RAID: Shadow Legends Champions Guide For Beginners

This is a beginner-friendly RAID: Shadow Legends Champions guide that covers all the information that you need to know about the championsRaid: Shadow Legends Champions

Champions or Characters in Raid: Shadow Legends help you clear the waves of enemies in PvE and fight other players in PvP. All these champions have unqiue abilities, different stats, types, and elements. And there are lots of ways to make them powerful. In this Raid: Shadow Legends Champions Guide, we have shared all the basic info that you should know as a beginner. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

How To Get Champions In Raid: Shadow Legends?

From the Campaign Mode – all the players start their journey from the campaign mode, which features numerous chapters – each chapter has several stages that you can play in four difficulty modes; normal, hard, brutal, and nightmare. By repeating these chapters’ stages, you can obtain the featured champions or characters. Go to the Campaign Map -> select the chapter -> on the left side of the chapter screen, the game displays the artifacts drops and miscellaneous drops. In the Misc. Drops, you can check the featured champions that you can obtain by playing these stages.

Summoning Portal – on the home screen of the game, tap the portal(summoning portal) -> there you can summon the characters using shards, which can be obtained from the campaign mode(keep grinding), events, from the packs, referral program.

Level Up The Champions: –

Go to Tavern building -> select the champion you want to level up -> then select the champions you want to use as fodder( to grant XP) upgrade. Keep grinding the low-tier characters from the campaign mode and use them as fodder to develop high-tier champions.

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Sparring Pit – Champions placed in Sparring Pit gains XP.

Another way to level them up is by adding them to the team and get victories in the campaign battles. Champion Characters in the team gain XP from the battle victories. So if you want to level up a champion, add him/her to the team and play the campaign battles.

Also, you can use champion brews(an item that grants massive XP to the target champion).

Max Level Cap: –

Depending on the champion’s rank, the max level is determined. For example – Rank-1 champion’s max level would be level 10. Here’s the list: –

  • 20(max level) – Rank-2 Champion
  • 30(max level) – Rank-3 Champion
  • 40(max level) – Rank-4 Champion
  • 50(max level) – Rank-5 Champion
  • 60(max level) – Rank-6 Champion

Upgrade The Rank Of Champions: –

To make the Champions more powerful in RAID: Shadow Legends, you will need to raise the rank – as it increases the max level cap, which allows you to further increase the base stats. Depending on the current rank level, you will need to sacrifice Champions or Chickens. It can be understood with the example mentioned below.

Rank(1) to Rank(2): – you need rank(1) champion or rank(1) chicken.

For raising the rank(2) champion to rank(3) champion:  – you need 2x rank(2) champion or 2x rank(2) chickens or 1x rank(2) champion and 1x rank(2) chicken.

Upgrade The Skills Of Champions: –

You need skill books/tomes or duplicate Champions to raise the skill level of Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends. You can obtain these tomes or skill books as a level-up reward, from the events, referral program, by completing the challenges.

Ascend The Champions: –

To unlock new skills and boost the stats of Champions, you need to Ascend the Champions. It costs specific potions that you can obtain from the shop or dungeons.

Types Of Champions: –

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Support

Build the champion according to his/her type. For example – for an attack-type champion, equip the Artifacts that increase attack power; offense set. for a defense-type champion, use DEF set/type artifacts. On the character profile page, in the bottom-left, tap reviews -> there you can check the recommended builds.

Champions Elements: –

All the Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends belong to one of the four elements; Void, Spirit, Magic, and Force. In the bottom-left corner of the champion’s portrait, you can check his/her element. Spirit beats Force, Force beats Magic, Magic beats Spirit. These three elements are strong/weak against each other. For example – Spirit is Strong against Force, but Weak against Magic. Strong element champions inflict bonus damage to the weak element champions. So make sure to check the enemy’s element and deploy strong element champions.

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So this would be all in this post on Raid: Shadow Legends Champions guide for beginners.

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