Battle Breakers Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Battle Breakers is a brand new turn-based strategy gacha RPG by Epic Games. Check out our Battle Breakers guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

This is a beginner-friendly Battle Breakers guide that teaches you the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Battle Breakers tips, cheats & strategies to progress in the game without spending real money. As a f2p player, it’s important to get familiar with all the basic battle rules, tactics so that you don’t need to spend real money to progress. Before you dive into this post, make sure to check our guide to picking the best Battle Breakers starting hero. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

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Battle Breakers Guide – How To Play!

In Battle Breakers, the player’s main objective is to create a team of heroes and conquer the terriotries on the world map(clearing the stages on the map). The game features the turn-based strategy battles where you fight the monsters by unleashing the hero skills and attacks. Let’s learn about combat.Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers Guide To Battles: –

To enter the battle, the player must meet the team requirement; you can add up to five heroes in the team and borrow one hero from the friend. The hero borrowed from the friend act as a bonus commander – and, you must include him/her to meet the team requirements. In one of your five heroes, you can choose one commander. The commander hero grants a bonus effect to the whole team or it could be for himself/herself. If the team requirements are not met, then make sure to have enough heroes in the team; bonus commander(main commander + friend). Tap the (i) symbol next to the hero formation for more details.Battle Breakers

Tap the position button to change the hero’s position and tap the commander button to change the commander hero.

Once you are done with team set-up, enter the battle. You can play the battles manually or set it to auto. We don’t recommend you to play on auto if you don’t have top-tier heroes or your team power is low. Also, playing manually will help you understand the game. In the end, it’s up to you!

Break The Crystals To Reveal –

Once you are in the battle screen, start exploring to find out the enemies. Tap the crystals to break them. The color of the crystals changes as you break them. The color of the crystal reflects its element. For example – Dark(Purple), Nature(Green), Water(Blue), Fire(Red), Light(Yellow). In the bottom-right side, you can check the current crystal element and the upcoming element/color of the crystals.

If the hero has the same element as the crystals, then that hero will deal extra damage. Check the tile color of the hero to know his/her element. 

Dark(Purple), Nature(Green), Water(Blue), Fire(Red), Light(Yellow).

The enemies also enjoy the same buff.

To win the battles, you must slay down all the enemies.

How To Attack Enemies: –

Select the enemy that you want to be your target. After selecting the enemy, tap on the hero to unleash his/her skill/attack.

Battle Rules & FAQ: –

  • The Green Bar displays the Hp of the hero
  • The blue bar displays the mana
  • Mana is required to unleash the hero skill
  • Below these two bars, you can check the number of turns left to unleash an attack
  • Hold down on the enemy to check his/her details
  • To complete a stage, you must clear all the rooms
  • In the upper-right corner, you can check the number of rooms
  • As the hero attacks, Pet Charge Meter gauge fills. You can summon the pet by tapping the paw/pet charge meter in the bottom-right corner of the battle screen
  • By breaking the crystals, you may get consumable items such as HP recovery potion, smoke bomb, mana recovery items, etc. In the bottom-left corner of the combat screen, tap the item to use

Battle Breakers – Rewards From The Battles: –

  • EXP – To increase the player level. As the player level increases, you can upgrade the buildings
  • Hero XP – To level up the heroes
  • Ingredients – To upgrade the heroes
  • Hero Traces – To unlock Skybreaker Quests for elemental heroes
  • Ninja Stars – Battle Pass currency
  • Gems – Premium currency, can be used in the shopBattle Breakers

How To Get Heroes: –

  • From the quests, you can obtain heroes
  • Head to the map – Skybreaker – use the hero traces to scan and obtain the heroes
  • From the special events
  • By completing the stages on the map
  • From the chests in the shop
  • From the hero store – in exchange for Magic Tickets
  • Login reward
  • From the battle pass

Battle Breakers Guide To Heroes: –

  • Heroes have four types of skills – basic, passive, commander, and special
  • Basic skill – based on the character class
  • Passive skill – Activates automatically
  • Commander skill – Buffs the team
  • Use the hero XP to level up heroes
  • Star ratings display the overall power stats of the hero
  • The higher the stars a hero possesses, the better would be his/her stats/power
  • Equip/Upgrade gears to the heroes to make them stronger
  • Evolve/Promote¬† the heroes to make them stronger

Head to the heroes tab in the footer menu -> select the hero -> upgrade or hold down the hero icon to open the upgrade menu. There you can check his/her skills and access all the hero upgrades.

