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Cookie WarsCookie Wars is a brand new gacha game for Android and iOS by Devsisters Corporation. Check out our Cookie Wars guide, tips, tricks, cheats & strategy

Immerse yourself in the Jellipocalypse world, gather cookies, defeat the Jelly walkers and survive! Devsisters Corporation, the creators of Cookie Run game, has recently released a brand new strategy game Cookie Wars for mobile devices, featuring a wide range of game modes; story, PvP, exploration, and much more. In the game, you build a team of cookie characters and deploy them in the battlefield to destroy the opponent’s base. You have to save the cookie world from Jelly Walkers! And today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Cookie Wars guide and Cookie Wars tips, tricks, cheats & strategy.

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Guide To The Basics – How To Play And Basic Guide – Cookie Wars⇓

In the Cookie Wars game, your fight is against the Jelly Walkers. They have invaded the cookie world and their target is to turn the cookie world into the Jellipocalypse world. Your objective is to save the cookie world from Jelly Walkers. But wait! They are very powerful and in huge numbers! And to complete the objective, you need a strong team of cookie characters. Let’s learn step by step!

Cookie Wars game starts with a tutorial in which you learn the basics of the game. You start with the story mode in which you complete the stages and earn liquid in-game currency that is used in many tasks such as enhancing, leveling up, and more. You can play the story mode in two modes; normal or hard. In most battles, your objective is to destroy the opponent’s base as soon as possible. You just deploy the cookies on the battlefield in a strategic way and crush the jellies. Units or characters attack the Jellies automatically. You need mana to deploy the units. Mana re-generates automatically and its regen. speed depends on the base’s level. You get essential items by getting victories in these stages. However, in boss stages or survival mode stages, you may get rare items such as summoning tickets, cookies or characters, and more.

The Real Game

Initial levels in the cookie wars game are very easy. But as you progress, it becomes more challenging. And then you will have to upgrade the cookie characters or units. Since there are so many units in the game, it’s difficult to choose the best units or characters. And if you have not played games like this before, it could be difficult for you to figure out how things work; where to collect material items, how to enhance, level-up, what are pets and donuts, and more. Let’s head to the ultimate Cookie Wars guide and then check out our Cookie War tips, tricks, cheats & strategy to master the game.

Cookie Wars Guide⇓

In this part, we will learn about the characters, upgrades, items, game modes, farming, summoning, pets, donuts, and much more. Pay attention to all the delicious parts to survive in the Jellipocalypse world!

Units Or Characters Guide⇓

Cookie Wars game features five types of unit: –

  1. Melee
  2. Ranged
  3. Siege
  4. Spells
  5. Support


This type of unit or cookie character attack the nearby Jellies(close-range). These characters are average in all the stats; HP, damage, speed, and more. Main Target – Ground Units. How to check? There would be a small sword sign on the bottom-left corner of their portrait. Cons – Weak against air type units.


Ranged type units or cookie characters can attack ground units as well as air units and from a distance. But their stats; HP, damage are relatively low. Pros: – Good against air units and ground units. Cons: – Poor HP stats.


Siege units are the best units or characters in the Cookie Wars game. Their HP and damage stats are better than the above-mentioned character class. Pros: – Amazing HP and damage stats. Cons: – Only attack the base buildings.


Spell cards are used in the battle to impact a large number of units or Jellies. For example; You can use the healing spell to heal a large number of units. And use the attack spell to attack a large group of Jellies.


Support units can restore the health of allies, activate the buffs on allies, activate the debuffs on the Jellies.

Cookie Wars, Characters Rarity⇓

  • Mythic – Super Rare Characters
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Common

How To Get Characters In Cookie Wars game?

There are a number of ways to acquire characters, here’s the list: –

  1. From The Story Mode
  2. Exchange Shop
  3. Unit Fusion
  4. Summoning

How to check the exact location of a specific character? 

  1. Tap the menu
  2. Select Atlas option
  3. Go to the units tab
  4. Tap on a unit
  5. In the details tab, on the right side, tap the button; How to find

Exchange Shop Guide

In the exchange shop, you can exchange gold and the medals you earn by getting victories in the PvP mode for precious items such as EXP Potion, enhancing material, units or characters. On the main screen, on the bottom-left menu, tap the “exchange” option -> spend. To exchange medals, go to the PvP mode menu -> exchange center(bottom-left corner) -> confirm.

