Last Shelter Survival Base Upgrade Requirements 2021

Want to know how many resources that you would need to reach every next base level in Last Shelter Survival? Read on for Last Shelter Survival Base Upgrade Requirements.

Last Shelter Survival Base Upgrade Requirements

Last Shelter Survival Base Upgrade Requirements⇓

HQ Base is one of the main buildings in the Last Shelter Survival game. Without upgrading it, you will not be able to unlock classes, new buildings, and many other functions. Each next base level costs more and more resources; you will need to keep grinding to level up the base. If you are just starting this game, we would advise you to check out the beginner’s guide to Last Shelter Survival. Now, let’s check out the Last Shelter Survival Base Upgrade Requirements(Resources) Also, see – Last Shelter Survival Activation Codes: –

Base Level Population Electricity Oil Cash Lumber Iron Food Time
1               00:00:04
2       210 190   50 00:00:12
3     200 320 290   100 00:00:50
4   295 800 710 860     00:02:00
5     1K 1.1K 1.5K 500 960 00:11:50
6       3.2K 3.6K 1.3K 1.8K 00:34:59
7 0 4.9K 13K 8.5K 25K 19K 13K 01:33:40
8   9.9K 25K 58K 50K 37K 25K 03:07:20
9   18K 49K 100K 98K 74K 49K 04:22:10
10   28K 69K 180K 150K 100K 69K 05:40:50
11   42K 96K 280K 200K 150K 96K 07:23:00
12   62K 160K 420K 300K 250K 160K 09:35:50
13   93K 260K 590K 500K 400K 260K 12:28:39
14   140K 410K 830K 800K 600K 410K 16:13:10
15   200K 730K 1.1M 1M 1M 730K 22:48:06
16 70 k 300K 1M 1.6M 2M 1.5M 1M 1D 03:38:33
17   500K 2M 2.5M 3M 2.5M 2M 1D 16:38:30
18   700K 4M 4.4M 5M 4M 4M 2D 06:10:43
19 120k 1M 7M 7M 10M 8M 7M 4D
20   1.4M 12M 13M 20M 16M 12M 4D 14:00:54
21   1.8M 19M 17M 38M 28M 19M 5D 23:39:54
22 210k 2.3M 28M 21M 57M 42M 28M 7D 14:37:57
23   3M 38M 25M 76M 57M 38M 8D 15:58:25
24   3.4M 50M 29M 99M 74M 50M 13D 13:11:50
25 350k 3.9M 60M 34M 120M 89M 60M 19D 07:17:47

Last Shelter Survival Base Upgrade Requirements⇓

In the above table, we have shared the resources required at each base level in the Last Shelter Survival game. In this part, you will get to know about the building requirements that you must meet to level up the base – these requirements are compulsory and without meeting them, the game will not let you upgrade the base HQ. Let’s check out the building level requirement that you must meet to upgrade the base: –

  1. Only resources
  2. Ration Truck level 1
  3. Only resources
  4. Only resources
  5. Ration Truck level 4
  6. Ration Truck level 5, Bank Level 5, and Garrison Level 1
  7. Ration Truck level 6, and Wind Turbine level 6
  8. Ration Truck level 7, and Lumber Mill Level 7
  9. Ration Truck level 8, and Bunk level 8
  10. Ration Truck level 9, and Hospital level 9
  11. Ration Truck level 10, and Lumber Mill Level 10
  12. Ration Truck level 11, and Farm level 11
  13. Ration Truck level 12, and Lumber Mill Level 12
  14. Ration Truck level 13, and Shooting Range level 13
  15. Ration Truck level 14, and Bank level 14
  16. Ration Truck level 15, and Embassy level 15
  17. Ration Truck level 16, Vehicle Garage level 16, and Garrison Hall Level 16
  18. Ration Truck level 17, and  Farm level 17
  19. Ration Truck level 18, and Power Plant level 18
  20. Ration Truck level 19, and Oil Well level 19
  21. Ration Truck lvl20, and Water Filter LVL 20
  22. Ration Truck lvl21, and Bank LVL 21
  23. Ration Truck lvl22, and Refinery LVL 22
  24. Ration Truck lvl23, and Vehicle Garage LVL 23
  25. Ration Truck lvl24, and Embassy LVL 24

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