Boxing Star Cheats: Best Skills, S-Coins Cheat, Gears Tips

Boxing Star is a popular boxing game for Android and iOS by FTT. In this post, we have shared Boxing Star cheats that will surely help you in skill building, fight, and increasing the power

In the last two posts on Boxing Star game, we shared a detailed guide and some tips & tricks for the beginners. You can check those posts here: –

And in this post, we are going to share some basic Boxing Star Cheats. Let’s take a look: –

#1.) Match The Color To Increase The Special Skills

Boxing Star CheatsDid you notice all the color of skills and stances? Purple, Green, Blue, and Yellow! If you match or select the same color stance and skill, then it will increase the attack skills of the character. For instance; you have equipped green color Jab Skill and green color Hook Skill. Now, if you choose the green color stance, then it will increase the attack skills.

Keep in mind that different stances are stronger or weaker against certain stances. Here’s the tree chart: –

  • Blue>Green
  • Green>Yellow
  • Yellow>Purple
  • Purple>Blue

#2.) Best Skills – Jab, Hook, Uppercut Or Special?

As you know, In boxing star game, skill slots are limited and to build a perfect skill set, we have to choose the skill wisely. Well, it’s very easy! In the fight, what’s your favorite move/attack/skill or which move you use frequently? Jab, Hook, Uppercut?

For instance; I use uppercut and Jab in the fight. Because uppercut deals more damage and Jab is quick.

Now, our goal is to activate the skill. You can increase the chances of activation by upgrading the skill. To activate it, use or cast the move 3-4 times continuously. For instance; Body Jab is a skill that can increase the Jab power by 4 times. To activate it, I will have to perform Jab move in the fight.

How to pick the best skill?

  • Check the activation %
  • Output i.e. Increase the power by 4

You will have to figure out manually.

#3.) S-Coins Cheat, What is S-Coin

Well, in early posts, we have already shared a detailed guide on this in-game currency. In this post, we are going to explain it in details.

Boxing Star CheatsFirst of all, you can earn S-coins by participating in promoter battles. What are promoter battles? It’s like the warm-up match. You will see a promoter button next to story mode if you are eligible. You can double the amount of S-Coins by watching a video ad.

How to use S-Coins?

As you know, you get daily reward, orders(packages), and many more items for free by playing the game. You can increase this amount by spending S-Coins in the personal management section. All you need to do is buy items and that’s it. Go to the menu -> personal management -> Crib, Wheels, Entourage. By purchasing these items, you can also reduce the time that the game takes to open the order.

#4.) Gears Cheat – The Best Way To Get The Best

Boxing Star game features a variety of gears; common, rare, omega, epic, and more. At the beginning of the game, you will get the first legendary gear as a reward(check the mailbox). If you want more, then here’s a quick walkthrough: –

  • Win matches in League Mode and earn league points
  • Don’t lose league points
  • Increase the power of character to not to lose in defense match(Read the tips here)
  • Get promoted to the higher league

As you move on to the higher league, you will get better rewards through victory box(loot).

Another way: –

  • Join the guild or clan
  • Donate the gears(low-quality) and fill the heart meter
  • Once full, open the swap box and grab the precious gear for free


  • Collect low-quality gears by playing the game; open the orders
  • Don’t upgrade all the gears you have
  • Stick to a specific one
  • Reach the maximum level
  • Grade up the gear to increase its power by a massive number

You can read the gear guide here and read more tips & tricks here.

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