Hide Online Guide, Tips, And Cheats[Hitrock Games]

Hide Online Guide TipsHide Online is a multiplayer hide & seek game for Android devices by Hitrock games. In Hide Online game, you play as a hunter or props. Check out our Hide Online guide and Hide online tips

Hide Online is one of the best addicting games for Android. It has crossed over a million downloads on Google Play Store and the reason behind its popularity is its fun gameplay; the multiplayer gameplay in which you play as a hunter or props.

If you play as a hunter, then your objective is to shoot down the props. On the other hand, if you play as an object/props, then your objective is to survive/hide until the end of the match. Here’s the Hide Online Guide;

Hunter – Gameplay

The objective of a hunter is to find and destroy all the props. Your health is limited. Your health points reduce when you shoot on wrong objects. If it’s a prop, then you will see the emoji and its health bar. By default auto-aim and auto-fire are turned on, you can change it under the settings. You will get the rank or earn score points on the basis of your performance in the match.

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Props – Gameplay

If you play as props; box, chair, burger, can, pot, or more, then your objective is to hide until the end.

Hunter Controls; At the bottom-left of the screen, use the joystick to move your character, at the bottom-right of the screen, combat controls; fire, grenade. At the bottom-center, you can see your health points and number of bullets.

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Props Controls; Use the joystick to move up/down/left, use the jump button to jump. To change the object(to change from burger to can, from chair to helmet, from box to helmet), just point to that object and tap on the cup button(at the bottom-right).

Hide Online Guide TipsIf the hunter finds you, then you can use the “transform” feature. Tap on the duck button(at the bottom-right) and that’s it. This feature transforms the hunter into an animal and he will not be able to move for a few seconds. Use this time and run away; don’t forget to switch to another object.

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Here are some Hide Online tips & cheats

  • If you are playing as props, then switch to a small item; burger or can as fast as you can. Because, as a hunter, it’s difficult to target the small objects. On the other hand, if your object is chair or bench or something big, then it would be easy for them to target you.
  • Use the duck/animal transform feature at the right time and turn the hunter into an animal. Use this time and run away to a better place, switch to a small item or object
  • If you are playing as a hunter, don’t waste your health points by shooting on wrong objects
  • Use the earphone/headphone[MUST] or increase the volume to find props[listen to the music]
  • Watch the video ads for duck and respawn feature

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So these are some Hide online tips and guide for the beginners. The new update to Hide Online game will bring new weapons, loot boxes, and much more. Download the game – here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Top new Android games today

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