Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide For Beginners

Our Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide will teach you how to fish in the Moonlight Sculptor game, get a fishing rod, bait, and tips to catch rare fish.Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide For Beginners

Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide: Getting Your First Fishing Rod⇓

You can start fishing right away once you have got a fishing rod and fishing bait. You can get it for free, craft it, or buy it. This Moonlight Sculptor guide will teach you all the ways to obtain your first fishing rod.

Free: We would recommend you follow the main quests to unlock the fishing content quickly in the Moonlight Sculptor game. As you progress through these quests and reach a certain level (level 15 to level 17), a fishing quest will get unlocked – ask Paul about fishing. Paul is a fisherman in Southern Plains. When you complete this fishing quest, you will get your first fishing rod and the fishing bait.

Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide

Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide: How To Craft or Buy Fishing Rod?

You can also buy a fishing rod from the NPC merchant or event craft it. We will discuss both these ways in this part. 

Buying a fishing rod: You need to visit a general goods merchant NPC. For instance, Helen is one of the general goods merchants in the Serrabord Castle location.

Tap on the minimap -> look for the general goods merchant location -> tap it -> navigate your character there automatically.

When you are there, tap on the NPC and you will get two or three options; tap on the option that says sell/buy items. Then a new screen on the side will open where you can buy the fishing rod with coins. It costs X1.2K coins to buy a basic fishing rod. 

Crafting a fishing rod: To craft a fishing rod, you need to visit the blacksmith NPC. Near this NPC, you will find a crafting tool; anvil. Tap on it and open the crafting menu; it has three tabs; material, weapon, and tool. In the tools tab, you will find the fishing rod item. 

To craft it, you will need X5 Light Lumber. Drop location; Novice training hall. 

Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide: How To Fish?

Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide For Beginners

First of all, equip the fishing rod and the fishing bait. Tap on the backpack icon button in the top-right corner -> gear tab -> tap the fishing rod -> equip it. Next, equip the fishing bait. You will find it in the usable tab of your backpack if you have it; if not, you can buy the fishing bait from the general goods merchant. Put the fishing bait in the bottom slot where you put potions. 

Once both items are equipped, go to a river/lake/pond place; find it on the map; the blue water. Go there and follow these steps to fish: –

Step 1.) Tap the fishing bait. 

Step 2.) Tap on the water to cast the line

Step 3.) Wait until the character catches a fish. The caught fish will be sent to your mailbox. 

Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide: Fishing Mastery Level, Catching Rare Fish⇓

Spend some time in fishing to gain fishing XP and increase fishing mastery level. As it goes up, you will have better odds of catching a rare and bigger fish. You can check the complete fish list in the codex; menu -> codex. Please do note that different regions feature different fish. To know the location of particular fish, go to menu -> codex -> gathering -> tap on the fish icon -> tap on magnifying glass icon. It will show you the fishing zones list where you can catch it. Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide For Beginners


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So this would be all in this post on Moonlight Sculptor Fishing Guide for beginners. 

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