Perks Guide: –

When you level up in Battle Breakers, the game grants extra bonuses in the form of perks. You will have to choose a perk – out of two available. This could be for HP bonus, attack bonus, DEF, etc. Let’s take a look at Battle Breakers Perks: –

  • HP – Increases the HP stat of all heroes
  • DEF – Increases the DEF stat of all heroes
  • Pet Strength – Improves the power of summoned pet
  • Basic ATK – Enhances the power of the basic attack of all the heroes
  • Special ATK – Increases the effectiveness of Special Skills
  • Regen – Increases the amount of HP and mana the heroes gain when you color match
  • Mana – One of the rare perks in battle breakers. Increases the max mana value of all the heroes

Head to the lobby and at the top-center, tap the level bar to check the perks.

Battle Breakers Tier List: –

We have two Battle Breakers Tier List(s) – obviously, the old one is not reliable but still, we have shared its link. And, the new one that lists all the Battle Breakers Heroes – In this tier list, the heroes with (*) tag are recommended.

  • New Tier List – Here
  • Old Tier List – Here

Source – Discord. Note – The link will open in a new tab. We would recommend you to avoid wasting time on common/uncommon heroes – instead, focus on Rare/Very-Rare/Super-Rare heroes. Also, read the heroes’ details; skill, class, etc. when building the team.

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How To Level Up?

Get victories by winning the battles. And, the game will give you the player EXP. Player EXP is required to raise the level – unlocks the building upgrades. In the lobby, at the top-center, the game displays the level progress. Repeat the past stages over and over again to gain EXP.

So this would be all in this Battle Breakers guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Battle Breakers tips, cheats & strategies.

Battle Breakers Tips & Tricks: –

  • Don’t play on auto mode; play manually to win close battles
  • Position the heroes wisely; tank-class(heroes with a melee weapon) in the front row and ranged heroes(with a ranged weapon) in the second row
  • Choose the commander wisely; Some heroes’ commander skill can buff the whole team
  • Limited Reveal; Don’t reveal all the crystals at once because it would be harder to fight all the enemies in one room at a time. Break one-by-one
  • Take the elemental advantage; Dark and Light element deal additional damage to each other, Nature> Water, Water> Fire, Fire> Nature. Select the enemy who has elemental disadvantage against a specific hero in your team to deal additional damage
  • Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner and check instructions for Battle Breakers Wiki
  • Keep an eye on the events for more stuff
  • Collect and upgrade the heroes to make them stronger
  • Repeat the past stages to grind material items
  • Build and Upgrade buildings in Battle Breakers
  • Choose the perks wisely when you level up

So these are some basic Battle Breakers tips for the beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below and help others. Also, see –

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  1. This game is complete scam, don’t waste your time or money until they fix it! Playing this game, you will work your butt off to get all your hero’s up to level 150, only to watch them get beat and have the battle breakers game ask/demand that you pay 40 gems to continue playing (this happens repeatedly). Some of these missions will milk a person for over 500 gems to finish the mission. Just when you think you have the bad guy beat, it will instantly go to full health and continue taxing you to play. In the end, it doesn’t matter which hero’s you have. Once your hero’s hit level power 150, it doesn’t seem like there’s much left to this game either. So, you finish a game with all these supposed super rare hero’s and they don’t mean crap anyway. You can’t trade them or use against other players and everyone can/will receive every “super rare” hero. I have everyone of them and don’t think they’re worth a damn! This whole rare, super rare or whatever rare is all bunch of BS much like this game!

    • lol.
      you have to grind more. it takes time to max out health and atk potions on your heroes. even more time to equip them with items, you cannot play through the game in 1-2 months without paying up.