Unit Fusion

You can fuse multiple units or characters to get a high-grade unit. For example; to get an S grade unit, sacrifice two units of A grade. Go to the My Team menu -> tap the unit fusion option -> select the units(you can select only those characters who have reached the maximum level). And keep in mind that, units used in the fusion process will disappear.


Summoning is one of the main sources to obtain characters in the Cookie Wars game. On the main screen, tap the gacha option. This will take you to the gacha shop where you can spend crystals or gold to obtain units. You can summon for free every day a certain number of times. There are two types of summoning: – Shiny Horn and Radiant Horn. Summon through the radiant horn type to get high-grade units.

Cookie Wars – Powering Up The Units Or Characters

Leveling Up Guide⇓

To increase the level of character in the Cookie Wars game, you can use low-quality characters(C grade) or EXP Potions. And if you play the story mode, units in your team will gain EXP. But to level up fast, use the EXP potions or sacrifice the low-quality/grade units. Head to my team menu -> tap on a character you want to level up -> select the ingredients(XP Potions or other units) -> hit the level up button. It costs you coins.

  1. Tip -> Play the Tower of Experience Mode to get XP Potions

Unit Enhance⇓

Requirements – The character must be at its maximum level. Once a character reaches its maximum level, it becomes eligible to grade up. For example; you have an A Rank unit in Cookie Wars. To increase its grade(from A rank to S rank), enhance it. Go to my team menu -> tap on a character you want to enhance -> on the next screen, select a duplicate character(same grade) and hit the enhance button. Ingredients requirement: –  Power Jelly.

  1. Tip -> Play The elemental dungeon mode to obtain power jellies; melee unit, ranged unit, spell power unit, siege, and support


Donuts are used in powering up the attributes(HP, damage, speed, range) of the characters. After reaching the level 20, you will be able to equip them. Go to my team menu -> select a character -> head to the donuts tab.

  1. Tip -> Equip 4 donuts of the same grade and flavor to activate the bonus effect
  • Treasure

After reaching the level 15, a new feature gets unlocked; the treasure. You can equip treasure items to activate the bonus effect. On the main screen, at the bottom menu -> tap the treasure option. How to obtain treasure? Head to the gacha shop -> choose treasure – summon.

  1. Tip -> Enhance the treasure items to get more benefit

Pets Guide⇓

Cookie Wars game features hundreds of pets. These pets also help you in the war with their skill; smash damage, by increasing the HP stats, and providing the buffs. You can level up these pets using the XP potion. And when paired with the partner, these pets provide combo bonus.

  1. Tap the menu
  2. Choose atlas
  3. Head to the pets tab
  4. Tap the pet icon
  5. Click on the how to find button to know the source

Music Box⇓

You can wind up the music box and earn precious items such as diamonds, gold, cookies, epic music boxes, and much more. Tap the menu -> music box -> assigns the music box to one of the empty slots. Open it after a certain amount of time to claim the reward. Play the game, you will get these boxes gradually.

Base Guide – Cookie Wars⇓

Improving the base stats is one of the main tasks you have to do in the Cookie Wars game. If you want to increase the speed of mana in the battle, then there is only one way! Upgrade the base. However, you can not upgrade it beyond the main/player level. For example; you are on level 16. Then you can not upgrade the base to level 17. Tap the menu -> my base -> upgrade the stats; HP, Damage, Mana Gain, and boosters; EXP and Gold.

Battle Items⇓

Battle items are; Instant Mana and Huge fan. Instant Mana item can be used to gain the mana. And huge fan deals damage to the enemies as well as pushes the enemies to the right border and stun them. You can obtain these items as a reward for completing the daily tasks, quests. Or use diamonds(not recommended).

Where To Use Diamonds⇓

Diamond is one of the rare in-game currencies in Cookie Wars game. We would recommend you to use it to obtain high-rank characters; use in the exchange shop(if there is a good deal) or go for bulk summon in the gacha shop. Read the Cookie War cheats, tips & tricks to learn how to get free diamonds.

Cookie War Game Modes Guide⇓

  1. Story Mode – Get items or cookie characters
  2. PvP – Get medals and exchange in exchange center, rank up to grab season reward
  3. Elemental Dungeons – Obtain Power Jellies for each type of unit
  4. Tower Of Experience – Obtain XP Potions from here
  5. Star Exploration – Complete the stages and acquire epic or mythic characters
  6. Events – Complete all the missions within a fixed period to claim the special reward

You can check the events on the main screen, in the top-left corner.

