Dragon Raja How To Change Class(Class Transfer) 2021?

Wondering how to change class in Dragon Raja Mobile Global? Read on for this Dragon Raja Guide to change class – for beginners

Dragon Raja Change ClassYes, it’s possible to change the class in Dragon Raja. But it’s not free. It will cost 300 K gold coins to change the class. And, once you change it, you will not be able to change again within 24 hours. Also, each time you use this function(change class), the cost of class verification or change class will increase. And, if you are a beginner, you might be wondering how to change the class as the game does not guide you through this function. All you need to do is interact with Cygnet in Cassel College to change the class. Let’s learn everything in detail – Dragon Raja Change Class guide for beginners. 

How To Change Class In Dragon Raja 2021?

These are the steps for Dragon Raja Class Change Walkthrough: –

  • Open the world map 
  • Select Cassell College location
  • On the Cassell College Map, tap Class Transfer
  • Visit Cygnet and interact with him
  • Choose class change option
  • Select the class and pay 300K

Now, here is how to change class in Dragon Raja(with pictures): –Dragon Raja Change Class

Step 1.) Open the map and head to the world map. 

In the upper-right corner, below the wi-fi icon, tap the coordinates. This will open the map. On the bottom-right corner, tap the word map button.

Step 2.) Head to Cassell College

On the world map, you will see many locations. Tap on the Cassell College. Dragon Raja Change Class

Step 3.) Select Class Transfer Option

After you tap the Cassell College location on the world map, Cassell College map will appear. On the right side, tap (Special) Class transfer option. This will take you to Cygnet(NPC). 

Interact with him -> Change Class. 

Select the class that you want to pick. For example – if you are Assassin and want to move to Gunslinger, then choose Gunslinger. Tap the confirmation button and pay 300K gold coins. 

Also, please go through these rules : –

  1. Only players that are level 40 or higher can change the class
  2. Changing Class costs gold coins and increase each time you change the class
  3. Stats will be transferred upon changing the class
  4. You will need to wait for 24 hours to change the class again

As said above, the cost of class transfer will increase each time you switch the class. So make sure that you select wisely. If you are low on gold, you can read this Dragon Raja guide to farming & leveling

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So this is how you change class in the Dragon Raja game. If you have any questions? Comment below! and, make sure to check other guides if you are new to the game. 

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Raja How To Change Class(Class Transfer) 2021?”

  1. Does your weapon and other unique items you have that was supposedly from other class change as well when you change the class?
    For example… I am considering changing Assassin to Soul Dancer? Aside from core upgrade which I need to rearrange myself… Are there any other things that will be change together with class changing? Thank you very much.

  2. When you first open Dragon Raja, you’ll see the Archosaur games logo, then the updating resources screen. After, you’ll see the car animation. Before clicking on the screen to start, your server name will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Such as “svr. 28, Black King.” Tap that, and you’ll be given the option to change servers.