Megaman X Dive Reroll Guide(2021)

Our Megaman X Dive reroll guide will teach you how to reroll in Mega Man X Dive, the English Global version of the MMX Dive, published by NebulaJoy. 

Megaman X Dive Reroll Guide

Megaman X Dive Reroll Guide⇓

The following Megaman X Dive Reroll guide covers how to reroll in the game; the first part covers reroll progression, the second part covers how to reroll. We will update the reroll guide if there are any changes in the English Global version: –

Megaman X Dive Reroll Guide: Reroll Progression⇓

Reroll Step 1.) First of all, at the start of the game, you need to log in to the game with a guest account. Don’t use FB, Line, or any other. 

Reroll Step 2.) Continue with the tutorial and complete the story mode stage 1-1 and download the data to continue further. 

Reroll Step 3.) Do the stage 1-2 and complete the weapon tutorial. After that, go to the lobby -> at the top-right corner, tap the mail/message box -> collect all the newbie rewards; you will get free EM. 

Reroll Step 4.) After collecting all the rewards, go to the lobby -> capsule -> spend all the EM for x10 rolls. It will cost you x1000 EM. You can play more and do achievements/missions to earn more. And, do one more x10 roll. So, that would be two x20 capsules. 

Reroll Step 5.) After spending the EM on the capsules, check the characters and weapons that you have got. If you have got the characters and weapons that you were looking for, continue to the game and connect the game with FB/Line account to save the progress(go to settings -> account -> choose the Twitter/FB/Line account to save the progress). If you have not got the characters/weapons that you were looking to reroll for, follow these steps to reroll: – 

Megaman X Dive Reroll Guide: How To Reroll⇓

Reroll Step 1.) Close the game and open it again; restart. At the login screen(where you tap to start the game), tap the “menu” button in the bottom-right corner -> log out -> this will clear the guest account progress and you can start again from the scratch. 

Reroll Step 2.) After logging out from the guest account, choose to log in as a new guest account and repeat the reroll steps again to reroll in the Rockman X DiVE game. 

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3 thoughts on “Megaman X Dive Reroll Guide(2021)”

  1. Logging out doesnt delete the guest data only reinstalling does.

    Why is this the only Gacha in 2022 that doesnt let you pick a starter S rank character?

    Hell even Magia record adapted and gives new players a single starter 4 star/S rank non limited time event character of their choice to start off with and I went back to that game for several months because it removed the need to reroll.

  2. i exit the game and click ‘log out’, then try to log into a guest account again, but i’m met with error 400… what do i do then?