So this is a complete Cookie Wars guide for beginners. Now, let’s check out our Cookie War cheats, tips, tricks & strategy.

Cookie War cheats, tips, tricks & strategy⇓

Include All Types Of Units In The Team⇓

In the characters guide, we explained to you that there are five units in the game. Make sure to add all types of units in the game. Here’s an example: –

To damage the base of the enemy, deploy the siege units on the battlefield. Siege units are helpful only in these battles(when your objective is to destroy the enemy base). How?

  1. Because, Siege Units target buildings only
  2. Their damage power is better than other types of units
  3. High HP stats

But since their speed is slow, it would be better to deploy them when you are close to the enemy’s base.

Deploy the air-type units to target melee type units. Air-Type units can target ground units as well as air units. If there are a large number of melee type enemies, then it would be better to deploy air units on the battlefield. Go to my team menu -> tap the character -> under the target section, you can check its target type; buildings, air or ground.

Deploy ranged type units to target both; ground and air type units. Ranged type units are also good; these units can also attack air units as well as melee units. If the enemy is sending air units as well as melee units to the battlefield, then it would be better to not to deploy melee units; in this situation, you should deploy the air units or ranged units.

Melee Units are also helpful in some stages. In some stages, you have to defend the base(survival). In these stages, melee units help a lot because they have good HP and Damage stats.

Must Include A Support cookie character. Support characters can heal the allies with their supportive skills and activate the buffs. If you have, then must include it in the team. If not, then check all the characters’ skills and must include a character having the healing ability.

Spell. Healing and attacking spells also help a lot when the situation gets out of control. We would recommend you to include at least one spell card in the team; healing or attacking.

Tip-> Go to my team menu -> tap on a character -> check all the stats, skill. Compare with each other and include the best ones. We would recommend you to focus on A-Rank or S-Rank units. Use low-quality characters as the ingredient.

Preview The Skills For Diamonds⇓

Cookie WarsThe Cookie Wars game rewards a little number of diamonds to the player upon previewing a skill. Go to my menu -> tap on a cookie character -> on the right side, there is a skill preview option. Tap it and view the skill(complete). After it, the game will reward you with diamonds.

Auto-Repeat The Stages For More Rewards⇓

You can repeat each stage multiple times and claim the rewards. And you will be able to set it to the auto-mode after completing it manually(for the first time). If you need essential items such as the potion, EXP, gold, and much more, then you should repeat the stages. And if you get stuck on a specific stage, then step back and repeat old stages.

Pay Attention To The Upgrades⇓

You can choose up to eight units for the battle. Since you have lots of units in the collection, it’s very difficult to figure out the best ones. We would recommend you to choose: –

  1. One Support Unit(B, A, S Rank)
  2. One Spell Unit
  3. Two Air Type Units(A, S)
  4. Two Melee Units(A, S)
  5. One Siege Units(A, S)
  6. One Ranged Unit(A, S)

Don’t upgrade low-rank units. And don’t upgrade all the cookie characters(focus only on the best ones).

And to increase the mana production speed, make sure to upgrade the base.

Keep An Eye On Exchange Center Deals⇓

In Exchange center, the player can exchange in-game items such as gold, diamonds, medals for precious items such as high-rank cookie character. Keep an eye on the exchange shop and don’t miss the opportunity; grab the best deals.

Farm The Items In Game Modes⇓

There are many items required to enhance, level up the characters. And you can farm these items in the special game mode. Read the game modes guide above to get more details.

Complete The Event Missions⇓

Cookie Wars game offers a number of ways to obtain high-quality characters. And one of them is event missions. At the top-left corner, on the main screen, tap the event icons. Complete all the missions within a fixed period and you could get a mythic or epic rank character for free.

Make Use Of Items In Cookie Wars⇓

All the items you receive from the quests, story mode goes into the backpack. On the main screen, on the top-right side, tap the bag icon. If you don’t know about an item, then just tap it to get more details. You can use the received tickets from there. Or hit the sell button to sell it for gold coins.

So these are our top Cookie Wars tips, cheats, tricks and a complete Cookie Wars guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

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