Harvest Town Farming Guide: Planting Crops, Tools

Wondering how to plant and grow crops in Harvest Town game? Read on for Harvest Town Farming guide for beginners and get all the info at one page

Harvest Town Farming

Harvest Town Farming Guide: –

Growing crops is one of the main activities in the Harvest Town game. As these crops are used for Van Order, Ship Order, Aircraft Orders, in cooking, recovering vitality, and many more tasks. So the player needs to plant and grow crops regularly and have a good stock for emergency and other activities. Farming is quite easy – all you need to do is dig the land into ploughland. After that, you can sow seeds there and then use the water pot to irrigate the crops. Then, all you need to do is wait until the crop grows. Once that is done, you tap the crop to gather it from the land. That’s the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Harvest Town Farming Guide for beginners.

You need three things to build a farm in Harvest Town; Water, Seed, and Land. At the beginning of the game, the game gives you farming tools; Sickle, Axe, Pickaxe, Hoe, Pot, etc. Among all these, you need Water Pot and Hoe in farming.

Step 1.) Select the Hoe from the inventory. Tap the bag button -> select Hoe -> close the menu by tapping the cross icon on the top-right. Tap the Hoe button on the bottom-right side to start digging land.Harvest Town Farming

Step 2.) Sow the Seeds. You can get crop seeds from the Grocery Shop in the town. Go to the map -> find Grocery Shop -> tap next to it to make character move there automatically. Go inside the Grocery Shop by tapping the entry gate -> move next to the shop counter and tap the hand icon to talk to Foxy. Tap the store button -> from there you can buy seeds and other commodities: –

  • Oak Seed – to grow a tree
  • Pine Seed – to grow a tree
  • Onion Seed – Onion -x2 days mature period
  • Garlic Seed – Garlic – x3 days mature period
  • Potato Seed – Potato – x4 days mature period
  • Bean Seed – Beans – x5 days mature period
  • Chili Seed – Chili – x6
  • Forage Seed – Animal Food – x1 day
  • Longjing Seed  – Longjing – x2 days
  • Biluochun Seed – Biluochun – x4 days
  • Peach Seed – x15 days
  • Tangerine Tree – x15 days
  • Strawberry Seed – x7 days
  • Tulip Seed – x8 days
  • Rose Seed – x9 days
  • Wheat Seed – x2 days
  • Tomato – x3 days
  • Maojian – x3 days
  • Jasmine – x4 days
  • Mango Tree – x15 days
  • Pear Tree – x15
  • Sunflower – x4
  • Corn – x5
  • Watermelon – x7
  • Monthly Rose Seed – x8
  • Wax Gourd – x8
  • Lavender – x9
  • Banana – x9
  • Apple – x15
  • Napa Cabbage – x3
  • Peanut – x4
  • Dahongpao – x3
  • Goldenrod – x4
  • Cotton – x5
  • Radish – x6
  • Pumpkin – x7
  • Grapes – x8
  • Okra – x9
  • Clivia – x10
  • Jinjumei – x10
  • Pu’er – x4

Other commodities that you can buy from the Grocery Shop are: –

  • TV
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Flour

You will need these commodities in cooking. You can place the TV in the cottage and watch the video ads for rewards. Go inside the cottage -> select TV from the bag -> tap the TV button on the bottom-right side to place it in the cottage. It also refers to the official FB group or gives some tips. You can move it anywhere in the cottage(tap the paintbrush – tap and hold the TV and start moving).Harvest Town Farming

Step 3.) After buying the seeds from the Grocery Shop, go back to the farm side where you dig the ground. Select the seeds from the bag menu and then tap the action button(seed button) on the bottom-right side to sow seeds to ploughland.

Step 4.) Select the waterpot from the bag menu and start giving water to the crops.

Step 5.) Wait until the maturity period and harvest the crops once ready.

Step 6.) REPEAT!

How To Fill Water In The Water Pot?

Select the water pot from the bag menu and head to the river. Tap the river and it will fill the water.

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So this would be all in this post on Harvest Town Farming guide for beginners.

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