom option) then you can click use on those and it’ll take you to another shop where you trade them for Scorch Emblems and just keep doing that until you get enough for the outfit

    • There was an event; march 18 -25(Witch Wish Room) – that event had featured Nebula Love Outfit. They announced it on their FB page

        • its back! the quantum magic box event has the nebula love set and the new special dept. set, however, it’s expensive to get because you have to take apart items in the candy heart set to get a few tickets and save those up to get the clothes

    • Thta one i believe you get with the tickets you earn on weekends. You get it from this npc with purple hair at the college

  2. I was wondering how to get the witch game outfit, because I’m sort of confused how to unlock it.? I’m level 75 and I have all my gear to level 70 as well but it isn’t unlocked yet. I was wondering if I was missing something to unlock it?

    • Go to mall – > Store – > Exotic gear – Clothes > Buy one Sacrilege gown and trial to use..
      They can unlock..

  3. Please, can someone tell me what’s « level 60 + / level 70 +, … » cause I’m level 69 and I can’t unlock those outfits ! HELP