Food Fantasy Skill, Ascend, Fallen Angles Upgrading Guide

Check out our Food Fantasy Skill, Ascend, Fallen Angles, Upgrading guide to increase the strength of food souls and defeat the powerful enemies

In the last post on Food Fantasy Game(check here), we shared some short explanation on these mechanics. In this post, we are going to explain everything you need to know about food soul upgrading; skill, ascend, fallen angles and upgrading guide to increase the strength of food souls.

1.) Skill Upgrading Guide: –

You can increase the skill power by upgrading it. It costs you skill level up material and coins. How to upgrade the skills of a character/food soul?

On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-left menu, choose the souls option. On the next screen, you will see the list of souls you have. Tap the arrow icon next to the food soul to access upgrading feature.

Food Fantasy Skill Ascend UpgradingOnce you enter the upgrading screen, at the bottom-left menu, head to the skills tab. After it, tap the upgrade button to upgrade the skill. Keep in mind that you can not upgrade the skill an unlimited number of times. First of all, you will have to raise the character’s level. Read the tips here to know how to level up fast.

2.) Food Souls Leveling Up Guide: –

You can not upgrade the skill until you upgrade the food souls levels. Go to the souls screen(Read the above paragraph to know) and then select the food soul you want to level up. After it, hit the upgrade button.

Note: – You can not raise the food soul’s level beyond the main player’s level. Read the quick tricks here to know how to level up fast.

3.) Ascend Guide:-

In the last post, we mentioned that a player can increase the strength of food souls by a massive amount. Here’s how it works: –

First of all, go to the souls screen. Then select the character and tap the arrow icon next to it. Head to the attributes tab and hit the ascend button.

You need duplicate shards to ascend. Tap the character icon to know how to obtain shards.

4.) Fallen Angels: –

You can activate a special bonus by selecting a partner. You can call it fallen angel. Go to the character’s upgrading screen -> head to the fallen angles tab and tap the + icon and select the angel. Explore the stages and you will get more information on these angels.

There are a number of items are required to upgrade the food souls. We would recommend you to complete the missions, stages, and restaurant tasks to obtain these materials. Or spend the tip coins in the shop to grab the food souls shards.

So this is the basic Food Fantasy skill, ascend, fallen angles, and upgrading guide for the beginners. It would be better to read out the guide here in order to understand all the game’s mechanics and aspects.

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