Harvest Town – How To Build Kitchen And Cook Recipes

In Harvest Town, you can cook a lot of delicious recipes in the kitchen. In this post, you will learn how to build the kitchen in Harvest Town gameHarvest Town Kitchen

To build a kitchen, you need to upgrade the cottage to level 3. At cottage level 3, the game unlocks the kitchen area in your house. There you can cook delicious recipes by mixing specific ingredients. Your character can consume these food items or gift the citizens to increase fondness. For example – you can consume Oyster Omelet and recover Vitality Points(x60) and HP(X60). So whether you are grinding in the Harvest Town game or fighting creatures, these food dishes will help you a lot. For starters, we would recommend reading the Harvest Town guide for beginners. Let’s learn everything in detail on Harvest Town Kitchen.

Harvest Town Kitchen & Recipes: –Harvest Town Kitchen

The first thing to do is to take the cottage to level 3. Cottage – your house. Head to the Carpenter building. Enter the Carpenter building and stand in front of the counter. Tap the hand icon to talk to Steve -> choose the store option -> Cottage -> upgrade. For level 3 Cottage Upgrade, you need –

  • 3800 Gold Coins
  • 160 Wood
  • 75 Stone
  • 6 Nails
  • 10 Mahogany

Once you have all these required resources, you need to visit Steve, the Carpenter and tell him to upgrade the cottage. Well, the upgrade takes time. You will see the kitchen area unlocked in the house the next day in the game after the upgrade. Go inside the house(My House, Cottage – check the map) -> on the right side, you will find the kitchen. Go inside the kitchen area and tap the hand icon to start cooking.

You will need specific ingredients in a specific quantity to craft/cook a specific recipe. Tap on the recipe and below the recipe manual, you will get its details; the effect of the recipe and the ingredients required for it. Tap the ingredient icon to check how to obtain it.

If the recipe is locked, then you will see how to unlock it. The majority of recipes are unlocked by reaching a certain manor level or by gaining hearts from the citizens.

For example – Jam Bread unlocks when Elaine Terry reaches 7 hearts.

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So this would be all in this post on Harvest Town Friends System. Don’t forget to share your Player ID in the comment section below.

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