Megaman X DiVE guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Our Megaman X Dive guide will teach you the basic concepts of the game; the English Global version of the Mega Man X Dive guide for beginners. 

Megaman X Dive Guide

Megaman X DiVE guide and tips: –

This article covers how to play the Megaman X DiVE, about characters, weapons, and other things such as game modes, upgrades, farming chips, lab, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Megaman X DiVE guide and tips: –

Getting Started With The Basics Concepts

“Characters” and the “Weapons” are the two core aspects in the Megaman X DiVE, also known as Mega Man X DiVE. In the fights, you pick one of your favorite characters and choose weapons; primary/main weapon and secondary/sub-weapon to fight the enemies. 

At the start, you will be able to play the story mode because all other modes are locked because of level restrictions. Read the tips below to learn how to level up fast. The story mode fights cost action points(AP) that replenish over time – you can use EM(Element Metal) to get AP immediately. 

EM – Element Metal is the most precious currency in Megaman X DiVE. As an active player, you can grind around 4,000 – 4, 700 EM for free every month by playing the game. Read the EM farming guide below. 

As you continue progressing through the story mode and level, new game modes such as the PvP arena, challenges, and more will get unlocked and you will be able to enjoy more content. 

Guide To Megaman X DiVE Characters

The Megaman X DiVE game features over 30 characters – divided into three grades; A, S, and B. All the featured characters have unqiue stats, skills, and specializations in a particular field. For example – debuff, high attack damage, buff, etc. 

In the lobby, tap the character option to check the list of all characters. If you don’t know the best ones, take a look at this Megaman X DiVE tier list

Getting Characters In Megaman X DiVE

To unlock or obtain a character, you will need to find its memories or memory shards. These shards or memories can be acquired through the capsules, that you can buy with the EM(Element Metal). Tap on the capsule option in the lobby -> we would recommend rolling for x10 for higher chances of getting better grade characters. Note – you can also get weapons from the capsules. 

Other than that, you can get the specific characters’ memories in the store with the EM or character patch program. Tap the shop icon in the upper right to open the store menu. 

Guide To Weapons In Megaman X DiVE

Weapons play a vital role in the character’s performance during the battle as most of the time you inflict damage to the enemies with your weapons; before diving into the combat, you can select a main weapon or sub-weapon. During the battle gameplay, you can switch between selected main/sub-weapon. 

Just like the characters, weapons/guns are also available in three different grades; S, A, and B. 

Getting Weapons/Guns 

You can get the weapons from the challenge mode, store, and the capsules. In the lobby, tap the “equip option”. Sort the list by “all” to see the complete list of weapons. Tap on the weapon -> tap the + button next to its memory on the lower-right side -> acquisition method -> this will show you the list of sources from where one can farm the weapon memories. 

Tips To Level Up Fast In Megaman X DiVE

You need experience points to increase the player/account level so that new content can be unlocked. Here are some tips to level up fast in the game: –

  • Daily Missions – the daily missions give you a ton of EXP (lobby -> daily -> complete the missions)
  • Repeat Story mode – story mode stages can be visited and played again to grind the EXP. If you have cleared with all the three stars, you can just spend the AP and skip the whole battle to get instant rewards
  • Do the challenges

Tips To Get Stronger In Megaman X DiVE

There are several ways to get stronger in Mega man X DiVE(Megaman X DiVE): – we have explained all the ways in two separate parts; character development and weapon development: – 


⇒Use the skill points to level up the character’s skills. Skill points can be acquired from the story mode star reward, daily missions, and challenge mode star reward. 

⇒Rank up the character. To rank up, you will need its memories(obtain from capsule or store). This will raise the character’s star level and attributes. 


-> Level up the weapon that you use – it would cost weapon EXP that you can farm in the story mode. 

-> Upgrade the weapon stats; we would recommend you to focus on the “Attack” upgrade of the weapon. Then HP -> hit > CRIT, and luck. 

-> Rank up the weapons – you will need its memories(obtain from the capsule, challenge, store). 

-> Insert Chip to the weapon. 

-> Level up the chip that you have inserted with the weapon. It will cost CHIP EXP. You can farm it from the story mode missions. 

-> Rank up the chip by collecting its memories. Obtain from challenges. 

-> Analyze the chips. 

For character development, go to the lobby -> character -> tap the character. 

For weapon development, go to the lobby -> equip -> weapon -> tap the weapon. 

And, for chip development, go to lobby -> equip -> chips. 

Research & Equip Skills In The Lab

In the lobby, tap the “lab” option -> research -> there you can use the components acquired from the story mode in the research to get the weapon or character memories. 

Go to the skill option from the lab -> there you can choose the skills, level, and rank them up for further power boost. 

Keep An Eye On The Events

Now and then, you will have events to participate in and get the rewards. For example; as of writing this, an event called “Dr. Light’s Lab” is going on. During the event, you will get the event items by playing the game and exchange them for rewards like S-grade character memories, S-grade weapons, etc. Also, top players get free element metals. 

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